9 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes That'll Take Your Breath Away

Cats with blue eyes are positively stunning, but some of these blue-eyed beauties could need special care.

Updated August 23, 2023

If you have a soft spot in your heart for cats with blue eyes, you're going to love this gallery of blue-eyed beauties. Certain cat breed standards call for blue eyes exclusively, while other breeds come with many different eye colors, including blue. No matter which type of blue-eyed cat you're looking at, it's difficult to resist a pair of baby blues.

Cornish Rex


This blue-eyed cat breed, the white Cornish rex, is stunning. It's a fact that white cats with blue eyes have a higher-than-average chance of being deaf, but that's not the case with every cat that has this color combination. 

Fast Fact

Up to 85% of completely white cats with blue eyes are born deaf

Siamese Cat


According to the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) breed standard, Siamese cats with eyes that are any color other than blue should be disqualified from show competition. The Siamese appears in the heritage of a number of cat breeds, and its gorgeous blue eyes have been passed on along with other characteristics.

Persian Cat


The beautiful Persian cat comes in nearly unlimited combinations of coat and eye color. Since the eyes of this breed are so distinct, it's impossible to ignore a set of clear blue eyes like these. Their large peepers and squished face gives this breed a lifelong kitten appearance. 

Himalayan Cat


Whether you consider the Himalayan a color variety of the Persian cat or a separate breed in its own right, these cats should have vivid blue eyes. That's no surprise, since these cats are the product of crossing Siamese with Persian cats in order to introduce color points in the Persian breed.

Ragdoll Cat


The ragdoll cat's standard calls for large, vivid blue eyes, like those of the stunning ragdoll pictured here. That blue is a very stark contrast from the lush white fur of this breed.

Fast Fact

Like the other cat breeds with dark points on their ears, face, and tail, ragdolls can be cross-eyed, which just adds a bit of character to their pretty blue eyes. 

Balinese Cat


The Balinese breed descended from a long-haired mutation of the Siamese. Like the Siamese, the CFA calls for cats with any eye color other than blue to be disqualified from competition. However, we think they're still stunning and make great pets! 

Tabby Cat


Although many cats are referred to as "tabbies," tabby is a pattern, not an actual breed. Tabbies come in many colors, and some have blue eyes like the kitten pictured here.

Birman Cat


When it comes to Birmans, the CFA says the more vividly blue the eyes are, the better. This little kitten certainly seems to fit that standard, and perhaps they'll become a champion someday.

Ojos Azules Cat


Black cats with blue eyes are extremely rare, but there is one breed that has this appearance: the ojos azules. Their name translates to "blue eyes" in Spanish because of their gorgeous azure eyes. The breed was discovered fairly recently, but breeding them can lead to health problems, so ojos azules are hard to find. 

Cats With Blue Eyes May Need Special Care


Because so many blue-eyed cats have white fur, they might need special care throughout their lives. These cats are at a high risk of being deaf, and they are vulnerable to sun damage due to their pale skin. Enjoy your blue-eyed beauty, but keep a close eye on their health so they can live a long life.  

9 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes That'll Take Your Breath Away