12 Maine Coon Cat Pictures That Show Off Their Purr-Sonalities

Want to learn a bit more about your favorite breed? These Maine coon cat images and facts are the cat’s meow.

Updated August 22, 2023

If you want to appreciate the magnificence of the Maine coon cat, pictures of these stunning felines are a great place to start. With their tufted ears, fluffy collars, and luxurious tails, it's always easy to pick out a Maine coon in the crowd. But these highly prized cats aren't just gorgeous, they're fascinating too. 

Maine Coon Personality


This breed is very loving toward their human companions, but they're not clingy cats. Maine coons enjoy hanging around with their owners and are just as content hanging out by themselves. We love these independent felines! 

This Breed Has a Distinctive Voice


Maine coons have rather unique vocalizations that sound like a small bird chirping. It's possible this characteristic evolved in the wild to help them lure birds for prey. Whatever the case, we think their sounds are adorable. 

Fast Fact

Cats can make up to 100 unique sounds! But the Maine coon is one of the quietest cat breeds around. 

Eye Color Varies


While most Maines have eye color that ranges from green to gold or even copper, white or white bi-colored Maines can actually display two different eye colors. This is called heterochromia, and it's a feature that a lot of cat breeds display. 

How Big Do Maine Coons Get?


The Maine coon is one of the largest cat breeds with some individuals weighing as much as 25 pounds! However, most Maines average between 12 and 20 pounds. Unlike most breeds of cats, the Maine coon isn't finished growing until around 4-years-old, so if you have a kitten of this breed, they still have a lot of expanding to do. 

Fast Fact

The largest recorded Maine coon was Stewie, who weighed in at 33 pounds and was a whopping 48.5 inches long. 

They Have Waterproof Coats


The Maine coon's luxurious, water-resistant coat evolved to help these cats survive the harsh, wet New England winters. Their distinctive hair gives these cats a pretty wild appearance.

They Love Water


It's a good thing they have that waterproof coat, because Maine coons absolutely love water. They're one of the few breeds that don't mind getting wet and can often be found splashing around in their water dish. 

A Tail as Old as Time?


The Maine's distinctly bushy tail often has a ringed pattern, which helped inspire the story that these cats were originally the progeny of wild cats bred with raccoons. Of course, this isn't genetically possible, but it does make a fascinating tale.

Maine Coon Coloring


Brown tabby is the most common coat color and pattern for this breed, although these cats have a wide range of colors. You can find black Maine coons, tortoiseshell, calico, and even pure white Maines. 

Health Concerns to Be Aware Of


Maine coons are generally hardy cats, but there are some common health concerns to be aware of with this breed. Because of their massive size and genetics, they often need special care. 

The Official State Cat of Maine


As their name suggests, the Maine coon is from Maine, but not only that — they’re also the official state cat of Maine! The breed earned the title in 1985 and has been a well-loved symbol of Maine since.

A Cat Breed as Popular as Their Size


Maine coons are one of the most popular cat breeds out there. Along with being affectionate, friendly, and easy-going pets, they're also fairly independent. A lot of owners say their Maine coons act a bit like a dog, and they're certainly as big as some dog breeds! 

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12 Maine Coon Cat Pictures That Show Off Their Purr-Sonalities