13 Purrfect Pictures of Flame, Blue, & Seal Point Himalayan Cats

Pictures of cute Himalayan cats aren't just fun to look at; they can help depict the different color points and face shapes.

Updated August 26, 2023

If the idea of the fluffiest-ever Siamese cat appeals to you, then you'll love these picture-purr-fect Himalayan cats. Himalayans are classified as a subgroup of Persian cats in the United States, and all it takes is a glance at a few Himalayan cat images to see the connection between the breeds.

It's generally accepted that himis are the result of initial crossbreeding between Siamese and Persians, which you can see in the color varieties. There are blue point, chocolate point, and even seal point Himalayans, and they're all adorable.

Himalayan Cat Vs. Persian Cat


In theory, a Himalayan should have the same body type, coat, and personality as a Persian cat. In fact, it was routine interbreeding with Persians to preserve that body type that led the himi back to inclusion in the Persian breed. Some Himalayans do look a bit more like long-haired Siamese cats, but the ideal himi has the rounded body and flat facial features of the Persian.

About Himalayan Color Points


The distinctive coloring of the average Himalayan is the result of a color point pattern that produces darker coloring on the face and extremities and lighter coloring on the body. Ambient room temperatures can affect the depth of that coloring. Cooler temperatures can cause darkening of the extremities, while warmer temperatures can cause a temporary lightening.

4 Common Himalayan Colors


There are actually a number of colors recognized by associations that consider the Himalayan a breed in its own right. These include all the standard Siamese colors as well as tabby-marked himis.

Flame Point Himalayans


Flame point Himalayans have a stunning orange color on their points. This can range from a pale orange to a vibrant orange-brown or even red. 

Tortie Point Himalayan


This coloring of the tortie point himi reflects a combination of two color patterns: the colorpoint and the tortoise shell. Together, they create an unusually attractive feline.

Blue Point Doll Face


In addition to having numerous color points, Himalayans can display two different facial types. This blue point Himalayan has what is known as a "doll" face or traditional Himalayan-Persian face.

Seal Point Peke Face


Himalayans that have a more pronounced "squashing" of their facial features are said to be "peke" face or ultra-type face. This seal point Himalayan has a peke face.

Himalayan Kitten Coloring


The points on this new Himalayan kitten will likely grow darker as she ages until she reaches her true color. While now she's nearly light enough to be a lilac point, she'll likely eventually reach blue point.

Himalayan Cat Breed Temperament


In temperament, the Himalayan breed is true to its Persian heritage. These cats are quite docile and affectionate, though they're somewhat lazy by nature. However, himis love to be petted and tend to get along well with other felines in the home.

Mischievous & Playful Himalayan Kittens


While Himalayans are known for their laid-back personalities, they can be playful as well, particularly when young. Don't be surprised to see a Himalayan getting into mischief if left to their own devices. 

Grooming Is Required for These Cats


Although the seal point Himalayan's beauty and temperament make the breed seem like an ideal family pet, these cats do require a substantial amount of grooming due to their long, full coats. Daily brushing is advised to prevent matting, and these cats should be bathed several times a year as needed. It is also necessary to wipe out the facial folds of cats that display the flattened, fleshy faces common to their Persian ancestry.

Which Himalayan Cat Is Your Favorite?


With so many color points to choose from and the option of peke and doll face shapes, there are endless combinations you could consider when searching for a Himalayan cat of your own. Do your research to find an ethical breeder or find a Himalayan cat up for adoption in your area. When you find the perfect himi kitten for you, you'll know. 

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13 Purrfect Pictures of Flame, Blue, & Seal Point Himalayan Cats