Irresistible Persian Cat Pictures

Updated January 30, 2019

Pictures of Persian Cats

This gallery of Persian cat pictures shows that, while all cats are fascinating, the beauty of the Persian is in a class all by itself. Take a few minutes to contemplate this breed in all its glory.

Persian Cats Come in Many Colors

Persians come in so many colors it's difficult to choose a favorite. They also come in many patterns including tortoiseshell, parti-color, calico, and tabby. This Persian is a chocolate Persian kitten.

Persians Are Irresistible

Persians have a sweet and soulful expression that can melt the hardest heart. Their face has a distinctive shape that makes it easily identifiable from other cat breeds.

Simply Stunning Persian Cats

Of course, there's no shortage of glamor with this breed. This gorgeous copper-eyed white Persian is absolutely stunning with a "doll face."

Completely Charming Persian Kitten

This little Persian kitten is so cute it doesn't seem possible that she's real. How could anyone resist her charms? Persian kittens are between 3 and 3.5 ounces when born and about 32 to 38 ounces at 8 weeks of age.

Photogenic Persian

It's obvious that this breed is extremely photogenic. The breed's inner calm and poise always seem to shine through in Persian cat pictures.

A Persian Cat Star Is Born

The only way to describe this white Persian's coat is absolutely "lush". She has spectacular star quality like all Persian cats.

An Outgoing Persian

This big Persian cat seems to be pointing at you to come and say hello. Persian cats are known for being friendly, gentle cats.

Persian Kittens are Adorable

Another adorable Persian kitten you can't help but love. Persian kittens need a lot of care when young to make sure they're comfortable with grooming as an adult.

A Calico Show Persian

There are two types of Persians and they are broken up by cats designed for shows and cats who are primarily pets. The show Persians have flatter faces like this lovely Calico.

Persians Like Quiet Time

This beautiful blue Persian seems to have a grumpy expression on his face. It could be because these cats tend to like calmer quieter environments.

Bi-Color Persian Kittens

There's nothing cuter and sweeter than the expression of a Persian kitten. This black and white (bi-color) Persian kitten has some lovely amber eyes to make him truly handsome.

Unusual Persian Coloring

This Persian cat taking a nap on his owner's reading material is known as a blue Persian. The light makes him appear more blue than grey but in fact "blue" refers to a grey color.

Persian With Green Eyes

Some of the most popular Persian cats are white Persians because they look so elegant. This white Persian has striking sea-green eyes. Looking at this photo, it's no wonder Persians are the most popular cat in the U.S.

To Have and Hold

Not just beautiful, Persians are also quite cuddly. Imagine gathering this ball of silky fluff into your arms.

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Irresistible Persian Cat Pictures