14 Smoosh-Faced Persian Cat Pictures That'll Get You Purring

Cute Persian cats are just the pick-me-up you need to get through the day. Really. It’s science!

Updated December 8, 2023

Sure, all kitties are fascinating, but the cute Persian cat takes beauty to a whole new level. Is it their flat, smooshed face, huge eyes, or air of elegance that makes them so darn likable? Probably all of the above. Take a few minutes to enjoy cute pics of this breed in all its glory whenever you need a little "Aww" in your life. 

Cat Smoosh Face


If cuteness had a face, it would look exactly like a Persian cat. We’re just saying… but did you know Persians actually have two types of faces? There are show Persians and doll-face Persians and once you learn the difference, you can't help but point out which is which. Try it! 

Persians Are Irresistibly Cute


Persians have a sweet and soulful expression that can melt the hardest heart, and it's their distinctive smooshed face shape that makes them so easily identifiable from other cat breeds.

Pets with squished faces are referred to as "brachycephalic," which means they have a shortened snout. That's what gives them that pushed-in appearance. 

Flat Face Persian Kitten


One downside to their cute face is that this breed can have some trouble breathing. For this reason, they can't fly in cargo, but you can take them in the plane cabin if they meet all the size and weight requirements. Phew! 

This Persian Cat Colors Me Speechless


Persians come in so many colors and patterns, it's impossible to choose a favorite! You can find them in cream, gray, orange, black and white, and even calico

Stunning Smoosh Face


Some of the most popular Persian cats are white Persians with blue eyes because they look so elegant. Doesn't this sweetie look like they could be in a cat food commercial?? 

Resting Grumpy Persian Face


Persian cats can sometimes seem to have a grumpy expression on their faces. If this cutie could talk, they'd say "It's not me, that's just my face!" 

Quick Tip

You can tell a lot more about a Persian cat's mood by their tail position and body language. 

Photogenic Persian Cats


It's obvious that this breed is extremely photogenic. The breed's inner calm and poise always seem to shine through in Persian cat pictures. If we had this cutie at home, we'd never stop snapping photos of them! 

Star Cat Power


The only way to describe this cream Persian's coat is "majestic." OK, maybe "elegent," "regal," and "lush," too. Whatever word you think fits best, that fluffy mane is the epitome of adorable. Wish we could reach through the screen and touch it! 

Persian Kittens are Adorable


This is an adorable Persian kitten you can't help but love! But just know, Persian kittens and cats need a lot of specialized care, like grooming and close monitoring of their breathing because of that cute, squishy nose. 

The Cuteness is Freaking Meowt


Why are Persian cats so cute? Never mind, that's a rhetorical question. They just are! 

Persian Cat Blep


Cat tongues are fascinating. Their rough texture is perfect for grooming, or licking tuna juice off their noses, like this cutie. 

Fast Fact

When a Persian cat sticks their tongue out, it's called cat blepping. How cute is that? 

To Have and Hold


Persian cats are one of the cuddliest and quietest breeds out there, but they still have a playful side. Like all kitties, make sure your Persian gets enough enrichment to keep them from getting bored. That means incorporating things like games, toys, and exercise into their routine. 

Persian Cats Are Perfection


The power of Persian kitty cuteness is impossible to resist. If you want an adorable Persian cat of your own, know that these special cats are not cheap, up front or for their ongoing care. But if you have your heart set on this breed, considering adopting a Persian cat and save your new best friend. 

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14 Smoosh-Faced Persian Cat Pictures That'll Get You Purring