Siamese Cat Personality and Behavior

Published May 20, 2019
two siamese cats

Siamese cats are distinctive not only for their beautiful coloring but also for their strong personalities. Anyone who's owned a Siamese cat can tell you about their chatty, irrepressible feline companions.

Siamese Cat Personality Characteristics

All cats are individuals, even within a breed, so not every Siamese cat will act the same. There are definite characteristics of a Siamese temperament you should expect to see in your cat.


As one of the oldest breeds of cat, Siamese are also thought of as one of the most intelligent. They are curious cats who will definitely take to exploring every corner of your house as part of their inquisitive nature. For this reason, you should be sure to have a house well-stocked with cat enrichment items like cat trees, scratching posts, interactive toys and window perches and cat shelves to keep them entertained. They take very well to training, especially with a clicker, and can learn many tricks and behaviors.


Siamese are a highly affectionate breed and they're a good choice for someone who wants a cat that is really "into them." Mean and independent are words you'll rarely hear about a Siamese. They are one of the few cat breeds that have been described as "dog like" because of their propensity to follow their humans from room to room and intense loyalty. They're also very cuddly and love snuggling with humans and other pets.

Over-Bonding and Needy Behavior

The Siamese cat's intensely affectionate nature can become a problem as Siamese are known to become too fixated on their humans and do not do well when left alone. They can suffer from depression and anxiety if this occurs too often. They also can become overly focused on one person in a household. Add in another cat, pet, or human in the mix competing for the object of their desire's attention, and tensions can rise, which is often described as "jealousy."

  • If you're looking into bringing home a Siamese kitten, it is a good idea to adopt two if you don't have other pets already.

  • Make sure you spend equal time with the cats and "spread the love" with other members of the household to avoid overly bonded behavior.

  • Make sure the cats get plenty of mental and physical exercise and enrichment such as playtime with toys and food foraging devices.

  • While Siamese cats do better as indoor cats, they are easily trainable to wear a cat harness and go out on walks on a leash with you, which is a great way to provide physical and mental enrichment to keep your cats happy.

  • Provide the cats with activities if they're going to be alone for a while, such as interactive toys, window perches and catios, and even recordings of your voice or soothing music while you're gone. Play with them before you leave if you can to also get them tired out and encourage napping while you're away.


Siamese are not aggressive cats, and their gentle, loving nature has made them a favorite cat for families with children. The enjoy playing and can be a sensitive yet fun companion for even young kids provided they've been taught to interact respectfully with a pet. Of course you should always supervise any cat with small children.


The flip side of their gentle, extremely loving and loyal nature is that Siamese are considered one of the most protective breeds of cats. Because their bonds with their owns are so strong, a fearless Siamese will not hesitate to show protective behaviors if he or she feels that their favorite human is being threatened.


If you want a quiet, demure cat with a pleasant meow, the Siamese is not for you. These cats love to "talk", and their voices are not subtle. Siamese meow, and they meow a lot and loudly! It's not uncommon for a Siamese cat to follow their owner around with a constant stream of meows, cries, and chatter as if they're speaking to you in their own feline language.


As previously mentioned, Siamese do well with children, other cats, and even other animals like dogs. Siamese cats are a very social breed that do not like being alone so if you know you will be out a lot, it's best to bring home two kittens, or one kitten and a compatible pet of another species.

Is the Siamese the Right Cat for You?

Siamese are a coveted cat because of their striking beauty and coloring. However, research this breed before you take one home as these are cats with vibrant personalities that will make their presence known each and every day. They're not the best choice for someone who wants a sedate, quiet feline companion or only wants one pet in the home as they thrive on activity and companionship. Above all, Siamese cats have a lot to say and you better be ready to listen!

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Siamese Cat Personality and Behavior