Attitudes of Calico Cats: Are They All Spunky?

Does your calico have a cat-itude? A calico cat's attitude can be a little spicy at times, but it really depends on their breed.

Updated August 22, 2023
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So you have a calico cat, and it seems a little... spicy. It's a thing that can definitely happen with a calico, but not every cat is the same. Attitudes of calico cats vary from breed to breed. It's actually a common misconception that calico cats represent a specific cat breed, but at least 16 cat breeds can have calico coloration or a pattern of red, white, and black. 

Most calico cats, whatever the breed, are females. Male calico cats are a genetic anomaly and occur only at a rate of about one in three thousand. Either way, if you have a calico cat, there's a good chance they'll have that characteristic calico attitude (aka. cattitude). 

How to Determine Attitudes of Calico Cats

There are many breed choices if you're a person who admires calico cats. Check out the temperaments of some popular breeds that sport calico colors so you can pick a calico cat with an attitude that will fit your own personality and lifestyle. 

American Shorthair Calico Attitudes

Calico Kitten

The American shorthair cat breed, also known as the domestic shorthair calico, is known for its gentle playfulness. This breed is an excellent cat for families with children. Along with their long lifespan and superb health, American shorthairs calicos are known for being amiable even in the presence of dogs and children. They're also relatively quiet.

This breed is also an excellent mouser whose ancestors came to North America on ships to control the rat populations on shipboard. In general, these cats are affectionate with their families and are held in high regard as pets. American shorthair cats like to be around people and enjoy being companions and lap cats.

Maine Coon Calicos

Calico Maine coon cat

Maine coon cats are sturdy felines that tolerate harsh winter conditions. Their predecessors came to the United States from Europe primarily as mousers, and they are excellent hunters to this day. Maine Coons have small voices in contrast to their larger-than-average bodies.

Their personalities might be described as dog-like because they like to accompany their humans wherever they go, but they're not always lap cats. Instead, they may prefer to remain close to their humans, sitting nearby. Maine coons are late to mature and may not get their full growth until they are almost three years old. This may lead their humans to underestimate their ultimate size and age.

Japanese Bobtail Calicos

Calico Japanese Bobtail cat

Japanese bobtail cats have a long history as human companions. They are thought to have come to Japan from China or Korea over 2,000 years ago and are represented in paintings that go back many centuries. Japanese bobtails mature early and are very active and playful as kittens, carrying things in their mouths and willingly retrieving objects for their humans. How cute is that? 

As one of the more intelligent cat breeds, Japanese bobtails are very talkative and have an extensive tonal range to their voices. Still, their intelligence and mischief may challenge some humans, especially people who want a quiet lap cat.

Persian Calicos

Calico Persian Cat

Persians are, in some ways, the royalty of the cat world. With their long flowing fur, they need to be kept inside and groomed regularly. They are sensitive, preferring little change in their surroundings. Any changes should be presented to them gently and over time so that they may adjust to a new situation.

The Persian calico temperament is gentle and sweet once they are comfortable in their surroundings. They have soft voices that they use only moderately. For someone who wants a cuddly, loving companion that also serves as an elegant decoration, the Persian cat is a good choice.

Fast Fact

Along with the traditional calico coloring, you can also find dilute calicos and patched tabbies in most of these breeds. 

American Curl Calicos

American curls are a relatively new breed that's definitely disctint. They were first bred in the 20th century from a kitten whose ears curled backward, though along with their unique appearance, this breed also has unique attitudes. American Curls are known to interact with their owners, waking them, giving kisses, and showing other affectionate behaviors.

They are highly vocal and are committed to "hanging out" with their people, accompanying them as they do their chores or rest in front of the television or a warm fire. The clinging attitudes of these affectionate cats will not be a good fit for a person who wants a cat that is fiercely independent and demands little interaction with its people.

Calico Is a Color, Not a Breed

For those who find calico coloring appealing and who are willing to choose a female cat (since males are so rare!), there are plenty of breeds from which you can choose a calico cat. Attitudes of calico cats vary as much as their personalities do from one breed to another. To find a calico cat with an appealing temperament, choose a breed you like and then find a calico cat within that breed. It's as easy as that! 

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Attitudes of Calico Cats: Are They All Spunky?