10 Unique Cat Breeds That Prove Different Is Beautiful

Love cats, but want one who's out of the ordinary? Check out these 10 one-of-a-kind cat breeds and you just might find your next pet.

Updated August 12, 2023

All cats are fascinating and special, but if you're interested in checking out some of the lesser-known types, you'll love these unique cat breeds. From the wild-looking ocicat to the hairless sphynx, these kitties prove that different is beautiful. Each has their own special personality and appearance. Which is your favorite? 

Egyptian Mau


The Egyptian mau's spotted coat can be attributed to its distant African wild cat heritage. Don't worry, though, because today's mau is an affectionate and devoted cat who's a joy to live with.

Fast Fact

The Egyptian mau breed dates back to 1550 B.C. and is said to be one of the oldest cat breeds still in existence. 



The unusual LaPerm cat breed is the result of a naturally occurring mutation that was then cultivated into its own breed. LaPerm coats range from wavy to curly, but the most interesting thing about these cats is that the kittens experience varying degrees of baldness for approximately the first four months of their lives.



The ocicat may look wild, but it's not. These cats are the result of a breeding program that crossbred Abyssinians, Siamese, and American shorthair cats to establish the ocicat type. Their wild cat looks, combined with their predictable and affectionate house-cat nature, have proven to be a winning combination for this breed.

Turkish Van


This Asian breed is quite an ancient one and dates back between 6,000 and 3,000 B.C. Turkish vans are primarily white, with coloring ideally restricted to their heads and tails. This unique cat breed's coat virtually feels like cashmere, and they are intelligent as well as curious, which makes vans interesting living companions.

Fast Fact

The Turkish van is nicknamed "the swimming cat" because they absolutely love water

Cornish Rex


The unique Cornish rex is prized for its unusual coat. The fur is quite soft to the touch and it falls in what fanciers describe as "washboard waves." These cats retain their kittenish personalities throughout their lives, and they are very interested in and devoted to their people!

Selkirk Rex


The Selkirk rex is related to the Persian breed but has unique and unusual hair. The breed comes in both short- and long-coated varieties, though their fur is usually plush and curly. However, some kittens have straight hair rather than curls. Members of this breed are noted for their patient and affectionate nature, so they make excellent pets. 

Fast Fact

These cats are nicknamed the "cat in sheep's clothing" because of their curly coat. 



As the name implies, the Singapura breed originated in Singapore. These cats are definitely people lovers, so much so that they can be a bit too affectionate at times. However, that's a small price to pay for such an outgoing and amusing companion.



There's something a little fox-like about the Somali's appearance. These cats live life to the fullest, and they can be quite playful. One thing is certain, however. They never miss an opportunity for adventure, and their acrobatics will keep you entertained. Somali cats truly love their human companions and show their affection quite easily.

Fast Fact

The Somali is basically the long-haired version of the Abyssinian, and the breeds are very similar. 



The sphynx is one of the most unusual cat breeds of all. Although they appear hairless at first glance, these cats are actually covered in a fine down that is best described as peach fuzz. With so little coat for protection, you need to take special care to safeguard these cats from drafts and excessive sunlight.

Scottish Fold


The Scottish fold is incredibly popular across social media and in people’s homes, but that doesn’t make it any less unusual. These cats have a genetic mutation that causes their ears to fold down. Their easy-going and affectionate nature makes them great lap cats.

Unusual Cat Breeds Can Make Great Pets


If any of these unique cat breeds calls out to you, you might be considering getting one as a pet. Because each breed has their own set of characteristics and needs, make sure you do your research first. You want your feline friend's lifestyle to match your own, so you can live together in harmony. 

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10 Unique Cat Breeds That Prove Different Is Beautiful