16 Pictures of Ragdoll Cats to Put a Pawsitive Spin on Your Day

Ragdoll cats are not only adorable with their fluffy fur, but their dog-like purrsonalities make them totally pawsome.

Updated August 25, 2023

If you love a dog-like cat that's fluffy and adorable, and one that will even play fetch with you, then a ragdoll cat is your purrfect companion. Take a look at adorable pictures of ragdoll cats that'll make your day. You'll learn more about the breed and see kitties with a few different color points and patterns.

Did you know there are four main color points, and they can be matched with six different patterns? That's a lot of pawsibilities! Yet, even with these combinations, there are some traits shared across the board. The Ragdoll is an extremely interesting cat and a playful pet.

Flexibility Is a Plus


If a cat that flops like a cooked noodle when you pick it up seems appealing, then the ragdoll is your breed. The name "ragdoll" comes from how these cats go all limp when you pick them up. We all know cats are the champions of chill, but ragdolls? They're on a whole other level of cuddliness. It's like they've turned relaxation into an art form.

Ragdoll Eyes Melt Your Heart


Kitty's got blue eyes! It's a stunning feature of all purebred ragdolls — those gorgeous blue eyes they all have. The Cat Fancier's Association even has it in their breed standard, describing the color as super "vivid."

Born Pure White


Just like dalmatians, ragdolls pop into the world all white when they're born. It's only after a week or two that their true colors and patterns start showing up. That's when breeders can finally say, "Ah, this one's gonna look like this."

Mitted Ragdoll Kitten


Some ragdolls have this cool feature on their paws that's called "mitted." It's like they're wearing little white boots or stockings on their legs.

One of the Largest Cat Breeds


Ragdoll cats look all dainty and delicate in photos. But, get this: they're actually one of the largest cat breeds around. And it's not just all about their fluffy fur. Some can tip the scales at 20 pounds. With all that fur, they can be as big as some of the smaller dogs. That's a pretty big kitty.

Bi-Color Ragdoll


Ragdolls have semi-long fur that feels like plush silk when you touch it. It's like petting a fluffy bunny. They also have longer, outer hairs called guard hairs. It's not like that thick undercoat that some other cats sport. Their guard hairs are what make their coat look so unique and textured.

Blue Point Ragdoll


This kitty is sporting a gorgeous blue-point coloration. And did you notice that longer neck ruff? That's actually a pretty sought-after feature in these cats, not only for cat shows but also for added cuddling potential. 

A Dog in a Cat's Body


Ragdolls are like the cat version of a dog! Seriously, they've got some dog-like qualities — think loyalty and that playful spirit. These cats are super devoted to their families and just love hanging out with their humans.

Seal Point Lynx Pattern


Then, there's the seal point lynx ragdoll cat. You can easily spot those lynx markings on their paws, legs, and head. But as you move closer to their body, those markings kinda fade into this lovely cream base.

They're Slow Growing


Have you heard about ragdolls being "slow-maturing"? They're like the Peter Pans of the cat world. They don't hit their full grown-up cat status until they're around 4 years old. Some keep growing even into their 5th year. Talk about late bloomers.

They're Not Hypoallergenic


Some folks think ragdoll cats are hypoallergenic, but that's not the case. While no cat is truly entirely hypoallergenic, there are some breeds that are easier on people with allergies. Sadly, ragdolls aren't in that club. Just a heads up for anyone sneezing around kitties.

They Have Good Hearing


There's a myth that ragdolls are deaf since they're born all white, but it's not necessarily true. While blue eyes in cats can sometimes be linked to deafness, it's typically with pure white kitties. But ragdolls are only born all white, then they come in all sorts of shades. And they don't carry that same genetic quirk as the all-white cats.

Tufts on Their Toes


Ragdolls have these little fluffs of hair peeking out between their toes. It's a thing with long-haired cats — those tufts help shield their feet from wet and cold surfaces. Nature's little winter boots give them added cuteness. 

Longer Living Than Other Breeds


If you're looking for a cat that's going to be with you for years to come, this one is it. There's some back-and-forth on their exact average age, but most folks agree they can rock and purr between 15 to 20 years.

Ragdolls Win for Personality and Looks


Ragdolls are the full package, aren't they? Not only do they look drop-dead gorgeous, but their personalities? Absolute heart-stealers. It's like stumbling upon a rare gem when you get one of these kitties in your life.

16 Pictures of Ragdoll Cats to Put a Pawsitive Spin on Your Day