9 Water-Loving Cat Breeds That Enjoy the Wet Stuff

Sure, some cats are terrified of water, but other breeds instinctively enjoy it and will play and even swim when they feel like it.

Published April 17, 2023

It's a common misconception that all cats hate getting wet. Even though many domestic cats don't like water, these nine cat breeds love water more than most. You might find these cats sticking their paws under a dripping faucet, splashing around in the bathtub, or even swimming. Does your cat like water as much as these nine aquatic kitties?

1. Turkish Van


The Turkish Van is nicknamed "the swimming cat," so, yeah, we'd say they definitely like water! This breed originated near Lake Van, which is the largest lake in Turkey. Apparently, they used swimming in the lake as a way to cool off in hot weather, and their silky hair is only a single coat, which means it can dry very easily. Many modern Turkish Van owners say their pets still have this love for water in their blood, and often find these cats exploring the bathtub or even playing in the toilet water!

2. Bengal


The adventurous Bengal breed isn't one to shy away from anything, including water. Most don't mind getting wet and will even splash around in their water dish or fountain. The hybrid breed is a cross between a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard cat, and this wild pedigree contributes to their fondness for water.

Quick Tip

If your cat likes to play in their water dish, consider placing it in a tray or shallow bin to catch the spray and keep it off the ground. Your socks and your flooring will thank you!

3. Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is another water-loving cat breed. These enormous cats hail from the state of Maine, where there's plenty of water. Some people say their affinity for water came from the fact that they spent a lot of time on ships, whereas others speculate it's from originating on the coast. Whatever the case, the Maine Coon developed a water-resistant coat and loves splashing around in H2O.

4. Turkish Angora


Turkish Angoras aren't a very common breed, but these cats absolutely adore the water. Like the Turkish Van breed, Turkish Anogras have a single coat that dries very quickly. And because they're believed to be one of the oldest established cat breeds, they've been splashing around the water for centuries.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat


Water is plentiful in the forest, which is why the Norwegian Forest Cat is no stranger to the wet stuff. These gentle feline giants were made to thrive in wet and cold weather like that found in Norway. They even have a thick, water-resistant coat that's perfect for the occasional dip in the water.

Fast Fact

Most cats prefer running water or standing water, so a water fountain is a great way to promote drinking and provide your water-loving cat with some fun enrichment.

6. Japanese Bobtail


The Japanese Bobtail isn't just known for their short tail. They're also notably fond of the water. Even though you probably won't find one of these cuties full-on swimming in the water, they definitely like playing in it. Whether that's dipping their paws in the bathtub or a pond, the adventurous Japanese Bobtail is no doubt attracted to water.

7. Egyptian Mau


Egyptian Maus look an awful lot like a silver Bengal, but they're a distinct breed. Even so, they have a lot of similarities, like their athletic body structure and adventurous nature. These spotted cats are descendants of the African Wild Cat, which definitely explains their love for the water.

8. Abyssinian


The playful Abyssinian is a well-loved breed, but did you know they're also one of the few cat breeds that is known to enjoy water? It's not uncommon to see an Aby with a drenched head after sticking their face under the dripping faucet or playing in the bathtub.

Need to Know

Can cats swim? You bet! They have a natural instinct to paddle and keep their head above water. But if you plan to take your water-loving cat swimming, a life jacket is important to keep them safe and ensure you both have fun.

9. Savannah Cat


You can easily pick a Savannah cat out of a crowd because of their exotic appearance. They're a hybrid created by crossing a domestic house cat and an African serval, and these cats retain a lot of their wild traits. You can leash-train one of these intelligent cats and take them for water adventures such as kayaking or even paddle boarding. Just make sure you have the right equipment to keep your kitty safe.

Every Cat Has Their Own Comfort Level


It's important to remember that every cat is an individual and has their own preferences. Even if your kitty is one of these water-loving breeds, that doesn't mean they love water. And that goes for the opposite; if your cat is not one of the breeds listed, that doesn't mean they hate water. Any cat can enjoy water if you expose them to it early on and create a positive experience around the wet stuff.

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9 Water-Loving Cat Breeds That Enjoy the Wet Stuff