Striking Blue Burmese Cat Characteristics, Coloring, & History

Blue Burmese cats are a stunning and popular colorway of the Burmese breed, but they're not actually blue.

Updated August 26, 2023
Blue Burmese kitten

The blue Burmese cat is a striking creature with a smooth, smoky-colored coat and large gold eyes. Many people think that this breed resembles the Siamese cat, and with good reason. The Burmese originated in Thailand, and a lot of cross-breeding has occurred in the past between the Burmese and Siamese breeds. Still, the blue Burmese has their own unique personality and characteristics. 

Blue Burmese Cat Personality 

Blue Burmese cats are very healthy, active, and vocal pets that have a natural affinity for humans. They're friendly cats that are good with both children and dogs. Burmese enjoy the cozy home life, so they're happy being solely indoor cats and even do fairly well with car trips. Essentially, the Burmese makes an ideal family pet for the right household. 

Appearance & Coloring

The term "blue" can be a bit misleading, because the blue Burmese cat breed isn't exactly blue. In fact, it's not even close to blue. Instead, this color is described as being a medium grey shade with fawn undertones. It looks dusty blue in certain lighting, which earned this beautiful cat their name. 

Blue Burmese kitten twisting his head

Occasionally, fans of Burmese cats can confuse the platinum and blue colors, but they are categorized separately. A platinum Burmese appears silvery, and its coat will reflect a pale effect under certain lights. Blue lilac Burmese cats can sometimes look platinum, but they're still recognized as being blue. 

Quick Tip

People who want a blue-colored cat should explore the blue British shorthair or Russian blue, which are better examples of the true "blue" coat color.


Blue Burmese might look small, but they're fairly solid cats. These cuties reach between 8 and 12 pounds (3.6 to 5.5 kilograms) when fully grown, and they have a sturdy, muscular build with a thick tail and limbs. 


The Burmese breed is the longest-lived cat breed in the world. Most cats generally live 10 to 15 years, but the blue Burmese lives an average of 18 to 25 years. If you bring home one of these stunning blue cats, chances are high that you'll get many, many cherished years together. 

History of the Breed

The blue Burmese cat breed has been closely scrutinized in the past because of its origins. These cats are an offshoot of Siamese cats and were originally only bred to be a dark brown or sable color. The blue Burmese cat did not appear until much later, around 1955.

Blue Burmese were originally classified as a separate breed called the "Malayan." However, the blue-colored cats were finally placed under the Burmese title in 1984, although they were judged in the "dilute" division. The brown Burmese are judged in the "sable" category and still remain the most honored of the Burmese colors.

Finding a Blue Burmese Cat

If you're looking to purchase a true blue Burmese, you'll need to look for breeders who specialize in both this breed and color. There are many Burmese breeders in the United States, but not all produce the same colors. Most cat associations offer a list of breeders, but make sure you do your own research to find one that is responsible and ethical. 

You can also search for adoptable blue Burmese cats through rescues. The Burmese Cat Association has a list of Burmese cats in need of homes, but you can also contact your local shelter or check out national adoption sites to search for the breed of your choosing. There are always loving cats in need of a forever home. 

A Blue Cat Worthy of a Blue Ribbon

Even though they're not actually blue, the blue Burmese cat is still an incredibly stunning and popular breed. They have the same long lifespan and endearing personality as the traditional Burmese, but with a very unique color. Just know these highly sought-after cats come with a hefty price tag

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Striking Blue Burmese Cat Characteristics, Coloring, & History