11 Friendliest Cat Breeds That Make Cuddly Companions

Published February 9, 2021
exotic shorthair cat

Most cat owners want to live with a friendly cat breed, and felines are not typically thought of as social butterflies. Yet cats are gregarious creatures and form strong relationships with family members. The friendliest cat breeds come from an array of affectionate felines.

Friendliest Cat Breeds

Some cat breeds are shy around strangers, like the Russian blue. With that in mind, there are friendly, easy-going, and affectionate felines. For example, the British longhair is popular for being quietly sociable and not overly demanding.

Exotic Shorthair

The exotic shorthair cat is known as a low-maintenance version of the long-haired Persian cat. This cat breed loves attention and is extremely loving. The nickname for this cat is the cuddly teddy! Pet parents fall in love with the cat's flat face and full cheeks.

playing exotic shorthair cat

American Burmese

This breed is a fan of gentle petting and warm laps. The American Burmese is devoted and always wants human company. This breed is a lovely family pet, and a reputable breeder may answer questions about this cat's temperament.

Burmese cat resting on sofa


The Siamese is the most extroverted of all cat breeds! This feline is vocal, intelligent, full of energy, and an excellent family pet. Pet parents describe a Siamese as a cat with a giant ego and warmhearted.

Siamese kittens

British Longhair

The British longhair is known as the 'lowlander' in the U.S. This breed makes an excellent companion and is calm, easy-going, with a happy disposition. The long, flowing coat needs regular brushing!

British Longhair Cat


The Abyssinian is a loyal, loving, and big-hearted cat. The breed likes an active life and human company through the day. There are many stories about the Abyssinian's relation to sacred cats in Egypt.

Portrait of Abyssinian Cat


This breed is friendly by nature and always wants to be the center of family gatherings. The Bengal is affectionate and needs a family capable of managing its curious and playful personality.

Bengal cat with green eyes


Munchkin cats are active with short legs! The cat is known for his zest for life, is extremely social, and can run fast. The breed, fortunately, escaped spinal problems associated with short legs in dogs like the dachshund.

Cute tabby munchkin cat


The Balinese is a highly social cat and sensitive to his owner. This breed is a long-haired version of the Siamese cat. Breeders of the Balinese highlight the cat's outgoing personality and constant curiosity.

Chocolate Balinese Cat


The ragamuffin is known for his big heart, and this cat loves to please pet parents. The breed is a gentle giant and thrives on affection. Many cat lovers enjoy the kitty's docile temperament.

Ragamuffin cat close up

Scottish Fold

This friendly cat thrives on attention from loving pet parents. A thick ruff and plumed tail enhance the Scottish fold's diverse coat colors.

Scottish Fold Shorthair cat


The sphynx cat is a hairless breed and relies on pet parents to keep him warm. This breed is easy to live with and loving in nature. Sphynx cats are excellent companions and require sweaters.

blue eyed mink sphinx cat

Raise Cats to Be Socially Healthy

Domestic cats are social species. Cats form social bonds with other felines and members of other species. Does your cat hide all the time? If this is the case, your kitty may not be well socialized. Most cats want friendly relations with humans!

Cats Are Not Solitary Animals

There are many stories about cats with separation anxiety. When a favorite family member is gone for days on end, a feline may go through a period of grief. Most cats are socialized as kittens and raised to be friendly. There are many cat breeds with a beautiful disposition and lovely temperament. A long list of cat breeds, including the exotic shorthair, are affectionate cats, and family members enjoy a good cuddle.

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11 Friendliest Cat Breeds That Make Cuddly Companions