10 Intriguing Facts About Snowshoe Siamese Cats

The snowshoe Siamese is a rare breed with an enchanting personality and exquisite blue eyes that are sure to capture your attention.

Updated September 25, 2023
Snowshoe Siamese Cat

If you're looking for a rare breed with more charisma than the average feline, the snowshoe Siamese cat fits the bill perfectly! This dazzling kitty is most suited for people looking for a loving companion at home to cuddle, chat, and play with.

These kitties will pull you in with their love and affection. They'll work hard to understand you, and it's important you are ready to do the same for them. 

1. They're a Mix of Two Cat Breeds

The snowshoe Siamese made their debut in the United States back in the 60s, emerging from a mix between a Siamese and a bi-colored American shorthair. Capturing the finest traits from both parent breeds, they've been charming cat lovers around the world ever since. Despite their appeal, they remain a relatively rare sight, adding a touch of mystery and allure to their reputation.

2. They Are Selectively Bred for Specific Traits

In the past, snowshoe Siamese cats continued to be bred with American shorthairs for quite some time. The breeding process was carefully monitored to ensure they inherited the desired traits, like their striking blue eyes from the Siamese and the white markings of the American shorthair. These days, breeders continue to fine-tune the traits of the snowshoe Siamese through careful inbreeding within the breed's lineage.

3. Their Beauty Is Unmatched

snowsnoe Siamese

The snowshoe Siamese cat is renowned for their captivating beauty. They have a sturdy body with white markings on their face, chest, and feet; hence the name snowshoe. They have triangular ears and majestic blue eyes that give them a strikingly beautiful appearance. The contrast of colors is remarkable in this cat breed.

4. They Get Attached

The snowshoe's soft and melodious voice is used to communicate with or "talk" to their people, especially that one special person in their life. Although they will be friendly with the entire family, they choose one family member to be their person. If you're chosen as their person, you'll see them following you around, cuddling up next to you, and charming you with their conversation skills. 

5. They Play Well With Others

With a sweet temperament, the snowshoe gets along well with other animals in the household, so they're a great fit in a home with dogs and other cats. In fact, these cats don't tend to do well alone, so it's best to have another pet at home to keep them company while you're at work or running errands. That doesn't mean you need two of this breed — but we don't blame you if you do. 

6. Snowshoe Siamese Cats Are a Healthy Cat Breed

Snowshoe Siamese cats aren’t prone to genetic conditions, probably because of the careful breeding practices employed to maintain their health and longevity. Of course, like all cat breeds, they can experience common feline health issues like hairballs or urinary tract infections, but with vigilant care and attention to their well-being, the snowshoe Siamese are known to thrive and maintain excellent health throughout their lives.

Need to Know

These kitties can live upwards of 20 years when cared for properly.

7. They Don't Require a Lot of Grooming

With their short, sleek coats, snowshoes have low grooming needs. Unlike long-haired breeds, snowshoes don't require frequent grooming sessions to prevent their fur from matting and tangling. A regular brushing routine is generally sufficient to remove loose fur and keep their coats healthy. 

Quick Tip

Brushing their fur once per week can be beneficial bonding time while helping them with keeping up appearances.

cute siamese cat

8. They Are Renowned for Their Intelligence

Snowshoes are highly intelligent and curious cats. They learn new tricks quickly and enjoy puzzle toys — and other toys — that challenge their minds. Being a part of their lives and engaging in these playful activities is an amusing experience, as they keep you entertained and involved with their antics. 

Quick Tip

With their high intelligence, they can easily get bored, so ensuring they have plenty of toys is key to avoiding troublesome behavior.

9. They Enjoy All Types of Living

domestic siamese cat play in house

One of the many reasons cat enthusiasts love this breed is because of their adaptability. As long as they get plenty of attention, they’re happy living in an apartment in the city or your farmhouse with 20 acres, or anything in between. They just want you involved in their life. As long as they’re the center of attention, they’re content being anywhere you are. 

10. They Need Time & Attention

It is important to look at your lifestyle and make sure you have enough time to give this kitty the attention they deserve. Don't consider the snowshoe unless you're home most of the time and plan to spend quality time. This is not a breed for busy people who work long hours, travel often, or are otherwise away from the home for extended periods. 

Quick Tip

Even if you have other pets, the snowshoe will not be happy unless they’re spending most of their time with their human companions. 

little siamese cat at cozy bedroom

Adopting a Snowshoe Siamese Mix

Sometimes it can be easier to find a snowshoe Siamese mix than a purebred snowshoe, since these kitties are rarer than others. It's important to find out what the cat is mixed with and research the other breed's temperament. The mix could have the personality of the other breed, the snowshoe themselves, or a mix of the two. 

Choosing a Snowshoe Siamese

The snowshoe Siamese, with their charming and sociable personality, makes a wonderful pet for those seeking a clingy companion. Their enchanting appearance and affectionate nature ensure they hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Whether you’re intrigued by their history or entranced by their personality, the snowshoe Siamese cat is definitely a breed you'll admire.

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10 Intriguing Facts About Snowshoe Siamese Cats