7 Fascinating Persian Cat Facts (Truly Unique Felines)

Updated December 9, 2022

Learn Facts About Persian Cats


Persians are exquisitely beautiful and make wonderful home companions, but there are some fascinating facts about Persians that you may not already know. Expand your knowledge so you can decide if this just might be the perfect pet for you.

1. Persians Are Cobby and Cuddly


The Persian is quite different from slender cats, like the sleek Siamese or the Egyptian Mau. Persians are cobby, meaning they have stocky, short legs and heavy bodies. They are not athletic by nature, but they make up for that with their grace and elegance. Once you've held a Persian, you'll know what it's truly like to cuddle.

2. Persians Are Gentle by Nature


Some cats can be quite boisterous at times, but the typical Persian has impeccable manners. This is one cat breed that gets along well with children and other pets, as long as both are gentle in return.

3. Persians Are Soft Spoken


The Persian has a whisper-soft voice and uses it sparingly. This is one cat that will never pester you with constant meowing.

4. Persians Have a Beautiful Face


The Persian has a very distinctive face. The head is rather round, and the cheeks are quite full. The nose is set deep in the head so the face is nearly flat when viewed from the side. This flat-faced look is referred to as brachycephaly.

5. Persians Have Mesmerizing Eyes


The Persian's beautifully rounded eyes are one of its most striking features, and the colors are amazing. Himalayan Persians always have piercing blue eyes. Other striking colors include shades of gold and copper as well as brilliant greens. A Persian cat's eye color typically depends on their coat color, so you'll often see these matched.

6. Persians Have Luxurious Fur


The Persian's long, full coat is the breed's crowning glory. Their coat colors are divided into six color divisions, although there are reportedly over 100 possible variations and patterns. Their coat requires daily combing to keep it clean and in top condition. An additional monthly grooming appointment will maintain the Persian's splendor.

7. Persians Have Some Health Concerns


Good grooming is essential for this breed. The folds of the Persian's face must be wiped clean each day when you groom your cat in order to prevent sores or infections from forming where the moisture from the eyes collects. Combing also removes debris and loose hair to prevent hairballs. These cats are also more prone to respiratory issues than most breeds due to their flat faces.

Living Works of Art


For all the care they require, Persian cats reward their human companions with a lifetime of affection. It's truly a privilege to share your life with one of these beauties.

If you enjoyed learning about the Persian, check out Himalayan Cats. Although Himalayans are only considered a color variety of the Persian by some cat associations, they are considered a breed in their own right by other clubs.

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7 Fascinating Persian Cat Facts (Truly Unique Felines)