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If you have recently brought home a new little ball of fluff, it helps to look over some adorable Himalayan kitten names for inspiration. Whether your beautiful new kitty is a boy or a girl, the perfect name is out there. Try some inspired by the Himalayan Mountains or the culture of Tibet!

Choosing a Great Name for Your Himalayan Kitten

You may not want to give your beautiful Himalayan kitten a commonplace cat name like Fluffy, Mittens or Tom. Maybe you want the name to be as majestic and exotic as the Himalayas themselves, or perhaps you want something with an Asian flair that describes a characteristic of your cat. Not to worry, there are plenty of those types of names available.

You will want to take the following facts about your cat and your lifestyle into consideration before you choose a cute Himalayan kitten name.

Sex of Your Kitten

While it may not matter to some people, and certainly not to your kitten, many people try to name their new kitten a name that depicts the sex of their cat.

Special Markings

If your cat has intense blue eyes or a unique pattern to her coat, you might consider naming her after that characteristic. Maybe something about her coat reminds you of the snowy peaks of the Himalayan Mountains and you want to name her Chomolangma which means Goddess of the Snow.

A Name that You Like

Be sure to say the name you are considering out loud a few times. Does it feel right? Is it comfortable to say? Will you be able to spell it for your vet?

Choosing Cute Himalayan Kitten Names

Here are some names that are associated with the Himalayan Mountains and the surrounding area. As you go through the list, make a note of a few of them that you like best. Carry the list around for a few days and cross off the names that you lose interest in.


There are some fascinating place names in the Himalayas that you can choose to name your new kitten. Place names often have exotic connotations and meanings.

Himalayan Kitten Names -Places
Name Meaning Sex Describes
Dhaulagiri White Mountain Female Seventh highest peak
Everest Highest Mountain Peak Male Highest peak in the world
Kutang Mountain of the Spirit Either Eighth highest peak
Makalu The Great Black Either Fifth highest peak
Nanda Devi Bliss giving goddess Female Highest peak in India


Many people have tried to climb the Himalayan Mountains. Some have perished in the attempt while others have become heroes. Naming your kitten after one of these people may appeal to you if you love history and adventure.

Himalayan Kitten Names -People
Name Who Sex
Mackins Climbed without oxygen Male
Mallory Attempted first ascent Either
Odell First ascent of Nanda Devi Male
Whittaker First American to summit Everest Male

Miscellaneous Names

The Tibetan language is full of fascinating names. Even naming your kitten "Socks" can be unique when you use a Tibetan word.

Himalayan Kitten Names -Various
Name Who/What Sex Details
Amrita N/A Female Means ambrosia
Assam Place Male Tea
Bhasundara Goddess Female Prosperity
Ceba N/A Either Dear to hold
Dordje N/A Male Thunderbolt
Garkan N/A Either Dancer
Jalus N/A Either Rainbow
Jigme N/A Either Fearless
Kim Character Either Book by Kipling
Kitsi N/A Either Tickle
Laysa Goddess Female Beauty
Lah-Mo Goddess Female Fierce
Poso N/A Either Glory
Seba N/A Either Reward
Shambhala Place Female Mythical city
Shangri-La Place Female Setting in Lost Horizon
Somba Item Either Socks
Yeti Creature Male Mysterious primate rumored to roam the Himalayas
Zopa Character trait Either Patience

Other Names

Just because your kitten is a Himalayan doesn't mean you have to stick with a Himalayan name. There are thousands of kitten names that you may like better. You might want to name your kitten after a favorite character in a book, a place you love or even an item of food. Consider these other names for your kitten:

  • Ansel
  • Cali
  • Cheetoes
  • Chipotle
  • Cinnamon
  • Dusty
  • Paddington
  • Poem
  • Pooh
  • Smoky

Teaching Your Kitten Her Name

Once you have decided on a name for your cat, you need to begin calling her by that name. When you are feeding her, speak her name often and pet her so she associates her name with good things. Talk to her often so that she can learn to interact with you.Choosing a cute Himalayan kitten name might be difficult, but you will know it once you get the right one. Your kitten will have her name for a long time, so be sure that the one you choose fits her, and you, perfectly.

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38 Cute Himalayan Kitten Names