Mythological Goddess Names for Your Cat

Published July 20, 2018
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If your world revolves around your female cat, give her a powerful cat goddess name to go with her worshipped status. Many cultures throughout history have created and celebrated goddesses with cat-like qualities you can use as inspiration.

Egyptian Cat Goddess Names

Since cats were one of the most highly regarded life forms in Egyptian culture, it's only natural you should bestow your pet the same honor.

Papyrus with elements of egyptian ancient history
  • Bastet - Portrayed as a woman with a cat head, this name is for a strong protector.
  • Hathor - As the goddess of love and joy, this cat brings happiness to any home.
  • Isis - Her magical powers were always used to help people in need just like your feline companion.
  • Ma'at - The goddess of truth, justice, and harmony makes a great name for wise and balanced cats.
  • Seshat - Portrayed as a woman wearing panther skin, this goddess of writing and measurement fits cats who are smart and wild.
  • Tefnut - Portrayed as a woman with the head of lioness, this goddess name suits a strong cat.

Greek Goddess Names for Your Cat

Unlike many other mythologies, women are as equally represented as men in Greek mythology as evidenced by these names.

  • Antheia - Cats who love being outside are perfect candidates to be named after this goddess of gardens and swamps.
  • Artemis - The goddess of the hunt fits those cats who are always bringing home dead animals.
  • Até - If your cat likes to get into trouble, name her after the goddess of mischief and ruin.
  • Cybele - Outdoor cats fit this moniker for the goddess of caverns, mountains, nature, and wild animals.
  • Hestia - This goddess of the hearth, home, domesticity, and family is the perfect namesake for family cats.
  • Hygea - As the goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation, this name fits the nature of most cats.
  • Nyx - Cats with dark colorings can be named after this primordial goddess of the night.
  • Rhea - As the goddess of nature, Rhea is a great name for cats who love the wilderness and outdoors.

Norse Goddesses for Cat Names

In Nordic mythology, women were thought to have natural psychic abilities so they, and the goddesses everyone worshipped, were often seers and shamans.

  • Beyla - This goddess of bees and servant of Freya makes great inspiration for outdoor cat names.
  • Erda - If your cat has healing powers, name her after this goddess of healing.
  • Freya - The main goddess, Freya, represents love, beauty, war, and death, inspiring a name for the well-rounded feline.
  • Frigg - This goddess of love name is perfect for any beloved pet.
  • Hel - Although she's the goddess of the dead, Hel is a great name for mischievous cats.
  • Hlin - If your cat is a protectress, Hlin might be her spirit goddess.
  • Meili - Long-haired cats or those with serious beauty can use this name meaning "the lovely one."
  • Skadi - Cats who enjoy stalking and pouncing could be named after this goddess of hunting.

Mayan Goddess Cat Names

These names from the Mayan Pantheon are best suited for cats with complex histories or personalities honoring the complex mythology of the culture.

  • Akna - Meaning "Our Mother," this name fits the nurturing cat.
  • Chen - She served as the goddess of maize and magic and as a councilor to the kings, making her name ideal for companion cats.
  • Ixchel - Meaning "Lady Rainbow," this name suits striped cats and those that flaunt different colors.
  • Ixik - If you prefer a little irony, pick this goddess of water name for your cat.
  • Ixtat-Ix - Wise cats are served well when named after this goddess of thought and intellect.

Ancient Mesopotamian Cat Goddess Names

Goddesses recognized in ancient Mesopotamia had mostly human-like qualities. If you've got a cat who thinks she's a person, these names are made for her.

  • Aya - As a goddess of light, Aya works well as a name for a feline who is always joyful or light in color.
  • Baba - They say cats can help you live longer, so name your healer after this goddess of healing.
  • Inana - For the cat who's both feisty and loving, name her after this goddess of warfare and sexual love.
  • Kišar - Meaning "the entirety of earth," this primordial goddess is great inspiration for the cat who is the center of your world.
  • Nintud - If your cat gives you life, name her after this creator of humankind.
  • Namma - Cats that are out of this world can be named after this goddess who gave birth to the cosmos.
  • Tiamat - If you've got a rare cat who loves water, name her after this personification of the sea.

Name the Goddess of Cats

Goddess names are strong yet nurturing and perfect for your feline companion who shares the same attributes. Elevate your cat's status with a mythological name fit for a goddess.

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Mythological Goddess Names for Your Cat