85+ Egyptian Siamese Cat Names Fit for a Pharaoh

Choosing an Egyptian name for your Siamese cat honors the regal history of cats, aligning perfectly with your feline companion's majestic nature.

Updated December 8, 2023
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Give your new Siamese kitty a touch of timeless elegance with Egyptian cat names. These dignified and unique names are suitable for both male and female cats of any size, shade, or age. The historical significance of cats as revered figures adds a perfect touch to your Siamese cat's regal appearance. Choose a name based on its sound or opt for an Egyptian name that reflects your Siamese cat's distinct personality.

Egyptian Names for Female Siamese Cats

Although Siamese cats are friendly and affectionate creatures, something about this breed sets it apart from other felines. "Fluffy" and "Snowball" could be a great name for a fuzzy Himalayan cat, but it might not suit your sleek Siamese. Instead, consider one of these lovely Egyptian names for your Siamese cat.

Siamese Cat
  • Aisha (peaceful)
  • Amisi (flower, implying beauty)
  • Banafrit (lovely soul)
  • Djabenusiri (Venus)
  • Djeserit (Holy soul)
  • Ebe (wonderful)
  • Ebio (honey-colored or sweet)
  • Emuishere (kitten)
  • Esho (Hog)
  • Harere (flower)
  • Hebony (black)
  • Irisi (Goddess Isis)
  • Kepi (tempestuous)
  • Kiwu (Obese)
  • Merit (much loved)
  • Meskenrit (Egyptian birth goddess)
  • Mie (Egyptian cat god)
  • Miu (gentle)
  • Nafre (good)
  • Nafretiri (beautiful)
  • Nafrini (bringer of beauty)
  • Nebit (leopard-like)
  • Odjit (naughty)
  • Seshafi (angry or ornery)
  • Shainefer (bringer of luck)
  • Woserit (strong woman)
Quick Tip

Although any name can be used regardless of your cat's gender, these choices are divided based on whether the Egyptian word is masculine or feminine.

Egyptian Siamese Cat Names for Boys 

When you look at a Siamese cat, the first thing you notice is their regal splendor, even if that splendor hides the heart of a clown who loves to play. For this reason, Siamese kittens deserve names that are a cut above the ordinary. 

Siamese cat
  • Alu (childlike)
  • Amenhotep (amen)
  • Anok Fero (pharaoh)
  • Anok Sabe (wise)
  • Baraka (blessing)
  • Benipe (strong as iron)
  • Buikhu (best)
  • Kahotep (peaceful)
  • Kamenwati (black rebel)
  • Kemnebi (panther)
  • Khenti (leader)
  • Khufu (one of the pharaohs)
  • Menetnashte (powerful)
  • Mkhai (fighter)
  • Mshai (wanderer)
  • Nebtawi (lord)
  • Nomti (strong)
  • Odji (evil)
  • Panahasi (barbarian)
  • Rasui (dreamer)
  • Remmao (wealthy)
  • Shalam (greeting)
  • Shushu (boastful)
  • Sokkwi (foolish)
  • Uro (king)
  • Wait (rebellious)

Ancient Egyptian Names for Siamese Cats

Cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt and associated with royalty. Not much has changed because most pet cats still demand to be treated like they're the rulers of the house. Joking aside, the names of ancient Egyptian royalty may also serve your new Siamese cat well, so try one of these powerful choices on for size. 

  • Ahmose
  • Cleopatra 
  • Hatshepsut 
  • Horemheb
  • Merneptah
  • Nefertiti
  • Rameses
  • Senusret 
  • Seti
  • Sobekneferu
  • Taharqa
  • Tausret 
  • Thutmose
  • Tiye 
  • Tutankhamun

Cute Egyptian Siamese Cat Names

Nothing is cuter than a Siamese cat, so you must give your new pet an equally adorable name. These Egyptian words are short and roll right off your tongue in the cutest way. I've included the meaning of each name as well, so you can use them in your decision-making process. 

Siamese kitten on couch
  • Amal (hope)
  • Basim (smile)
  • Bebi (baby)
  • Dahab (gold)
  • Farasha (butterfly)
  • Gamil (handsome)
  • Gamila (beautiful)
  • Gefet (kitten)
  • Habibi (term of endearment)
  • Leila (night)
  • Lulu (pearl)
  • Nour (light)
  • Rihan (basil)
  • Sabah (morning)
  • Sama (heaven)
  • Samara (wind)
  • Yasmin (jasmine)
  • Zahra (flower)

Choosing a Unique Name for Your Siamese Cat

Take your time observing your cat, both when they are interacting with you and when they're on their own. This'll give you some good clues into their true personality and help you choose a name that compliments their character. When you find the right one, you'll know. 

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