100+ Unique Names for Your Best Boy Kitten

Whether your new boy kitten is mischievous or cuddly, explorative or lazy, or bouncy like pop culture, we have the name for you.

Updated August 5, 2023
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It can be hard to make a choice when you are searching for the right unique cat name for your male kitty. You don't want to give him a cute name that he will soon grow out of, or one that is so trendy it is meaningless in a couple of years. Make sure your boy kitten's name truly stands out with our list of cool, one-of-a-kind boy kitten names.

Unique Boy Kitten Names Based On His Personality

All kittens are playful, but you can often tell other things about a kitten's personality early on. Using personality traits to name your kitten can be a fun way to create a unique name for him.

Maine Coon on a wooden table close-up
  • Blaze: Fitting for a fiery and spirited cat.
  • Bomber: The perfect name for a cat with a sneaky personality.
  • Boss: Some cats love to take charge.
  • Bouncer: For the energetic cat in your life.
  • Cuddles: The perfect name for a cat who loves to snuggle.
  • Diablo: Meaning "devil," this could be a great name for a kitty that gets into trouble.
  • Dreamer: A fitting name for a cat who loves to daydream and lounge.
  • Felix: A Latin name meaning "lucky" or "successful," perfect for a fortunate feline.
  • Gusto: Ideal for a cat full of enthusiasm and vigour.
  • Jester: Great for a playful and mischievous kitten.
  • Mr. T: For the boy cat meaty enough to be a bouncer.
  • Prowler: Suitable for a cat who loves to explore or hunt.
  • Quirk: Perfect for a cat with distinctive and endearing habits.
  • Rascal: Ideal for a naughty and mischievous cat who's always getting into trouble.
  • Rowdy: If your cat likes to be the life of the party.
  • Sonic: For speedy cats.

Unique Boy Cat Names Based on History and Literature

A good way to name your kitten is to base his name on a favorite historic figure or character from literature. Boy kitten names like Horatio, Lincoln, or Franklin are great names for your male kitten, for example.

Cat's muzzle in front of a bookshelf
  • Anzac: Acronym for brave Australian troops during World War I
  • Aslan: The lion from Chronicles of Narnia
  • Atlas: Mythological figure who held the world on his shoulders
  • Bilbo: The main character from the Hobbit
  • Columbus: European explorer who visited the Americas
  • Darcy: From the character Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
  • Da Vinci: Renaissance Artist
  • Edison: American inventor
  • Einstein: Brilliant scientist
  • Galileo: The Italian astronomer and physicist
  • Gandalf: The wizard in Lord of the Rings
  • Gatsby: Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"
  • Hamlet: A nod to the tragic prince in Shakespeare's play
  • Hemingway: In honor of Ernest Hemingway, the famous American novelist and cat lover
  • Indy: Indiana Jones
  • Loki: Norse god of mischief
  • Merlin: Magician that taught King Arthur
  • Moses: Led the Jews out of Egypt
  • Napoleon: Named after Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader
  • Odysseus: The hero of Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey"
  • Patton: U.S. Army general of World War II
  • Winston: In honor of Winston Churchill, the British prime minister during World War II

Choosing a Unique Boy Cat Name by Appearance

Picking your cat's name based on the way he looks is a great idea because he will not change that much over the years. If he is black with white spots, he will always be black with white spots.

This does not mean you have to live with average or boring names, either. Look for some unusual characteristic on your cat - a uniquely shaped spot, a strange color combination, or even eye color. If something about the way your cat looks suggests a name you like, don't be afraid to use it.

cat with different eye colour
  • Ash, Ashe, Ashes: The gray powder that is left after an item burns
  • Badger: A small, black mammal with white facial markings
  • Blanco: Spanish for white
  • Cadbury: A brand of chocolate
  • Casper: Ghost cartoon character, Master of the Treasure
  • Chip: As in chocolate chip
  • Copper: A reddish brown metal
  • Darth, Darth Vader, Vader: Character from Star Wars
  • Espresso: A dark roast of coffee
  • Flynn: Son of the red-haired one
  • Freckles: Small brown spots on the skin
  • Hamish: Braveheart's loyal, red-haired friend
  • Licorice: A black-colored candy
  • Nigel: Black-haired
  • Oreo: A chocolate cookie with white filling
  • Patch: A cover worn over one eye, associated with pirates
  • Pirate: For a cat with a patch, which is often associated with pirates
  • Tabasco: Spicy sauce made from red peppers

Music-Inspired Male Cat Names

If you're looking for a cat name that will really strike a chord, seek some inspiration from the world of music, both classical and contemporary. Choose your favorite name from this list of genres:

Cat sitting on a stereo
  • Alternative: Chester, Shinoda, Mr. Hahn
  • Classical: Amadeus, Chopin, Mozart, Nocturne, Figaro
  • Country: Cash, Sue
  • Hard rock: Axl, Duff, Slash
  • Jazz: Mack, Louis, Pops, Satchmo
  • Jazz/Pop: Frank, Chairman, Ol' Blue Eyes, Big Clawsby, Der Bingle
  • New wave: Devo
  • Pop rock: Elton, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer
  • Rap: Amaru, Biggie, Big Poppa, Makaveli
  • Reggae: Bob Meowly, Buffalo Soldier, Marley
  • Rock: Asbury, Elvis, Lennon, King, Presley, Ringo
  • Synth pop: Lennox

Be Sure You Like Your Cat's Name

Remember, the name you give your adorable kitten will be his for a lifetime. Cats learn and respond to their names in a short period of time. Changing the name when your kitten is 6 months old because you have decided that Bouncer is really Diablo will cause him confusion. Give your boy cat a name you love and enjoy calling him by that name for a lifetime.

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100+ Unique Names for Your Best Boy Kitten