Pictures of Cute Fuzzy Kittens

She's Got the Look

This gallery features the most adorable purebred and mixed breed fuzzy kittens you'd ever want to meet. If you feel inspired and believe you could give a needy kitten a home, visit your local animal shelter to find a wonderful feline companion to bring home.

Siberian Kitten

How about a cute, fuzzy and slightly wild-looking kitten? This one looks like a bit of a rascal!

An Adorable Ragdoll

This beautiful Ragdoll kitten is only three months old. Can you imagine how fuzzy he will be as he grows?

Cinder Ella

This adorable gray kitten simply says, "Hug me."

Chinchilla Kitten

Can't you just imagine how luxurious this kitten's coat must feel to the touch?

British Longhair Kitten

This little bundle of fur is ready for snuggling.

Persian Baby

A fuzzy coat and big beautiful eyes combine for an irresistible combination of cuteness!

An Orange Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats come in several colors. This orange boy is at full attention with those adorable pointed ears.

Kurilian Bobtail Kitten

Here's a Russian breed that you may not have had an opportunity to meet before.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very large breed, and may have originated from cats brought to Norway by the Vikings. They are certainly adapted to a cold climate with all that fur!

Future Beauty Queen

This little fluff ball is going to grow into a very elegant cat someday.

Cute Fuzzy Kittens Quartet

If one fuzzy kitten is good, four must be fantastic!

Scottish Fold Littermates

Scottish Fold cats are a popular breed. Their folded ears are a genetic mutation, and only some of the kittens in a litter will be born with this trait.

Siamese Kitten

This little Siamese is not just cute, she's breathtaking.

What a Princess

This fuzzy white kitten looks like quite a princess. Who wouldn't want to spoil such a fluffy baby?

The Sacred Birman Cat

This breed has been called "The Sacred Cat of Birma," but was mostly bred in France. Look at those beautiful bright blue eyes!

Just a Baby

This little one is probably still nursing. That baby fur looks so soft.

So Many Babies

Look at this litter of cuties! They look just like mom.

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Pictures of Cute Fuzzy Kittens