Meet the Adorably Fluffy & Soft Chinchilla Persian Cat

Chinchilla Persian cats are a color-type of the Persian breed and have stunning fur, along with a sweet personality.

Updated August 25, 2023
Woman hugging her Chinchilla Persian cat

As a breed renowned for its beauty, the chinchilla Persian cat is considered to be the most beautiful of all the Persian varieties. They have perfect, doll-like facial features, along with a spectacular coat of fur in colors like silver and gold. If you're not familiar with chinchilla Persian cats, there's a lot to learn about these popular balls of fluff. 

About Chinchilla Persian Cats

Persians are one of the most striking cat breeds, and they come in just about every color and pattern you can imagine. But of the available colors, we think the chinchilla-coated Persian is incredibly eye-catching. These cats have three very distinct traits in common:

  • All chinchilla-coated Persians have either green or blue-green eyes.
  • The eye rims, nose, and lips of these cats are outlined in either black or blue, according to the coat color.
  • Chinchilla Persians all have a lighter undercoat color, and the ends of the fur are tipped in either black or blue.

Chinchillas are also a little different in that they typically have doll faces, which are more traditional than the flat or "Peke-faced" profile you see in other Persian cats. However, you will see some fairly flat-faced chinchillas at cat shows, because show breeders want to remain as competitive as they can.

These fluffy cats tend to look a lot bigger than they actually are, thanks to all that fur. Chinchilla Persians usually reach between 6 and 11 pounds (2.7 to 5 kilograms) at their adult weight. 

Fast Fact

Chinchilla Persians cats live an average of 12 to 15 years, though some can certainly live longer. 


Like the other Persian cat types, chinchilla Persians are the epitome of lap cats. They're calm, sweet, quiet, and love being pet. Most are happy to spend their day lounging on the couch, though they are always up for an interactive game or a romp with a toy mouse. 

Chinchilla Persian Colors

The characteristic tipping of a chinchilla's coat gives this cat a shimmering quality. This is the trait that earned them the name 'chinchilla,' after the rodent that has similar tipping. According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) breed standard, the chinchilla-coated Persian is part of the "Silver and Gold" color division. You'll find four common chinchilla Persian colors in these cats. 

Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats

The breed standard states that the coat of these cats should look like sparkling silver.

Silver chinchilla cat standing on the gray carpet
  • The undercoat is pure white.
  • The fur on the back, flanks, head, and tail are tipped in black.
  • The legs may also have some slight tipping.
  • The ear tufts, chin, chest, and tummy should be pure white.
  • The nose is brick red.
  • The paw pads are black.
  • The eye rims, nose, and lips are outlined in black.

Blue Chinchilla Silver Persian Cats

These cats are similar to the silver chinchilla, with the following exceptions.

Blue Chinchilla Silver Persian Cat
  • The fur is tipped in blue instead of black.
  • The nose is rose-colored.
  • The eye rims, nose, and lips are outlined in blue.
  • The paw pads are either blue or rose.

Chinchilla Golden Cats

Golden chinchilla cats have the following attributes.

chinchilla golden
  • The undercoat of the golden chinchilla is described as ranging from pale honey to apricot.
  • Like the chinchilla silver, the fur is tipped with black.
  • The fur on the chest, tummy, chin, and ear tufts is lighter than the undercoat.
  • The nose is rose-colored.
  • The eye rims, nose, and lips are outlined in black.
  • The paw pads are black.

Blue Chinchilla Golden Cats

This coloring is similar to the chinchilla golden coloring, with the following differences.

Three kittens: one Golden Chinchilla and two Blue Golden Chinchilla color
  • The undercoat is described as ranging from ivory to pale honey.
  • The tipping on the fur is blue.
  • The coloring of the ear tufts, chin, chest, tummy, and underside of the tail are the same as the rest of the undercoat.
  • There may also be some blue tipping on the legs and tail.
  • The nose is rose-colored.
  • The eye rims, nose, and lips are outlined in blue.
  • The paw pads are either rose or blue.

Difference Between a Chinchilla Persian Cat and a Shaded Persian

Chinchilla Persians are sometimes confused with shaded Persians. To the novice eye, it may be a little difficult to distinguish between these two color varieties. The difference is:

  • Chinchilla: Around ⅛ of the length of the hair is tipped.
  • Shaded: About ⅓ of the length of the hair is tipped.
Fast Fact

The difference between a chinchilla Persian and shaded Persian is very subtle. According to the same CFA breed standard, the shaded coat looks darker than the chinchilla coat.

Are They a Separate Breed? 

Although these cats are currently grouped as part of the Persian breed by both the CFA and The International Cat Association, some enthusiasts believe chinchillas should be recognized as a breed in their own right. In fact, there was a movement to gain separate breed recognition, but chinchillas remain included with the Persian breed for the time being.

Chinchilla Persians Are Regal Cats

Even though they're not necessarily recognized as their own breed, chinchilla Persians are still regal pets. Those who are lucky enough to own one say they're truly the most stunning and gentle breed out there. And by looking at these cute photos of chinchilla Persian cats, you have to agree! 

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Meet the Adorably Fluffy & Soft Chinchilla Persian Cat