6 Unmistakable Cat Pregnancy Signs

Subtle Cat Pregnancy Signs


Cat pregnancy signs can be difficult to spot since felines can be such secretive creatures. In fact, many pet owners don't even realize their cat was pregnant until they wake up one morning to the sound of kittens mewling. Realizing your cat is pregnant allows you to make sure she receives the best nutrition to maintain her own health and that of her growing kittens. Learn the basic signs in this slideshow.

The image at the left is a late term x-ray of a pregnant cat.

End of Heat Cycles


Many cats cycle every fourteen days. Often, the earliest clue that a cat could be pregnant is that the cycles suddenly come to a halt; no more yowling, the cat displays a relaxed demeanor and less desire to escape outside.

Nipple Changes


About three weeks into the pregnancy, a cat's nipples become a deeper shade of pink and may also begin to enlarge a bit. This is very difficult to notice on most cats because the area is heavily furred. However, the change is very noticeable on cats with extremely short fur and hairless cats like the Sphinx.

Personality Changes


Many cat caretakers notice that their female is suddenly much more affectionate than usual. This is usually attributed to the shift in hormone levels. A pregnant cat often begins sleeping with her people, following them as they move about the house and vocalizing a bit more to attract their attention. She may sleep a bit more, but this is difficult to notice since cats nap a lot anyway.

Appetite Changes


In many cases, a pregnant cat will suddenly go off her food for short time. She may even display "morning sickness" and vomit periodically. However, her appetite is likely to return shortly with a vengeance as her nutritional needs go into overdrive.

Enlarged Tummy


Just past the mid-point of the pregnancy, you'll notice the cat suddenly begins to look much fuller than before. The abdomen begins to feel firmer, and the hair begins to shed more in preparation for nursing.



Later on as delivery time nears, the cat may also begin nesting in out-of-the-way locations such as the back of a closet, beneath a bed or even in your laundry basket. This is a sign she is looking for a good place to give birth. If there was still any doubt whether or not the cat is pregnant, this behavioral sign is usually a strong indicator of kittens on the way. If you notice, provide your cat with a box and some old towels to use as bedding.

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6 Unmistakable Cat Pregnancy Signs