127 Pagan Cat Names

Updated June 1, 2022
Portrait of two black and white kittens sitting together

Cats have long been associated with witches, the supernatural, and even gods and goddesses in Ancient Egypt. It's natural then to consider a pagan name for your kitty. See if any of these pagan cat names suits your mystical feline.

Pagan Names for Cats

Paganism refers to religions that have numerous gods and also to practitioners of Wicca and witchcraft. It's also often associated with nature and Celtic, Norse, and Gaelic cultures. There are many ways to find inspiration for pagan feline names.

Female Pagan Cat Names Based on Mythology

Cat Sitting Against Ancient Egyptian Temple

There are many mythological figures associated with both domestic and wild cats that can make good pagan names.

  • Ai-Apaec - A Mochica (South American) god who could shape-shift into a jaguar.
  • Asherah - A Semitic goddess known as the "Lion Lady" who is pictured with lions.
  • Bast or Bastet - The Egyptian goddess of homes, childbirth, and cats. She has a cat head and a human body.
  • Brigid - The goddess of poetry, crafts, and inspiration. She is celebrated on Imbolc.
  • Ceridwen - The Welsh goddess of wisdom who had white cats serve her.
  • Cybele - A Greek goddess who is depicted with lions and tigers.
  • Elat - Another name for the goddess Asherah.
  • Durga - A Hindu mother goddess who rode a female tiger. She is also called Chandika.
  • Freyja or Freya - A Norse goddess of love and beauty. She rode in a chariot tethered to two large cats.
  • Hecate - A Greek goddess of the night and witchcraft. She was known to shape-shift into a cat.
  • Lamassu - In ancient Assyria, a creature with the body of a lion, a human head, and the wind of an eagle.
  • Li Shou - A Chinese goddess represented as a cat.
  • Mafdet - An Egyptian goddess of protection with a lion's head and human body.
  • Ovinnik - A Slavic god represented by a black cat who protected farm animals.
  • Parvati - The Hindu goddess of beauty rode a lion.
  • Sekhmet - The Egyptian goddess of war who had the head of a lion.
  • Tefnut - An Egyptian goddess of nature with a lion's head and human body.
  • Yaoji - A Chinese goddess of the mountain who is accompanied by a tiger.

Male Pagan Cat Names Based on Mythology

Myths and lore are a source of inspiration for pagan cat names, with several options of gods and creatures associated with felines.

  • Barong-Ket - An Indonesian god who is pictured with lion-like or panther-like qualities.
  • Dionysus - A Greek god of wine who had a chariot pulled by panthers and rode leopards.
  • Gajasimha - In Hindu mythology, a beast with the body of a lion and an elephant's head.
  • Griffin - Found in Greek and Roman mythology, this beast has the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle.
  • Loki - The Norse god of tricks and mischief.
  • Maahes or Mihos - An Egyptian god of war who was the son of Bastet. He had the head of a lion.
  • Manjushiri - A Buddhist god whose mount and companion was a tiger.
  • Nergal - An ancient Babylonian god of the sun who is pictured as a lion.
  • Shedu - An ancient Assyrian god with a lion's body, wings and a human head
  • Shiva - The Hindu god of destruction is associated with tigers.
  • Tezcatlipoca - An Aztec god of the sky who appears as a jaguar.
  • Sphynx - A creature in Egyptian mythology with the body of a lion and the head of the Pharaoh.

Female Pagan Cultural Cat Names

Alchemist Desk

Paganism is often associated with certain cultures like the Celts, Romans, and Greeks, and there are many names appropriate for a female cat.

  • Aife - The Celtic word for beauty or beautiful.
  • Aine - A Celtic word for "radiance" who was also the Fairy Queen.
  • Aoife - Gaelic word for beautiful.
  • Aneria - Means "snow" in Welsh.
  • Ariel - Hebrew for "lion of god."
  • Faeryn - From old English, it means fairy or with fairies.
  • Kyna - From the Irish, it means affection or love.
  • Lilith - A Hebrew name that means "of the night." Also Adam's first wife in some Hebrew stories.
  • Raina - It means "queen" in Latin.

Male Pagan Cultural Cat Names

Greek, Gaelic, and Welsh cultures, among others, are an excellent source of male pagan cat names.

  • Aoelus - Greek for "wind."
  • Caireann - From Gaelic, it means "little friend."
  • Finn - An Irish name for boys or girls that means "fair" or "white."
  • Gawain - A Welsh name that means "hawk" and is also a knight of King Arthur's court.
  • Kane - A Gaelic word for "little fighter."
  • Leon - A Greek word for a lion.
  • Rogan - A Gaelic word for "red hair."
  • Ruari - From the Irish, it refers to a king (or queen) with red hair.

Unisex Pagan Names Based on Nature

White cat on the tree

Pagans in many cultures, such as the druids and Celts, revered nature and trees in particular. You can find many names of trees, plants, and other aspects of nature for perfect pagan cat names for male and female cats.

  • Alder
  • Ash
  • Aspen
  • Autumn
  • Birch
  • Brook
  • Butterbur
  • Cedar
  • Chestnut
  • Clover
  • Cypress
  • Elm
  • Fauna
  • Forest
  • Gaia
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Hemlock
  • Hickory
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Juniper
  • Laurel
  • Lavender
  • Leaf
  • Lotus
  • Luna
  • Maple
  • Meadow
  • Mistletoe
  • Moon
  • Moss
  • Mushroom
  • Myrtle
  • Nettle
  • Oak
  • Quince
  • River
  • Rose
  • Rowan
  • Sage
  • Salvia
  • Shamrock
  • Spruce
  • Stone
  • Sumac
  • Summer
  • Thyme
  • Walnut
  • Willow
  • Wisteria
  • Yarrow

Pagan Witch and Wicca Names

Tabby cat in a witch costume

The modern practice of witchcraft, known as Wicca, is a good source of pagan names, some of which honor witches from history and current practices.

  • Adept - One who has studied magic and is very knowledgeable.
  • Aradia - A witch who was the daughter of Diana, a Roman Goddess, and is considered a moon goddess in Wicca.
  • Arcana - The term for the two parts of a Tarot deck: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.
  • Artemis - A Greek goddess associated with the moon and hunting. Can also be a male cat's name.
  • Athame - A dagger used during Wiccan rituals.
  • Balefire - Fires that are burned outside during Wiccan festivals.
  • Beltane - One of the seasonal festivals for Wiccans which corresponds to May Day.
  • Besom - A broom used in magic.
  • Candlemas - A Wiccan sabbat held in February.
  • Diana - A name for a witch queen in several European mythologies.
  • Grimoire - A book of spells.
  • Gwydion - A wizard from Welsh mythology.
  • Imbolc - A pagan holiday known as Saint Brigid's Day.
  • Lammas - A Wiccan sabbat held in August.
  • Litha - A Wiccan sabbat held during the summer solstice.
  • Mabon - A Wiccan sabbat held during the fall equinox.
  • Medea - From the play by Euripides of the same name. She was a Greek witch.
  • Nimue - A witch from the story of King Arthur.
  • Ostara - A Wiccan sabbat held during the spring equinox.
  • Pentacle - A five-pointed star used in spells.
  • Pythia - A Greek oracle.
  • Rhiannon - A Welsh goddess and a popular name for witches.
  • Rune - Symbols that are used for predicting the future and casting spells.
  • Samhain - A Wiccan sabbat held at the end of October and is associated with Halloween.
  • Shillelagh - A type of staff made of wood used in magic.
  • Sybil - Another name for a Greek oracle.
  • Talisman - A type of magical object.
  • Titania - The Fairy Queen from the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Yule - A Wiccan sabbat held during the winter solstice.

Choosing a Pagan Name for Your Cat

If you are looking to give your cat a pagan name, perhaps because you're a Wiccan or are just fascinated by pagan mythology, there are many possibilities! Look for concepts that pagans celebrate, such as the seasons, the natural world, and the mystical realm, for your inspiration.

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127 Pagan Cat Names