150+ Roman Cat Names With Strength & Style

Published December 28, 2020
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Roman cat names are a fun way to select a unique and uncommon name for your favorite feline. Some of the Roman cat names offer insight into Ancient Rome, especially the names of Roman gods and goddesses and how they might fit your cat buddy.

Roman Cat Names of Caesar Era Senators

You may decide to honor Ancient Rome by dubbing your cat pal a historical Roman name. For example, you might select one of the senators that conspired against Caesar for a great historical moniker for your kitty. You can use the more common first or last name of the fabled senator instead of the full name. With approximately 60 senators involved in the plot, a few stand out as leaders of the rebellion. These include:

  1. Brutus: Heavy (Senator Marcus Julius Brutus, assassin and godson of Gaius Julius Caesar)
  2. Caesar: First Roman Emperor (Gaius Julius Caesar, assassinated by Roman Senate)
  3. Casca: Old (Servilius Casca, senator assassin of Caesar)
  4. Cassius: Empty, vain (Gaius Cassius Longinus, lead senator assassin of Caesar)
  5. Cimber: Thief (Lucius Tillius Cimber, senator assassin of Caesar)
  6. Decimus: Tenth (Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus, general and assassin of Caesar)
  7. Gaius: To rejoice (Gaius Julius Caesar, popular name)
  8. Julius: Youthful, downy (Gaius Julius Caesar, popular name)
  9. Lucius (Lucius Minucius Basilus, military commander and senator, assassin of Caesar)
  10. Pompey: Five (Former ally of Caesar, general and Senator Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, Pompey the Great, assassin of Caesar)
  11. Trebonius: Leader (Common first name, military and senator, assassin of Caesar)
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Aristocratic Ancient Roman Family Names

You may prefer an aristocratic Ancient Roman family name for your feline companion. These names often became common first names, as well as those of highly influential Ancient Roman families.

  1. Antonius: Priceless, praiseworthy (Marcus Antonius, known as Mark Antony, general and loyalist to Caesar)
  2. Aquila: Eagle (Marcus Arruntius Aquila, Roman senator prior to Caesar's reign)
  3. Basilus: King (used as a title by ancient rulers)
  4. Cicero: Chickpea, pea (Marcus Tullius Cicero, famous Roman orator, non-conspirator against Caesar)
  5. Ferreolus: Martyr from Vienne (Ferreolus of Rodez, aka St. Ferreolus, Roman official who was a secret Christian)
  6. Labeo: One with large lips (ancient Roman name)
  7. Marcus: Name for Mars, god of war
  8. Nicolaus: Victory of the people
  9. Pontius: Five (family name)
  10. Publius: Public (popular first name in Ancient Rome)
  11. Quintus: Fifth (popular first name in Ancient Rome)
  12. Tillius: Unknown (Marcus Tullius Cicero, famous orator)

Select Cat Names From Roman Gods and Goddess

You may decide that your cat is deserving of the name of an ancient Roman god or goddess. You have several great choices for your furry friend.

  1. Apollo: God of the sun, reason, logic
  2. Aurora: Goddess of dawn
  3. Baccus: God of wine
  4. Bellona: Goddess of war
  5. Carmentis: Goddess of childbirth, midwives, prophecy, spells/charms
  6. Ceres: Goddess of the Earth, agriculture, harvest, grains, fertility, motherhood
  7. Diana: Goddess of the hunt, wild and domestic animals
  8. Flora: Goddess of springtime, flowers, sex
  9. Fortuna: Goddess of fortune and luck
  10. Furrina, Furina: Goddess of spring waters, fortune
  11. Invictus, Sol Invictus: God of victory, invincible, unconquered (patron god of Roman soldiers)
  12. Janus: God of the beginning, choices, doors
  13. Juno: Goddess of marriage and childbirth (protector of Roman people)
  14. Jupiter: King of gods, God of thunder and sky
  15. Luna: Goddess of moon (worshipped during full and new moons)
  16. Mars: God of war (second to Jupiter as most powerful)
  17. Mercury: God of religion, finances, commerce, travelers
  18. Minerva: Goddess of arts, professions, wisdom and later became goddess of war
  19. Neptune God of fresh water, later became god of the seas
  20. Pax: Goddess of peace
  21. Pluto God of the dead, underworld and wealth
  22. Pomona: Goddess of fruitfulness, abundance
  23. Saturn: God of agriculture (sowing/seeds)
  24. Sol: God of sun
  25. Stata Mater: Goddess of fire prevention, especially in Rome
  26. Terminus: God of boundary markers
  27. Venus: Goddess of love, beauty and fertility
  28. Vesta: Virgin goddess of home, family
  29. Victoria: Goddess of victory
  30. Vulcan: God of fire and the forge
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What Are Some Unique Roman Cat Names?

You can find some unique Roman cat names when you delved into Ancient Rome and the history of how the empire expanded. You may be surprised to discover some modern day countries that were once part of the Roman Empire.

Roman Cat Names From Ancient Roman Cities

Why not name your cat after an Ancient Roman city? Your furry companion just might like being a reminder of an ancient culture. You can consider the Ancient Roman name, date it was founded and the modern name and country before making your choice.

  1. Abila (1st c. BC) Avila, Spain
  2. Bonna (11 BC): Bonn, Germany
  3. Bononia (189 BC): Bologna, Italy
  4. Bracara Augusta (20 BC): Braga, Portugal
  5. Caesaraugusta (14 BC ): Zaragoza, Spain
  6. Caesarea (25-13 BC): Caesarea, Israel
  7. Emerita Augusta (25 BC): Mérida, Spain
  8. Florentia (59 BC): Florence, Italy
  9. Lucus Augusta(25 BC): Lugo, Spain
  10. Lutetia Parisiorum (52 BC): Paris, France
  11. Marsonia (30 BC): Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  12. Massa (2nd century BC): Massa, Italy
  13. Novaesium (16 BC): Neuss, Germany
  14. Ovilava (15 BC): Wels, Austria
  15. Pistoria (2nd century BC): Pistoia, Italy
  16. Placentia (218 BC): Piacenza, Italy
  17. Pompaelo (74 BC): Pamplona, Spain
  18. Pons Drusi (15 BC): Bolzano, Italy
  19. Roma (753 BC): Rome, Italy
  20. Salernum (197 BC): Salerno, Italy
  21. Siscia (35 BC): Sisak, Croatia
  22. Tarraco (218 BC): Tarragona, Spain
  23. Turicum (15 BC): Zurich, Switzerland
  24. Valentia Edetanorum (138 BC): Valencia, Spain
  25. Vesontio (58 BC): Besançon, France

Roman Cat Names That Depict Power

If you want to give your furry bud a powerful name, you can consider the meanings of names. You may discover names that mean noble, ruler, victor, and other names of strength and power.

  1. Alfredo: Wise counselor
  2. Alphons: Noble
  3. Basilio: Royal
  4. Benito: Blessed
  5. Bonacci: Lucky son
  6. Damiano: Power man of people
  7. Dante: Enduring
  8. Enzo: Conqueror
  9. Gastone: Nobleman
  10. Istunus: Just
  11. Luchino: Just
  12. Marcello: Young warrior
  13. Marcus: Dedicated to Mars
  14. Maurus: Belongs to the people
  15. Niccolo: People of victory
  16. Roberto: Bright fame
  17. Tatianus: Honorable
  18. Vincentius: To win
  19. Vincenzo: To conquer
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Unique Roman Cat Names for a Male

A few Roman cat names for a male cat include some unique names. You may end up shortening of the names for a cute alternative to the longer name.

  1. Adamo: Adam, first man
  2. Bartholomaeus: Hill
  3. Camillo: Attendant of religious service/ceremony
  4. Claudius: Lame
  5. Domenico: Of the Lord
  6. Draco: Dragon
  7. Emilio: Roman clan name, industrious
  8. Faunus: To befriend
  9. Flavius: Yellow, blond
  10. Gian: God is gracious
  11. Gilberto: Bright pledge
  12. Giorgio: Farmer
  13. Giovanni: God is gracious
  14. Laurentius: Someone from Laurentum
  15. Laurentum: Wreathed or crowned with laurel
  16. Leonardo: Lion, brave
  17. Lucas: Light
  18. Lucianus: Light
  19. Maurizio: Dark-skinned Moorish
  20. Neri: Ocean spirit
  21. Nero: Stern
  22. Orazio: Prayer
  23. Orosius: Mountain
  24. Philippus: Lover of horses
  25. Pierluigi: Peter Louis
  26. Renato: Born again
  27. Renzo: Short for Lorenzo, man from Laurentum
  28. Salvatore: Savior
  29. Tino: Little
  30. Titus: Saved
  31. Vitale: Life
  32. Vito: Life giver

Roman Girl Cat Names

Roman girl cat names are equally as powerful as the male cat names. Many of the girl cat names sound rather romantic, but have strong and positive meanings.

  1. Adelina: Noble, kind
  2. Alegria: Happiness
  3. Alessandra: Defender of mankind
  4. Alessia: Defender
  5. Anita: Gracious, merciful
  6. Annetta: Gracious
  7. Bellona: To fight
  8. Bertina: Bright, shines
  9. Bianca: White
  10. Clara: Clear, bright
  11. Elena: Bright light
  12. Elnora: Light
  13. Giosetta: God increases
  14. Leonora: Compassion
  15. Marcella: Martial, warlike
  16. Maria: Of the sea, bitter
  17. Oria: Golden
  18. Oriana: Sunrise
  19. Paola: Small
  20. Serena: Tranquil, serene
  21. Prima: First
  22. Teresa: To Harvest
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Choosing the Perfect Roman Cat Name

Roman names, especially Ancient Roman ones, provide you with great name choices for your purring pal. You can get a better feel for how the name will fit your feline companion when you explore the meaning of each name.

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