130+ Tabby Cat Names From Timeless to Unique

Updated June 2, 2022
Portrait of a tabby cat

If you need some inspiration to choose the perfect tabby cat name for your tiger kitty, this list will help. Get ideas to name your cat from their pattern, color, or sweet personality. From classic tabby names like Tabitha to more unusual choices, such as Zigzag or Vortex, this list has dozens of great options to choose from.

Tabby Names Inspired by Pattern

These unique tabby cat names are inspired by the striped pattern of these cats. Choose one of these to play up your kitty's special coloring:

  • Agave - This cactus has a bold stripe and makes great name inspiration.
  • Aloe - Another striped cactus, this is a perfect choice for more subtle stripes.
  • Badger - If your grey tabby is as fierce as this striped animal, this might be the perfect name.
  • Barcode - Perfect for a black or grey tabby, this is a funny tabby name for either gender.
  • Bamboo - This tropical-sounding name is great for a cat with subtle stripes.
  • Bandeau - A bandeau is a strapless top or a hairband, but it would make a great name for a tabby cat.
  • Bullseye - If your kitty has a circular pattern to their stripes, this name could be awesome.
  • Candy Cane - This sweet name is perfect for a striped kitty.
  • Chevron - If your kitty has a zigzag to their pattern, this is a great option.
  • Dash - A great name for a cat with subtle, broken stripes.
  • Faux Bois - Inspired by the faux wood painting technique, this is ideal for a cat with a woodgrain pattern.
  • Hodgepodge - If your kitty has a little of everything going on in their striped pattern, this name could work well.
  • Honeybee - If you have an orange tabby, this name could be perfect.
  • Jailbird - A grey tabby with bold stripes can pull off this name.
  • Mackerel - Inspired by the fish and the distinctive stripe pattern, this is great for either gender.
  • Marble - The striped pattern in marble is just like the stripes in a tabby cat.
  • Moire - This fabric, made of silk or taffeta, has a subtle striped pattern.
  • Mongoose - This striped animal is great inspiration for a cat name.
  • Morris - Name your kitty after morse code if they have lots of dashes and dots.
  • Mottle - If your kitty has a mottled pattern, this name could be ideal.
  • Noodle - This funny cat name is perfect for tabby cats with a lighter colored stripe.
  • Peppermint - A spicy name for a striped cat, this is perfect for a tabby with attitude.
  • Pinstripe - Like a great suit, this name will never go out of style.
  • Rainbow - No matter what color your tabby is, this name is perfect for their pattern.
  • Ribbon - If your kitty has a bold pattern, this name could be beautiful.
  • Slash - This is a fun name for frisky tabby.
  • Streak - If you tabby is fast and has a stripe (or 20), this could be the ideal choice.
  • Tapestry - These elaborate stitches works of art might be similar to the pattern on your kitty.
  • Tiger's Eye - This beautiful semi-precious gem is striped in orange and brown.
  • Tutti Fruity - This is a fun candy-inspired name for a cat with a mottled pattern.
  • Vortex - If your kitty has a swirling pattern, this could be an awesome choice.
  • Waldo - Name your grey tabby after the famous hidden guy in the striped shirt.
  • Woodie - Like the old wood-grained station wagons, this name is a classic.
  • Zebra - It's hard to imagine a better name for a black and white striped kitty.
  • Zigzag - If the stripes on your kitty aren't straight, this could be a cute cat name.

Names for Orange and Yellow Tabby Cats

Hand of man stroking tabby cat

Orange tiger cats are adorable, and they should have ginger cat names that are just as cute. One fascinating fact about orange tabby cats is the wide variety of patterns they feature, so many of these names are pattern-based. If your kitty is orange or yellow with tabby stripes, one of these color-inspired names could be ideal:

  • Amber - The petrified tree resin is golden colored and often has striations.
  • Autumn - Let the fall leaves inspire your kitty's name.
  • Blaze - If they're fierce and passionate, your kitty might deserve this name.
  • Butterscotch - The perfect name for a sweet orange tabby cat, this can work for any cat.
  • Cheetah - This name is great for an orange kitty who is super fast.
  • Colby Jack - This funny tabby cat name is great for a cat with orange and white.
  • Creamsicle - The orange and vanilla frozen treat is great inspiration for a sweet tabby cat name.
  • Firefly - This is a great name for an orange kitty who is quick.
  • Goldie - A gold-colored cat deserves a gold-colored name.
  • Mimosa - Is your kitty orange with a speckled pattern? Name them after the brunch drink.
  • Nemo - If your cat is orange and white like the clownfish in Finding Nemo, this could be a cute name.
  • Pumpkin - This is an adorable choice for a pumpkin-colored cat.
  • Sahara - This exotic sounding name calls to mind the desert.
  • Sandstone - Name your kitty for the subtly striped tan stone.
  • Scorch - This hot name is great for a kitty with a spicy temperament.
  • Sunflower - This pretty name is perfect for a tabby cat with a sweet disposition.
  • Sunspot - This is a great choice for an orange kitty with spots.
  • Velveeta - If your kitty is the color of cheese, embrace the resemblance with this name.

Names for Grey Tabby Cats

If you have a grey tabby cat, you can choose a name based on their color. Take some time to review grey kitten names. One of these may be perfect:

  • Bandit - This is ideal for a cat with stripes or a darker patch over their eyes.
  • Birch - If your kitty is mostly light with darker stripes, this nature-inspired name might be great.
  • Cinder - This grey tabby cat name is awesome for a fluffy friend.
  • Fog - If your cat seems to sneak around, this might be the perfect name.
  • Granite - Name your tabby after this patterned grey stone.
  • Greystoke - Name your kitty after the Earl of Greystoke from Tarzan.
  • Earl Grey - This English tea makes great inspiration for a grey cat name.
  • Luna - This moon-inspired name is perfect for a pale grey tabby.
  • Meteor - This could be a great name for a grey kitty with a streaked pattern.
  • Oreo - If your tabby is dark grey and white, name them after this famous cookie.
  • Plume - Name your kitty for a plume of smoke.
  • Rain - This is a great choice for a cat with grey speckled fur.
  • Salt and Pepper - This is a good name for a cat with specks of lighter and darker fur.
  • Shadow - Does your grey tabby follow your everywhere? This name could be perfect.
  • Smaug - Name your fierce kitty after the dragon in The Hobbit.
  • Smoke - This is a great name for a grey tabby who is good at hiding.
  • Smudge - Ideal for a cat with a mottled grey pattern, this is a unique choice.
  • Storm - If your tabby has fur like storm clouds, this could be a great choice.
  • Zelda - This is a shortened version of Griselda, which means grey in Old English.

Names for Girl Tabbies

A little tabby kitten

If you have a girl tiger kitty, you know she deserves a special name to show off her beauty. These feminine options might be ideal:

  • Black-Eyed Susan - This is adorable for an orange girl tabby with dark eyes.
  • Bonnie - Name her after Bonnie Parker, the famous woman bandit.
  • Brocade - You can name her for this luxurious patterned fabric.
  • Buttercup - This sweet name is perfect for an orange tiger cat.
  • Dotty - If you have a grey tiger cat with spots, this girly name could work well.
  • Feather - Feathers have a subtle pattern, so this could work well if your kitty has a similar stripe.
  • Glitter - This fun name is great for girl tabbies of any color.
  • Honeypie - If she's sweet, this name can let everyone know.
  • Iris - The Greek goddess of the rainbow can inspire a great name for your striped girl cat.
  • Pippi Longstocking - This is especially great for a striped orange tabby cat.
  • Sparkle - This name could work for any color of tabby cat, as long as she has the personality to go with it.
  • Sprinkles - Call to mind a cupcake with this cute name that takes inspiration from the pattern on her fur.
  • Tabitha - This name just sounds like "tabby," and it's perfect for a girl kitten.
  • Tiger Lily - If you need a name for an orange girl tabby, it's hard to find something prettier than this.
  • Tinsel - If she has a sparkling personality, this could be the perfect name.

Names for Boy Tabbies

If you have a striped boy kitty, pick a name that shows off his pattern, color, or personality. One of these could work:

  • Apollo - Name him for the sun god.
  • Camo - Does he look like he's wearing camouflage? Choose a name that fits his pattern.
  • Comet - This is a great choice for a fast kitty with stripes.
  • Cosmo - If his pattern looks like a night sky, this is a good option.
  • Herringbone - This classy pattern could inspire his name.
  • Leo - This name could be short of "leopard."
  • Mars - The red planet is a good choice for a fierce orange kitty.
  • Monarch - Give him a name fit for a king - and an orange butterfly.
  • Pepper - Is he mostly light with darker streaks and specks? This name could work.
  • Pickle - This could be great for a speckled cat with a zesty personality.
  • Poindexter - Does he have points or dots in his pattern? This posh name could be the one.
  • Sunrise - If your orange cat is up at dawn, this may be the right name.
  • Starflight - Is he dark with lighter specks? This is a majestic sounding choice.
  • Strix - This name calls to mind a playful cat with stripes.
  • Twill - This fabric is simple but has a subtle striped weave, which makes it a good choice for a grey male tabby.

Tabby Cat Names Inspired by Famous Tigers

A teenager girl holding her cat

These names come from some of the most famous tigers in books, movies, and folklore. One of them might be perfect for your little striped furball.

  • Daniel - For those who watched Mister Rogers and its spinoff, Daniel Tiger, this would be an adorable name for a male tabby.
  • Hobbes - If you love Calvin and Hobbes, this could be perfect for a tabby.
  • Rajah - Inspired by the tiger in Aladdin, this could be a great choice for a fierce kitty.
  • Richard Parker - This name makes a literary reference to the tiger in The Life of Pi.
  • Shere Khan - This was the name of the tiger in The Jungle Book.
  • Shira - This was the name of the tigress in Ice Age.
  • Tigger - If you love Winnie the Pooh and have a playful boy tabby, this could be the perfect name.
  • Tony - Is your kitty very energetic? Name them after Tony the Tiger from Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.
  • Tyger - Inspired by William Blake's famous poem, The Tyger, this could be a good choice for either gender.
  • Tygra - This famous tiger was a character on Thundercats.
  • Vitaly - If you're a fan of Madagascar, you might want to name a male tabby after this character.

Names After Famous Tabby Cats

There are numerous fictional tabby cats that have been featured in comic strips, TV shows, and movies. Several real tabbies have also made it big on YouTube or social media. Consider naming your tabby cat after a famous striped feline.

  • Cheshire - The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland was a striped tabby.
  • Chi - This sweet name would be great for a grey tabby, after the manga, Chi's Sweet Home.
  • Garfield - Let this famous grumpy kitty inspire your name choice.
  • Heathcliff - This choice, after Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, would be a good name for a cool feline.
  • Keanu - Consider naming your feline friend after this charismatic kitty, from the movie Keanu.
  • Maccha - You could name your cat after this famous Scottish Fold tabby.
  • Maru - Dubbed the "most famous cat on the internet," this lovable tabby is known for his Youtube videos.
  • Matilda - This Instagram-famous tabby has a rare eye condition that makes her resemble an alien.
  • Milo - The feline half of the duo, Milo and Otis, would be a great name for an orange tabby.
  • Mrs. Norris - A watchful cat could earn this name, from Harry Potter.
  • Nala - A sweet name for any cat, this moniker was given to Nala, the famous tabby-Siamese mix.
  • Puss in Boots - Name your kitty after this hilarious character from Shrek 2.
  • Ulysses - This name could suit a handsome orange tabby, inspired by the cat from Inside Llewyn Davis.

Tabby Cat Names From Around the World

Sometimes, the best tabby cat names come from other cultures. These names mean tabby-related things in various languages:

  • Bagha - This name means "tiger" in Nepali.
  • Kissa - This is the Finnish word for "cat," and it would be an adorable name for a tabby.
  • Lodaya - Directly translating as "tiger" in Sudanese, this could be the perfect name for a female tabby.
  • Mace - The Albanian word for "cat," this would make a great tabby name.
  • Marra - This is the Basque word for "stripe" and would make a unique name for a tabby cat.
  • Rand - The Swedish word for "stripe," Rand makes a great name for a male or female tabby.
  • Striata - The Italian word for "striated," this could be a lovely name for a tabby.
  • Tarnung - This is the German word for "camouflage," and it could easily be shortened to the nickname "Tarn."

The Perfect Cat Name Just Fits

Whether you name your cat after a famous tiger, a stripey pattern, or a bold color, the perfect name is the one that just fits. If you need more ideas, peruse a list of cute kitten names. The right name for your kitty is out there.

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130+ Tabby Cat Names From Timeless to Unique