100 Top Irish Cat Names (Traditional to Funny)

Published January 7, 2021
Calico cat walking between the legs of it's owner wearing green jeans and stripy socks

Irish cat names offer you some unique and mystical name choices for your cat. If you enjoy delving into ancient cultures, then a token of Ireland with an Irish cat name is exactly what you need.

Female Irish Cat Names

Female Irish names often sound mysterious. If your feline girl acts mysterious and wise beyond her age, then one of these names may be a great match.

  1. Cadie: Rhythmic flow of sounds
  2. Caoimhe: Dear, noble
  3. Ciara: Dark-haired
  4. Darby: Farm, settlement
  5. Deirdre: Sorrowful
  6. Erin: Ireland, land of abundance
  7. Maeve: Intoxicating
  8. Meara: Jovial
  9. Molly: Star of sea
  10. Muriel: Shining sea, sparkling
  11. Nessa: Fierce
  12. Niamh: Bright radiant
  13. Orla: Golden princess
  14. Orlagh: Golden princess
  15. Roisin: Little rose
  16. Rosalyn: Little rose, pretty rose
  17. Saoirse: Freedom
  18. Shanna: Wise river
  19. Shannon: Old or wise river
  20. Shay: Admirable
  21. Sheena: God is gracious
  22. Sinead: God's gracious gift
  23. Sybil: Prophetess
Cat for St Patrick's Day

Male Irish Cat Names

You will find some great possibilities in a list of male Irish cat names. You can read the meanings of each name to decide if it is the ideal name for your furry buddy.

  1. Ailbe: White
  2. Beckett: Shelter, cottage
  3. Carney: Warlike, descendant of Catharnach
  4. Colm: Dove
  5. Conan: Wolf, hound
  6. Conor: Lover of wolves
  7. Darcy: Dark
  8. Dillon, Dylan: Like a lion, loyal
  9. Donal: World leader
  10. Donovan: Brown-haired man, chieftain
  11. Fergal: Brave, manly
  12. Finley: Battle hero
  13. Finn: White, fair
  14. Fionn: Fair-haired
  15. Flannery: Red, ruddy
  16. Gallagher: Stranger
  17. Gorm, Gaum: Alert
  18. Kirby: Dark son, descendant of Ciarmhac
  19. Mal: Star of the seas, smooth brow
  20. Moosach: Swift flowing water
  21. Murphy: Sea warrior
  22. Niall: Champion
  23. O'Reilly: Race, sociable
  24. Paddy: Noble
  25. Patrick: Noble
  26. Quigley: Descendant of Coigleach
  27. Quinn: Counsel
  28. Roan: Little red-head
  29. Ronan: Seal
  30. Rory: Rusty, red-haired king
  31. Rhys: Enthusiasm
  32. Shane: God's gracious gift
  33. Tierney: Lord, master
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Celtic Cat Names

Celtic cat names can be divided into lists of male and female. Some of the names may describe a Celtic deity or historical figure, such as a queen.

Female Celtic Cat Names

You may find Celtic female names offer you great choices. There are the names of a few goddesses and even a fair queen to consider.

  1. Aoife: Beautiful, radiant
  2. Boan: Goddess of the river Boyne
  3. Breana: Strong, virtuous, honorable
  4. Brianna: Strong, honorable
  5. Bridget, Briget: Strength, vigor, exalted
  6. Brigid: Power, strength, virtue
  7. Ciara: Dark-haired
  8. Danu: Goddess of Earth, Earth mother
  9. Fiona: Fair or white
  10. Glenda: Holy
  11. Iona: Island
  12. Joyce: Lord
  13. Kayleigh: Fair, slender
  14. Kira: Dark-haired
  15. Morrígan: Queen of fate and doom
  16. Siobhan: God is gracious
  17. Tara: King's hill, star
  18. Titania: Fairy queen
Cat Mekongsky Bobtail sits in a royal armchair

Male Celtic Cat Names

You may prefer a strictly Celtic name for your male cat. A few Celtic cat names may help you decide on the best fit for your feline friend.

  1. Aidan: The fiery one, born of fire
  2. Cillian: Little church
  3. Cormac: Impure son
  4. Doyle: Dark stranger
  5. Dublin: Black pool
  6. Eamon: Wealthy protector
  7. Finnegan: Fair-haired
  8. Jameson: Son of James, Irish whiskey
  9. Kieran: Black
  10. Liam: Guardian, protector
  11. Lorcan: Little fierce one
  12. Macushla: Pulse of my heart, sweetheart, darling
  13. Pusheen: Kitten

Unisex Irish Cat Names

You may prefer to choose a unisex name that isn't gender bias. These names might be of an object, a place, or food.

  1. Bailey: Berry clearing, city fortified
  2. Belfast: Northern Ireland capital
  3. Blarney: Fabled stone to kiss
  4. Cork: Southwest city in Ireland
  5. Guinness: Dark Irish stout label
  6. Kilkenny: City in southeast Ireland
  7. Liffey: River Liffey flows through Dublin
  8. Limerick: Major city Republic of Ireland
  9. Práta: Potato
  10. Obel: Obel Tower highrise in Belfast
  11. Moher: Cliffs of Moher
  12. Galway: County in Ireland
  13. Bunratty: Castle in Ireland
    Cat and Castle

Exploring 100 Irish Cat Names

You can explore the various lists of Irish cat names to see which one you like best. You may want to try a few names to see if your cat reacts to any of them.

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100 Top Irish Cat Names (Traditional to Funny)