13 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Person (Welcome to the Club!)

If you see yourself in 10 or more of these “signs” then you might just need a catervention.

Updated July 14, 2023

It started out innocently enough. One day you asked your cat, "How are you?" and now you have entire conversations with them in a cutesy, high-pitched voice. Or maybe you took a cute picture of your cat, then another, and another, and now your entire camera roll is whiskers and pink toes. It happens to the best of us, and we're absolutely not here to judge. Find out if you've crossed the line from "cat lover" into full-blown "crazy cat person."

1. You Have Entire Conversations with Your Cat


A lot of people talk to their cats, but crazy cat people take it to the next level. A simple, "Hi there, Kitty," snowballs into a full-blown conversation about how your cat is the cutest creature in the world, no one is as cute as them, and do they even know how cute they are? Extra points if you imagine your cat is replying.

2. You Have a Special Voice for Your Cat


You know what we're talking about. You have a cutesy, probably high-pitched voice that you use only when speaking to your cat. As it turns out, cats have an even sharper sense of hearing than dogs and can hear exceptionally high frequencies, which could be one reason they respond to this voice over your regular one.

3. You Miss Your Cat When You’re on Vacation


Heading out of town for some R&R is something most pet owners relish, but not when you're a crazy cat person. You miss your cat too much and can't stop thinking about what they're doing and how much you want to kiss their cute little head. To be clear, no, we don't think it's weird if you FaceTime the pet sitter (because we've done it before, too).

4. Your Camera Roll Is Filled With Cat Pics


Taking pics of your pet when they do something cute is a must. But you've really hit that next stage of cat fandom if your camera roll is packed with photos of your cat doing absolutely nothing. Not to mention, you're always eager to show pics of your little one off to everyone you meet.

5. People Constantly Gift You Cat-Related Things


A lot of gift items come in different patterns with fun graphics on them. As a crazy cat person, you receive cat-inspired gifts for every birthday, holiday, or special occasion. And you absolutely love it. One year, my mom even had a tote bag made with a photo of my actual cats on it. Best. Thing. Ever.

6. Your Home Décor Involves Cats


Is it because people keep giving you these cat items or because you genuinely like them? Either way, you have tons of cat décor all over your house. Artwork, mugs, books, notebooks, and more line your shelves and walls. We're here for it.

7. Cat Movies Get Your Teary


If a human character in a movie dies, you're like, "Eh, saw it coming." But if the cat is harmed, it's an absolute sobfest. Crazy cat people are deeply empathetic folks, which means you feel for others. It can quite literally feel painful to know a cat is hurting.

8. You Own More Than a Few Pieces of Crazy Cat Clothing

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Some people might have one or two tops with a quirky kitty-inspired design. It can be a conversation starter or just a way to have a little fun. The closet of a crazy cat person is another matter altogether. The most insane cat sweater designs dominate your closet, bursting with feline affection at every seam.

9. Your Wardrobe Always Includes Cat Hair


It's impossible to live with cats and not be covered in hair all the time. Most cat owners give themselves a few sweeps with a lint roller before they walk out the door, but if you're a crazy cat person, you've accepted your fate. The good news is a wardrobe covered in cat hair helps crazy cat people locate each other while out in the wild.

10. So Does Your Dinner


Not only are your clothes covered in fuzz, but so is your food. We're not talking about eating forkfuls of fur. However, a few stray hairs will inevitably find their way into your supper from time to time. As a cat person, you just pluck them off the side of the plate and move on. "It's just cat hair."

11. Your Cat Eats Better Than You Do


Responsible pet owners feed their cats a healthy, balanced diet. Crazy cat people offer their cats a home-cooked diet of high-quality wild-caught salmon accented with chicken hearts, sardines, and a delectable broth. Oh, did we mention it's plated in a crystal bowl? Meanwhile, you survive on instant noodle packages and oatmeal.

12. Your House Is Covered with Boxes and Other “Toys”


People generally break down boxes and recycle the packing paper immediately after opening the parcel. Not crazy cat people. If your cat jumps into the box or enjoys the crinkle of the paper, it quickly becomes part of your décor. You can't possibly throw it out now because your cat likes to play with it. We get it!

13. You Gravitate Toward Cats Wherever You Are


Cat lovers will point out a cat when they see one, but crazy cat people will get down on the ground and love up on any feline they find. At a house party? Forget socializing; you're hanging out with the cat. On vacation in Rome? You're petting a cat outside while sipping on your cappuccino instead of taking in the sights. Wherever you go, you gravitate towards cats.

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Cats You Own


People have historically said that in order to qualify as a crazy cat person, you need to have at least four cats. But we disagree. You don't even need to own a single cat to claim the title. It's the deep love and, dare we say, obsession you have for cats that counts.

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13 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Person (Welcome to the Club!)