15 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers From Crazy Cat People (Like Us)

Spoil the cat fanatic in your life as much as they spoil their precious pet with one of these fantastic gifts for cat lovers.

Published December 19, 2023
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Our team of crazy cat peeps put our heads together and came up with a list of fun, unique, and often hissterical gifts cat lovers will just love. Whether you're gifting for a teenager or a 56-year-old mom, this list has something every cat aficionado will appreciate.

Give your friend a gift that lets them show off their love of cats, even on the go. These sneakers feature a vibrant cat face image across them while keeping with stylish trends. Anyone who loves sporting cats from head to toe needs them in their closet right meow! 


A fun wallet is a great gift for quirky folks who happen to love cats as much as they love a good pun. This vegan wallet has both a zipper and a Velcro closure, so it's as practical as it is charming. 

cat-themed teapot is a unique and functional gift that doubles as home décor and a conversation piece. Gift it along with some of your bestie's favorite tea or some catnip and our favorite catnip tea recipe

Coloring books are a naturally stress-relieving tool for people of all ages. What cat lover wouldn't want to color in a book made up entirely of felines? This 64-page book will give your cat-loving friend a moment to pause and center themselves whenever they need it. Pair it with a printed copy of The Boy Who Drew Cats and it'll be a super-unique and fun gift they'll always remember.


These cat ear headphones are as functional as they are adorable. Not only can you listen through the headphones, but with the flip of a switch, you can share the music you're listening to with anyone else whose headphones have an external headphone feature. The LED lights are controlled separately from the headphones, so they can be turned on or off at any time. 

Looking for the perfect gift for an intellectual cat lover? This is it. Mark Twain expert Mark Dawidziak explores Twain's love of cats throughout his literature and photographs, bringing them all together in one 187-page book. 

No game night is complete without a cat batting your die or game pieces around, so why not just go ahead and make the evening all about cats? Gift your favorite board game lover The Isle of Cats, which is a competitive game that can be played with one to four players. The goal is to rescue as many cats as possible before a cat-astrophe occurs!


A small space can pack a lot of punch with this LED cat light decoration. At just over a foot tall, this hanging light is the perfect size for a dorm room or apartment living.

With this awesome gift, your favorite cat lover will no longer have to leave their feline behind on backpacking adventures. This cat carrier backpack fits pets up to 30 pounds and features breathable mesh so their cat can enjoy all the same sights as the humans. Who says cats and travel don't mix?

Personalized gifts are always a thoughtful choice, but they can be equally silly, too. Just look at these socks that can be customized with your friend's cat's face on them! Simply upload a photo, hit order, and get ready for some laughs when your buddy opens their present. 


This hasn't been proven yet, but it's pretty clear that beverages taste better when they contain ice cubes in fun shapes. Gift a cat-lover in your life these fun kitty-shaped ice cube trays so they can enjoy a chilled Meowtini whenever they want. As a bonus, these trays double as chocolate, candy, and soap molds.

Cats aren't just pets. They're family. A gift of a customized necklace with an engraved portrait of their cat will melt any cat lover's heart. It's something they will treasure even after their special feline is gone. 

For cat lovers, any sand box has the potential of bringing up thoughts of the litter box. Show the crazy cat lover in your life you get them with this hissterical zen garden litter box. Your cat lover can play in the sand and move around the kitty statues while getting a fun chuckle as they think of you.


One of the best (and most frustrating) things about cats — and teenagers — is their independent streak. If you have a teen who loves cats, celebrate this similarity with this retro-style cat t-shirt. You can even find them matching sunglasses to really drive the point home. 

Finally, if you're looking for a great stocking stuffer, or just a touch of whimsy, consider these adorable cat-butt fridge magnets. Cat lovers are used to our cats sticking their bums in our faces — it's just what cats do, so any cat lover will get a laugh out of these magnets that "get it" all year long.

Ameowzing Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life

From purr-sonalized accessories to whimsical cat-themed home decor, our curated selection ensures that every feline enthusiast in your life will be delighted. These gifts are not just items; they're expressions of the special bond between cats and their devoted hoomans. Get ready to surprise and delight the cat aficionados in your life with these purr-fectly charming gifts!

15 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers From Crazy Cat People (Like Us)