Coolest Looking Cat Breeds: From Exotic to Extraordinary

From cherished and unique personalities to the wildest coats, ears and tails, these are truly the coolest cat breeds around.

Published October 17, 2023

The feline world is incredibly diverse and fascinating, and the abundance of cool-looking cat breeds might surprise you. Cats can sport sleek, smooth coats or be so fluffy it feels like you’re hugging a cloud. Ears can range from being adorably small and folded to looking as large as bats. And oh my goodness, the tails. Some cats flaunt long, luxurious ones, while others might have just a stub or no tail at all, adding to their unique charm. While every cat is unique and choosing a cat is based more on personality that than looks, these cat breeds will definitely have guests doing a double-take.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish fold looks unusual with their awkwardly folded ears and super round faces. Their odd appearance doesn't prevent them from being completely adorable, though. They also have some odd habits, like sitting like humans, which can turn some heads.


With their sleek, hairless bodies and pronounced cheekbones, sphynx cats are the runway models of the feline world. Don’t let their snooty falooty appearance fool you, their personalities are a hoot. Sphynx cats are often super clingy and affectionate, adding to their charm.


Bengal cats look like they just walked out of the jungle. It’s like looking at the miniature version of a leopard. They’re not just pretty faces — these kitties are chockful of energy and curiosity. Always up for an adventure, they often play fetch, splash around in water, and even act like they’re having a conversation with their owners.

Oriental Shorthair

The oriental shorthair is truly one-of-a-kind in the cat kingdom. They have bat-like ears that are unusually large for their body size. And, while no cat can be completely allergen free, these cats are hypoallergenic, which means they’re less likely to cause allergies than other cat breeds.

Need to Know

Oriental shorthair cats need human companionship to thrive which means they're the perfect breed for someone who wants a regular dose of cuddles.


Ragdolls are my favorite. They have striking blue eyes and beautiful long fur that makes them look almost like a cartoon. Known as the dog of the cat world, these kitties are like fluffy teddy bears. And when you pick them up, they flop into your arms, which is where they got their name ‘ragdoll.’

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cats are — let’s just say it how it is — they’re funny looking. They’re like the weiner dogs of the cat world with their long bodies and short little legs. Of course, they still have adorable features, but when you picture a cat, that’s probably not what’s in your mind. 

Need to Know

Some breeders refuse to breed these cats for fear of health issues caused by their unusual anatomy. 

Devon Rex

The devon rex is a highly intelligent cat breed. In fact, their owners often enjoy walking them on a leash or playing fetch with these kitties. If you don’t want them to get into trouble, you’re going to need to keep their active minds occupied and out of things. To add to their unusual behavior, their appearance is also odd. They kind of look like an elf at first glance.

Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat has adorable baby blues with an awkwardly flat face. They have the body of a Persian with the colors of a Siamese. Their personality is equally captivating. If you want a lap cat, this is one you should look into. 

Need to Know

These cats are affectionate most of the time, but they do have their grumpy streaks. 

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cats look like they’re straight up royalty. Their speckled appearance and muscular bodies give them a distinct regal appeal. They’re also the fastest running cat, often reminding their owners of a cheetah.

Need to Know

Egyptian Maus were once worshipped as deities and were even mummified. 


When I first saw a Manx cat as a child, my first thoughts were “what happened to that cat?!” In my case, I we had cats with long tails, so to see one without one or only having a stub was super unusual. Shortly after I saw one, I found out they’re just born that way.

Turkish Van

Most cats absolutely hate water, but Turkish van cats have a great love for all things water-related. You don't even have to struggle with them to get in the bathtub. They will happily jump right in! 

Need to Know

Turkish vans are often referred to as the swimming cats due to their water-loving nature.

Finding Cool Cats

Whether you're a seasoned lover of all cats or new to the world of felines, there's a cool cat breed out there that's bound to capture your heart. Each breed brings their set of attributes to the table through their unique look or odd quirks, and sometimes both. Just remember, before you bring one of these kitties home, make sure you're ready for the commitment and that their personality matches well with yours. 

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Coolest Looking Cat Breeds: From Exotic to Extraordinary