13 of the Best Free Funny Cat Pictures

Kitty On the Throne


Whether it's a late night refrigerator raid or a cat assuming his rightful place on the throne, these feline antics are bound to make you smile. This gallery is filled with hilarious cat pictures in a variety of funny poses and situations. Be sure to share it with your friends and bring smiles to their faces.

Kitty on the Phone


This fabulous Persian looks like she's in the middle of a flirty phone conversation while lounging in her owner's bed. Don't you wonder who the lucky Tom might be?

Easter Kitty


This little fellow dreams of replacing the Easter Bunny. He's certainly got the rabbit ears to prove it - but the long tail is a sure giveaway!

You Snooze, You Lose


While the cat is away - or asleep - the mice will play! Apparently, this sleeping cat doesn't realize his nemesis is sneaking around right under his nose - literally!

Modern-Day Cat and Mouse


No kitty! Not every kind of mouse is your sworn enemy. This cat is about to catch his prey, but he's in for a big surprise when he tries to put the bite on this mouse!

Getting Wrapped Up


What is it about a toilet paper roll that cats just can't resist? This cat is having fun now, but wait until his person sees what he's up to! Unless this is the set of a toilet paper commercial, there's sure to be trouble.

What Is the Punchline?


A cat, a rat and a dog are hanging out on a public street... Surely there's a punch line associated with this hilarious picture.

Here's Lookin' at You!


You never know where a curious kitty might end up! This one decided to check out the inside of a water dispenser bottle. Who knows what the world looks like from his unique perspective!

Nap Buddies


Who says cats are standoffish? This kitty likes to take his naps with his favorite Teddy bear.

Soaked Kitty


Cats might look peaceful and content when sleeping, but the same can't be said for bath time! If this wet little cat could talk, he'd probably say, "This just isn't right."

Screeching Solo


If every dog has his day, maybe every kitty gets 15 minutes - of fame. In this case, the opera is certainly not over until the fat kitty sings!

Kitty's Got Talent


This kitten wants his 15 minutes too! This crooning, piano-playing baby kitty just might be a child star in the making!

Driving Miss Kitty


Put two kittens behind the wheel, and you've got an entirely new meaning for the phrase "car trouble." You just never know what hilarious antics will ensue with a cute furry feline in the house.

13 of the Best Free Funny Cat Pictures