12 Cat Memes You’ll Find Pawsitively Hissterical

Feline down? These funny cat memes are just what the doctor ordered.

Published September 13, 2023

Of all the memes out there, cat memes are definitely the funniest. Cats make the best facial expressions, contort their bodies in strange positions, and are just downright adorable. If you need something to brighten your day or want to cheer up a buddy, these hissterical cat memes won’t disappoint.

Downward Facing Cat


Yoga might be relaxing for some, but this cat is definitely not feeling the zen. Maybe try the cat-cow pose next time? 

Excuse Me?


They always know exactly when and where to get ya'. 

There Can Only Be One


Two is always better than one. That is, unless you're the spoiled only cat whose parents want to get them a sibling. 

You're Home!


You know you're a crazy cat person when all you can think about while you're at work is your cat, and then your face looks like this when you greet them. Same. 

Time for a Refill


Cats start complaining about an empty bowl before it’s even empty. If they can see the bottom of the dish, it’s simply too low for them. Let’s get a refill over here, please! 

Early Morning Zoomies


Isn't that always how it goes? Your cat snoozes all day long, then decides to race around the house in the wee hours of the morning. Cats are crepuscular, which means they're most active at dusk and dawn. That explains it! 

One Perch to Rule Them All


This sweet sphynx kitten looks an awful lot like Gollum, but we still think they're absolutely preciousssss. 

Second Breakfast


Kitties can be extremely convincing when they meow for food. And it looks like this cool cat succeeded. 

The Red Dot of Terror


If you chase the red dot for long enough, it might decide to have its revenge. At least that what this cutie thinks. *cue the Mission Impossible theme song*

Feline Spicy


Wrapping cats up in a towel burrito is an easy way to restrain them for nail trims and other tasks. When they get a little hissy, we like to call them "spicy purritos." 

Gimme All the Cardboard


No matter how many toys you buy for your cat, all they want are the boxes they came in. You're definitely not alone. 

Finish Your Veggies


We hope that's a pet-friendly plant this adorable cat is munching on. 

Funny Cat Memes You Need to Pounce On


The great thing is there's always at least one funny can meme you can relate to whatever your mood. Feeling sad? Spicy? Missing your feline friend? There's a meme for that. And don't forget, sharing cat memes is a great way to spread joy and get some laughs from the ones you love. 

12 Cat Memes You’ll Find Pawsitively Hissterical