12 Black Cat Memes That Make Life Purrfect

From black cats zoning out, to silly jumping antics, to black-cat breading, these 12 black cat memes are sure to have you crack a smile.

Published October 16, 2023

Black cats aren’t bad luck, but they can be a little mischievous. Lucky for us, these silly antics make for some pretty great memes. Just look at the “Black Cat Zoning Out” and “Black Cat Jumping” memes. Hilarious, right? We’ve rounded up 12 more black cat memes you can share this spooky season or any time of year. Meow we’re talkin’!

It’s a Catspiracy!


Most cats act like they’re the center of the world, so why wouldn’t they think we’re the pets?

Smitten With This Kitten


There’s no denying black cats get a bad rap. But there’s also no denying just how utterly adorable this cutie is.

Funny Joke, Mom


No matter how many fuzzy cat beds you leave around the house, your bed is always their favorite place to sleep.

Double Trouble


Everyone has that one friend who has been planning Halloween for months. Is it you?

Pawsitively Furrocious


Sometimes it’s a tough choice, but a purr can easily turn into a bite and vice versa. We vote for purr, though.

Purebread Cat


Need a last minute Halloween costume for your pet? Your cat may get you back for this one...

This Picture Is Worth a Thousand Laughs


Catching your cat napping: adorable. Snapping a photo of your cat napping: somewhat terrifying.

Whitney Meowston


This cute kitty definitely wants to meow with somebody, they wanna feel the heat with somebody.

Black Cat Lovers Unite


A black cat crossing your path is absolutely good luck because it means you have a buddy to cuddle with.

Quick Tip

If you’re interested in bringing home a black kitty of your own, now is the perfect time. Black cats are less likely to be adopted, so there are often many kittens and adult cats that need homes.



Cats are naturally flexible, but someone told this little black cat that doing yoga would help them find inner peace. Sorry, it’s not quite that simple.

Very Suspicious


And what’s up with that tiny shovel they scoop it with? Something fishy is going on here…

Meow and Forever


This kitty isn’t a vampurr, they just want to steal your heart.

The Best Black Cat Memes on the Internet


Do you love black cat memes as much as we do? There’s bound to be someone in your life who loves kitties and could use a laugh, too. Share these memes in order to spread the love.

12 Black Cat Memes That Make Life Purrfect