46 Halloween Cat Puns & Jokes You’ll Find Pawsitively Furightening

Love kitties and spooky season? Then you’ll go pawsitively feral over these Halloween cat puns and jokes.

Published September 27, 2023

A lot of people love Halloween because it’s an opportunity for them to channel their spooky side. But if you find yourself feline a little more mouseterious around All Hallow’s Eve, then Halloween cat puns might more your vibe. These furightening plays-on-words and hissterical jokes will keep you cackling (or rolling your eyes) while you hand out candy to all the little meowsketeers.

Halloween Cat Puns That Are Purr Evil


There are tons of pawsome cat puns, but Halloween cat puns are just a little more furightening than the rest. We’d go as far as to say they’re purr evil. Quick, someone get an exorhisst in here!

  • Vampurr
  • Purr evil
  • Lucipurr
  • Furightening
  • Mouseterious
  • Grim Reapurr
  • Furight
  • Purranormal
  • Meowlloween
  • Cat-o’-lantern
  • Exorhisst
  • Count Catula

Spooky Halloween Jokes About Cats


Keep all the pretty kitties and meowgical witches entertained on Halloween with these hissterical cat jokes.

Q: What is a cat’s favorite Halloween candy?

A: Kit Kat

Q: What do you call a cat who lounges on Halloween?

A: Lazy bones

Q: What do you call a trio of cats trick-or-treating together?

A: The three meowsketeers

Q: What colors do cats wear on Halloween?

A: Black, orange, and purrrrple

Q: What do cats say on Halloween instead of “Boo.”

A: “Mew”

Q: Why didn’t the cat enter the Halloween costume contest?

A: He thought it was just witchful thinking.

Q: What is a cat’s favorite Halloween movie?

A: The Texas Chainsaw Meowsacre.

Punny Cat Greetings for Halloween


Cat got your tongue? If you’re looking for a fun and feline way to wish your friends a very happy Halloween but with a little kitty twist, these Halloween pun greetings should do the trick (or treat).

  • Have a meowgical Halloween!
  • It’s Halloween, let’s pawty
  • Get ready for some purranormal cativity
  • Have a fangtastic Halloween
  • Here’s witching you a very happy Meowlloween!
  • It’s feline like Halloween
  • Hope your night is pawsitively eerie

Furightening Halloween Cat Jokes


Knock, knock. Who’s there? Cat jokes. Cat jokes who? Cat jokes you’ll think are hilarious!

Q: What do cats say when they ring the doorbell on Halloween?

A: “Trick or tuna!”

Q: What kind of juice do vampire cats drink with breakfast?

A: Blood orange

Q: What is a cat’s favorite game to play on Halloween?

A: Hide and shriek

Q: Why don’t Halloween cats like to be pet on their arms?

A: They’re worried you’ll tickle their funny bone

Q: What did the sad cat say on Halloween?

A: Boo hoo

Q: Why do cats love Halloween?

A: It makes them pawsitively batty

Q: What score did the black cat get on their Halloween quiz?

A: 100 purrcent

Feline-Inspired Halloween One-Liners


Even if you’re not a cat lover, you can’t deny that cats and Halloween are practically synonymous. These punny one-liners are a fun way to get into the spooky spirit. Use them as Instagram captions, on party invitations, or wherever else you want.

  • Cats just want to have skelefun.
  • You gave me quite a furight.
  • On Halloween we practice black meowgic.
  • Grumpy cats always have a resting witch face.
  • You’re creeping meowt.
  • I’m feline spooky.
  • Don't hiss me off.

More Mouseterious Cat Jokes


Cats can put a smile on anyone’s face. Keep the laughs going with more meowgical Halloween jokes that feature your favorite animal. 

Q: What do you call a cat that likes to dress up for Halloween?

A: A costumeow enthusiast.

Q: Why did the black cat stop in the middle of the path?

A: It wanted to paws for a spooky effect.

Q: What did the orange tabby say on October 30th?

A: Orange you excited for Meowlloween?

Q: Why didn’t the cat like their Halloween costume?

A: It was a catastrophe.

Q: What do you call two cats on Halloween?

A: Boosties.

Q: What did the scaredy cat say on Halloween?

A: You’re freaking meowt!

Fangtastic Halloween Cat Puns & Jokes


Cats are a huge symbol of Halloween, which is why they’re often worked into jokes about the spooky season. But if you celebrate cats all year round (like us!), there are tons of other cat puns, memes, and photos you’ll love. Don’t forget to share them with your favorite cat lover to brighten their day, too.

46 Halloween Cat Puns & Jokes You’ll Find Pawsitively Furightening