14 Hissterical Photos of Funny Cat Halloween Costumes

Looking for inspiration for your cat's Halloween costume or just love cats in funny outfits? We've got you.

Updated August 28, 2023

If you’ve even tried to put your cat in an outfit, you know how challenging it can be. Even though your kitty isn’t into dressing up, that doesn’t mean you can’t “Oooh” and “Aaah” at other people’s cats in funny Halloween costumes. From a cowboy to a very cute Billy Idol wannabe, we found the 14 cutest and silliest cats in costumes you’ve ever seen. No scratching or hisses involved.

Kitty Idol


This adorable rocker thinks it's a nice day for a white cat wedding. How great is that hair?!

Get Me the Cluck Out of This


Q: Why did the cat cross the road? 

A: To get away from this costume!

We're only joking, but this cutie doesn't look too pleased with their chicken costume. They look darling, though. 

Heart of a Lion


This isn't just a cute feline, it's a felion. This is the purrfect Halloween costume for a little kitty with big dreams. 

Put Your Paws Where I Can See 'Em

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This police officer outfit looks ridiculously cute on a kitty... but  maybe not to the dog. 

Yo-ho-ho and a Bottle of Catnip

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When you dress your cat up as a pirate for Halloween, be prepared for them to take on that colorful seafaring persona. Pirate cats don't purr, they "Arrrrrrr!" 

This Little Kitty Went to Market

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As if cats in Halloween costumes weren't adorable enough, we find one in a pig costume?! No one can handle this level of cuteness. 

Gold Goes With Everything

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We can't decide what this cutie is dressed up as. A snow bunny ready to hit the slopes? Macklemore in the Thrift Shop music video? Whatever they're going for, this cat is definitely pulling it off. 

Hot Diggity Dog

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"Who are you calling a hot dog? I'm a cool cat." 


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Dressing up as a cowboy or cowgirl is a pretty classic Halloween move, but we've never seen one quite this cute before. 

Tired as Duck


After all that trick-or-treating, this sweet ginger is completely duckered out. 



If your cat won't tolerate an entire Halloween costume, why not try a hat instead? This silly cat doesn't seem to mind the unicorn horn on their head. And it looks great! 

That's Sir Hiss a Lot to You


Some might say cats are too sophisticated or snooty to participate in such silly affairs as Halloween costumes, but not when they involve an outfit as elegant as this one. This royal kitty is definitely channeling his inner king. 

Happy Meowlloween


Even though Halloween usually involves all things spooky and scary, it’s never a bad time to get some laughs in. And what better way to lift your spirits with some funny cat photos? Make sure to share them with a friend to keep the laughs going.

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14 Hissterical Photos of Funny Cat Halloween Costumes