How to Make a Cat Scratcher

Making a Cat Scratcher at Home

If you want to learn how to make a cat scratcher, you're in luck because it's a very easy project! With just a handful of supplies, you can create a simple and effective place for your cat to sharpen its claws.

Constant Renewal

Cats claws are constantly growing and renewing themselves, so even if you cut your cats claws, she will need a place to scratch and slough off the dead nail growth. You cat will scratch no matter what - it is an instinct cats are born with. If you value your furniture, give your cat a special place of its own to claw to its heart's content.

Wooden Planks

The two primary supplies you need to learn how to make a cat scratcher are wood and carpet. Thick wooden planks, such as 4x4s, are perfect for this job. When it comes to carpet, any old remnants will do. Feel free to use new carpet, but the older stuff will work just as well.

Staple Gun

The last thing you'll need is a heavy-duty staple gun that will staple through carpet. All you have to do is wrap the carpet around the wooden planks, and then secure every corner with a row of staples. Make sure to tuck in all loose ends, and also make sure that there are no staples poking out. Your cat can easily hurt itself on sharp edges.

Once all surfaces are covered in carpet, Position the scratcher so your cat can stand up tall and scratch. A carpeted 4x4 screwed to a large ply-wood base will work just fine.

Easy Scratchers

Cats also love to claw sisal rope, so an easy way to build a scratcher is to wrap a piece of wood in rope, and then hang it from a doorknob for your cat to use. Feel free to wrap a wooden plank in sisal as well, and use it just like you would a carpeted plank.

All Cats Scratch

There's no way around it - all cats scratch if they are not declawed. If you want to protect your furniture and other surfaces, it's smart to give your feline someplace she's allowed to claw. Declawing cats isn't the best way to deal with the problem. Give cats a place to sharpen their claws, and they'll use it.

If you're not the do-it-yourself type, check out some activity cat tree furniture.

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How to Make a Cat Scratcher