7 Cat Easter Basket Ideas That Make Egg-cellent Gifts

Use these Easter basket ideas for your cat to assemble a safe and engaging gift basket.

Published March 21, 2023
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Ginger cat playing with Easter eggs at home

Include your cat in your Easter festivities with a basket fit for a feline. Instead of the standard wand toys or crinkle balls, why not gift them with something Easter-themed? These seven Easter basket ideas for cats will keep your kitty busy well past the Easter egg hunt. In addition to interactive toys and games, we've also included some cat-friendly Easter basket "grass" alternatives your cat will love. So hop to it and start shopping for kitty Easter basket stuffers.

Do you have a cat that goes wild over catnip toys? Get them a set of Easter-themed catnip pillows that'll keep them busy all season long. This festive set includes six individual toys in super cute designs, such as little carrots, decorated eggs, and bunnies. They're made with organic catnip, so you don't have to worry about your little one ingesting harmful chemicals or additives. Not to mention, the soft flannelette material of the toys is the perfect texture for your cat to bite, lick, or chew.


If the videos of cats playing with baby chicks and ducklings on Easter make your heart melt, you're in luck because you can experience the same thing without the hassle of raising a real chicken or duck. This interactive flapping duck toy engages all your cat's senses with quacking sounds, flapping motions, and a pocket for catnip. It has an automatic motion sensor that triggers an enticing wing "flutter" that'll capture and keep your cat's attention. You can easily charge it with the included USB cable whenever it runs out of juice, and the motor is removable for easy washing. Get one or a few to put in your cat's Easter basket and watch the fun unfold.

Pop-up tents are a great interactive toy for cats. They can romp around in their tent, use it as a cozy hiding spot, or take a snooze inside. This Spring-themed tent is especially cute because it comes with a daisy print on the outside and features an adorable bumblebee catnip toy that dangles down from the roof. What a perfect Easter basket idea for your cat!

Cat "kickers" are a hit with cats of all ages and make a great addition to any kitty Easter basket. These long fabric toys are loaded with fragrant catnip that will keep your feline friend engaged for hours, but it's really the design that they love. They're the perfect shape for a cat to comfortably grab hold of one end between their paws and then bunny-kick the other end with their hind feet - hence the name Kitty Kick Stix. These toys are reinforced with double sticking, so they won't come apart no matter how much your cat kicks them. Plus, they come in tons of festive patterns.


Do you have multiple cats in your life, or one cat who just loves having lots of toys? These Easter-themed mice cat toys might be for you. Each mouse toy includes catnip to help soothe your kitty, and these toys offer tons of interactive fun. Your cat will have a blast "hunting" their Easter mice toys as part of the day's festivities.

Unfortunately, the "grass" most people use in Easter baskets can be harmful to cats. If they ingest pieces of decorative plastic, it can cause a linear foreign body, which is life-threatening and will require surgery to fix. Instead, use natural crinkle paper in your cat's basket. Mrs Fizz paper shreds are non-toxic and free of dyes, bleach, or other additives that could harm your pets. Feel free to let your cat play with a few shreds after opening their gift, and if they happen to munch on a piece, there's no need to worry.

Why not use real grass in your kitty's Easter basket? Cat grass that is. Cat grass contains fiber and vitamins that can benefit your cat's digestive tract, not to mention chewing on this type of grass is a great form of enrichment for indoor cats. The CatGrass Plus kit needs to be watered just once, and then you'll have a lush container of grass after one week. This does require a little pre-work before Easter Sunday, but it'll make your cat's Easter basket look great and provide them with a fun snack for the rest of the year.


Eggcellent Cat Easter Basket Stuffers

Your cat deserves to get in on the Easter activities. These fun and enriching Easter-themed gifts will keep them busy throughout the year, not just on Easter day. When shopping for cat toys, always select something that's specifically designed for cats so you can keep your little one safe. Supervise your cat while playing to make sure they don't chew off or eat pieces of the toy. We know you'll both have an egg-cellent time on Easter!

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7 Cat Easter Basket Ideas That Make Egg-cellent Gifts