16 Funny Halloween Dog Pictures for Spooky Silliness

Updated September 27, 2019

16 Funny Halloween Dog Pictures


When the season rolls around for all things fun and spooky, these funny Halloween dog pictures prove that it's possible for your furry friend to join the celebration. Remember to always choose a dog costume that leaves the face open and is soft and comfortable. Your pet should also be able to exercise freely for the greatest convenience. With all that in mind, here are some adorable Halloween pups for your viewing pleasure.

Introducing Pug Frog


This adorable Pug looks perfect in his frog costume. Despite the wide differences between a pug and an amphibian, they definitely have matching big eyes!

Heard of the She Devil...?


Now meet the Chi Devil! If you have a Chihuahua with a typical feisty personality, this dog costume will make a statement all Chi lovers can appreciate.

Corgi Ladybug


This sweet little Corgi looks like she'd bring anyone some good luck. Not all Halloween dog costumes have to be scary and no one would hesitate to give treats instead of tricks to this cutie.

Bewitching Beagle


Can you resist her spell? This Beagle looks magical in this classic Halloween look with a witch hat, black cape and jack-o-lantern accessory.

Chester the Jester


The lovable, clownish attitude of most Frenchies makes them the perfect candidate for a court jester. Add in some Mardi Gras beads to this ensemble to make a festive costume for any time of year.

Count ''Chi''cula


With his glowing red eyes and shiny fangs, this is one little Chihuahua who has nothing to fear. He even comes with a matching coffin for carrying his Halloween treats.

Gray Ghost and a Pumpkin


Looks like this Weimaraner is ready to go prowling in the pumpkin patch. Perhaps he's looking for other "ghost" dogs like his breed's nickname?

Public Enemy Number One


This little Pom was found guilty of stealing hearts! He'll be doing time for wearing the cutest Halloween ensemble to be found among all the online pictures of dogs in costumes.

Captain Jack


Aye, Matey. Guess who's running the ship? A Jack Russell Terrier is the perfect breed to symbolize pirate mischief and bravado.

Angelic Poodle


How else would you dress up this dainty beast? Set this pink butterfly ensemble with a fancy grooming session to make a truly darling costume for a poodle.

Ghostly Halloween Hounds


These doggo apparitions are sure to scare anyone into leaving their treat baskets behind. At least these pups hope this happens! This is an easy costume to make on your own with a white sheet and some scissors to cut the eye and nose holes.

Super Dog!


Super hero fans will love this tribute to Superman. Let your dog be your own super hero in this charming costume.

Interview With the Shar-Pei


This vampire Shar-Pei will draw you in with his powers of magnetism to snuggle in with him for a scary, but cuddly, nap. This is an easy costume to make with a simple cape and some white felt to make the fangs.

Princess Pug


This Pug looks like a Disney princess in this royal purple butterfly ensemble. The juxtaposition of the darling fairy costume elements with the brachycephalic and big-eyed pug face makes for a funny Halloween picture.

Hide a Squirrel


If you can't catch a squirrel, why not become one? This dog has the right idea by emulating a canine's greatest nemesis for a Halloween dogs will find both frightening and chaseable!

Happy Howl-o-Ween!


Funny dog photos aren't just for Halloween. Check out other fun holiday photos, like Christmas dog photos, for year-round giggles.

16 Funny Halloween Dog Pictures for Spooky Silliness