Funny Looking Dog Pics Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Dogs are natural comedians, even when they're trying to be serious. Go ahead, have a chuckle on us.

Updated June 22, 2023

Dogs are natual-born crackups. They just can't help it. They're basically full-time comedians on four legs. Take a break and check out these hilarious dog pictures if you need a giggle. But fair warning: make sure you aren't drinking anything while you're scrolling. We do not warranty electronic devices for moisture damage resulting from a spit take.

Bad Fur Day?

Is this dog the canine Einstein? Floof boy over here looks like he's got his head stuck in the clouds. Seriously, though, for anyone who's hand-stripped a heavy-shedding breed like the Husky, you know it's crazy how much hair you have left over. We know we're not the only ones thinking about making a sweater from all that fluff.

Loose Skin, For the Win

Love the skin your Basset Hound is in, right? They certainly do. This pup is all about living their best life, loose folds, floppy ears and all. Talk about letting it all hang out. No one told this dog they're supposed to strike the classic Basset Hound look with the sad eyes.

So Busted ...

Oh, heeeey mom, I didn't see you there. I was just ... checking to make sure the counter was clean. Total side note: do you have any syrup, by chance?

Zebra Print Wins

OK, there's a lot to unpack here. Obviously, this poodle is on a grooming journey through life, and they're currently going through their glam-punk rock phase. Keep being you, punk rock poodle.

Seriously? No ...

Tough day, huh buddy? We all know dogs have a lot more going on inside their heads than we give them credit for. This Chihuahua's expression just proves the point.

Beach-Front Photo Bomb

Oh, you're trying to get a picturesque shot of the bay? I know just the thing you need to make it memorable ...

We're Going Where After This?

When the photo shoot is going great, but then someone says the "V - E - T" word ...

What Do You Mean "We're Out of Water"?

The good news: Your hair looks fabulous. The bad news? You're going to have to wear it that way for the rest of the day.

I'm Not Stuck. You're Stuck

For real, put down the camera and push on my nose. I'm over this.

Pool Daze

That look when you steal your person's floaty, and they won't stop taking your pic. Can't a dog just tan in peace?

Shake It Off

Thanks for waiting until you were right next to me to shake your coat out. No, really, I was feeling too warm. You definitely helped.

Bring Me With You

I'm helping. Just keep pushing ... this floor has never been so clean.

Say Cheeese!

Did you get my good side? Quick, let's post it to the 'Gram for the likes!

I Should Have Worn Goggles

It's all fun and games until someone has to go to the groomers. Quick, roll the window down. I need to dry off fast.

Dog Day at the Office

You work hard. You definitely earned this little break. Don't feel guilty. Everybody needs a moment to laugh, even if you're stuck at work. You know what? Check out these hilarious cat pics, too. Who says cats can't be funny?

Funny Looking Dog Pics Guaranteed to Make You Laugh