Funny Looking Dogs That Make You Laugh

Updated August 27, 2018

A Bad Fur Day?

The domesticated dog comes in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and varieties, but some of them, like poodles, are just funnier looking than others. If you're looking for a creative way to groom a poodle, perhaps you can take some inspiration from this Lyle Lovett wannabe on a bad fur day.

Up, Up and Away

Perhaps the best-known (and easily the most noticeable) trait of a Basset Hound is the size of its impossibly long ears. As it turns out, these ears aren't just for hearing game while on the hunt; they might just be for taking flight. If this dog could speak, he might say, "Dumbo's got nothing on me!"

Hey Mon!

Possibly borrowing just a bit of inspiration from the legendary Bob Marley, this Bordeaux mastiff looks hilarious in his extra long dreadlocks. You might even say that he's a Rasta-fur-ian. In any case, he's definitely ready for some jammin' to relaxing reggae beats on the beach.

Pastel Poofs

Sometimes, you can capture some funny dog pictures because the little pup is happily living in the moment. Other times, it's the work of the owner. It's clear enough that the owner of this poodle prefers a healthy dash of color and personality with this pink and purple grooming job.

Here Comes Trouble

Some people might say that the Chinese Crested is one of the ugliest dog breeds. It's mostly hairless and naturally blotchy, but that signature mane makes for a perfect little mohawk. Steer clear of this little punk rocker. He looks like he's got quite an attitude.

The Egghead

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but what if that dog is far more interested in learning about the sociopolitical climate of a post-colonial Cambodia? She may not be terribly interested in rolling over or begging for treats, but this bull terrier just may be a ripe contender for the title of world's smartest dog!

A Truly Expressive Visage

If there was a contest for the funniest-looking dog, this fellow would probably take first prize. Doesn't his wildly contorted expression remind you of Ed the hyena from Disney's The Lion King? Mufasa? "Say it again."

Another great opportunity for funny looking dogs is when you get to dress them up in Halloween costumes. Have you ever seen a pug dressed up like a frog? Well, hop to it!

Funny Looking Dogs That Make You Laugh