10 Portuguese Water Dog Pictures & Fun Breed Facts You'll Love

Check out these stunning Portuguese water dog pics and feed your brain with interesting breed facts at the same time!

Updated August 7, 2023

You probably already guessed this from their name, but Portuguese water dogs are excellent swimmers. This trait, combined with their floppy ears and curly coat, only adds to their cuteness factor. Who knows? You might decide you want one of these incredible dogs for yourself.

Such a Sweet Face


How can you resist that face?! The look in those eyes tells you just how intelligent this breed is, and any Portuguese water dog owner will agree that these dogs are very smart.

Fast Fact

Portuguese water dogs are an old breed, and their ancestors actually started out helping anglers by herding fish into nets.

Heart of a Lion


Portuguese water dogs are very low-shedding. Still, a lot of owners choose to give their dogs haircuts. A lion clip is a common cut for this dog's waterproof coat, though the retriever clip (pictured here) is also popular because it shows off the curly coat.

Lookin' Good


Some dogs have a coat that's more wavy than curly. Others have super curly coats. Either way, the Portuguese water dog is a striking and super soft breed.

Webbed Feet


All dogs have some webbing between their toes, but Portuguese water dogs have very webbed feet. This helps them excel at swimming.

Award Winning Intelligence


Portuguese water dogs respond very well to training, thanks to their intelligence and eager-to-please nature. Start them early, and you'll have a wonderful companion for life.

A Very Proud Pup


While this breed's coat is hypoallergenic, it does require regular maintenance. Remember this upkeep when you're considering getting one of these dogs.

Irresistible Portuguese Water Dog Puppies!


It's easy to see why Portuguese water dogs are so popular. They're just so easygoing and very social. This breed gets along great with children, cats, and other dogs, so they can be a great addition to the family.

Won't Stay Small Long


Portuguese water dogs aren't tiny pups. They're not giants, either, but they can get pretty big (and tall). Even though they look small now, these little guys will grow up to be between 35 to 60 pounds and 17 to 23 inches tall when full grown.

Why We Love the Portuguese Water Dog


Photos of Portuguese water dogs are fun to scroll through, but you should definitely think about whether this is the right dog for you before you bring one home. This breed needs plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and attention. If you're ready to make the commitment, the PWD may be just the fit for your family.

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10 Portuguese Water Dog Pictures & Fun Breed Facts You'll Love