Pick These 10 Best Dog Breeds for Your Family

Dogs bring joy and companionship into your household, and these are some of the best breeds to complete your family.

Published April 5, 2023

Finding Your Family Dog


If you have young children and are ready to buy a dog, picking the best fit for your family is important. Dogs can be an amazing, loving, and fun addition to your home, so researching the breed that suits your lifestyle will help you make the perfect match. Families typically pair well with a good-natured dog who has an easy temperament and disposition.

Golden Retrievers


Golden Retrievers are easy to train and make lovable, extremely intelligent pets who are gentle with children and friendly toward other pets. Their sweet, eager-to-please personality makes them devoted to family. However, it's important to know this breed doesn't like to be left alone for long periods. If they are, chances are they'll get into mischief or even become destructive.



These adorable dogs are exceptionally friendly and gentle, making them a good choice for a family environment. However, like the Golden Retriever, Beagles don't like to be left alone, although they are usually happy if they have a fellow animal to keep them company. Another factor to consider is the Beagle's musical bark/howl, which can bother neighbors when you're not home.

Labrador Retrievers


The Labrador Retriever's kind, outgoing temperament makes them one of the best family dogs. They are obedient, eager to please, and non-aggressive towards people or animals. Labs have high energy levels and require a lot of exercise, which makes them a perfect pairing for young kids.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis


These small dogs are smart, obedient, and protective, and they make devoted family dogs. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are active dogs and are good watch dogs as they don't trust strangers and are inclined to bark a lot. While this can be a good trait, it's also important to know that if Corgis are not properly socialized while they are young, they can become over-protective as adults. Corgis are recommended once children are older, around the age of seven.



Pugs have a sense of humor and make great playmates for kids. Pugs are known for their humanlike behavior. They have been called "shadows" because they follow their owners around and try to do everything their owners do. They are friendly and affectionate with family, but are reserved around strangers. They tend to be talkative and express themselves with soft barks or grunts. Pugs are popular companion dogs due to their playful personalities and adorable appearance.

Irish Setters


Known for their fun-loving, playful, and affectionate nature, these dogs take a good deal of time to mature. This is one reason it's important to train them while they're young. These high-energy pets also need to be exercised regularly. Irish Setters are known to do well with children and love to be around their humans.



Collies are great with kids, as long as you control their herding instincts. They are very intelligent and gentle, and they love to please their owners. They are also relatively low-maintenance, which is a huge plus for busy families. They need a good amount of exercise, but that's not hard to do with kids in the house. They love to run, play, and fetch; all the activities that kids enjoy too!



Poodles are very social dogs who love to be with people. They are very easygoing, making them a great choice for families with children. Poodles love to play, but they also love quiet time cuddling with their owners. Poodles also make great companions for kids because they don't shed fur, so there's no need to vacuum up after them every day. They have hypoallergenic coats that usually won't irritate sensitive skin, so kids who suffer from allergies may find relief from their symptoms when they get a Poodle as a pet.



Dachshunds are very people-oriented dogs and make great family dogs. They get along well with children and most other dogs, and some even do well with cats. Dachshunds are affectionate, loyal, and loving little dogs who enjoy the company of their owners, but they can be reserved around strangers. They are generally good with other dogs, but some can be aggressive towards other small animals such as cats or rodents.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affectionate dogs who require attention from their human family every day. Cavaliers are a very popular, and they are a great choice for families with kids. They are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent dogs who are respectful and easy to train. They get along well with children but require plenty of exercise, so you must be prepared to spend time playing with them, as they can become bored if left alone too much.

Choose the Breed Best Suited to You


Choosing a dog breed is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Like choosing a spouse, it takes time and effort. But when you find the right match, it can be the beginning of a long and happy relationship between you and your pet.

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Pick These 10 Best Dog Breeds for Your Family