50+ Funny Cat Quotes for Fans of Clever Felines

Published August 18, 2020
Ginger cat standing up

You may find funny cat quotes almost as entertaining as your pet feline's antics. When browsing funny cat quotes for Facebook or Instagram, you may want to keep in mind quotes suitable for a craft project or photo you snapped.

Funny Cat Pun Quotes

Choose a funny cat quote that best personifies your furry friend.

  1. My cat is truly pawsome!
  2. We argued about which one of our cats was the most purrrfect.
  3. My cat started ghost hunting and now investigates the purranormal.
  4. My feline pal needs a real cattitude adjustment.
  5. I love you, fur-real I do!
  6. My cat thinks she was an Egyptian in a past life and caught mice in a purrramid.
  7. You always know exactly what I knead.
  8. My cat asked for a mice cream maker for her birthday.
  9. When I found the toilet paper scratched off the bathroom holder, I shouted, 'You've gotta be kitten me! Not again!'
  10. If it weren't for me, my cat would be a paw-per.

Funny Cat Sayings With Meow

Everyone knows a cat speaks meow. This is often shortened to mew and can be very entertaining.

  1. My cat locked meowt of the house again!
  2. Your cat tries to a-mews me.
  3. I wasn't happy when my cat took meowt in a snowstorm.
  4. I always wish my kitty a Happy Mew Year!
  5. It was Isaac Mewton who first explained the fur ball.
  6. Madame Mewurie pioneered the science of radio-cativity.
  7. My cat loves to listen to any music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mewzart.
  8. The Ninja Mewtant Turtles are pawsome.
  9. You have to overlook that kitten, she's a mewbie.
  10. My cat saw a UFO and reported it to MEWFON.
Funny Cat Sayings With Meow

Clever Cat Sayings

Cats are very clever creatures. They deserve a few very clever sayings to highlight their uniqueness.

  1. If your cat is finicky about her toys, try letting her shop the pet store cat-alog.
  2. My cat is always whining that he's too paw to afford a date.
  3. My cat wants to start a career in Claw Enforcement.
  4. The ideal cat engagement ring is a tiger's eye.
  5. My cat suffered a catastrophic loss in the stock market.
  6. My cat wants to enter the Olympics for the shot put catapult.
  7. I saw a Catalina against the boat."
  8. TomTom wants a new caterpillar since his old one is no longer fluffy.
  9. The cats were sitting all catty cornered from the litter box.
  10. There is finicky and then there is purr-ticular.

Creative and Funny Cat Quotes

You can be very creative when it comes to funny cat quotes. Try a few to see if you get a laugh or two.

  1. My mom always told me to wear my thinking cat.
  2. It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm feline good!
  3. I forgot to wash my paw-jamas.
  4. My cat heard me reading the Bible and is scared she'll end up in purrrgatory.
  5. I pawsitively deny that allegation.
  6. You can trust me, 'cause I'm fur real!
  7. The police arrested my Fluffy saying she was a purrrpatrator.
  8. When my kittens chased a mouse, the old cats accused them of being copycats.
  9. I have to get my cats inside the house before it starts raining cats and dogs.
  10. My cat trained to go to Mars as a Catstronaut.
  11. A cat that can read would give you paws.
Creative and Funny Cat Quotes

Funny Quotes About Fat Cats

Fat cats are often the butt of cat jokes and memes. A few funny quotes may immortalize your overweight cat while providing a good laugh.

  1. Does my fur make me look fat?
  2. Fat cat means wealthy, right?
  3. Salads are for rabbits. Do I look like a rabbit?
  4. I'm no workout cat. You knew that going into this relationship.
  5. Blame my human; it's not like I can go outside to hunt for my food.
  6. I'm an inside cat and don't do outdoor activities.
  7. Over-eating is the source of our catention.
  8. My fur could use a good session with a catacomb to look thinner.
  9. I found a new diet supplement called catatonic.
  10. I'm not a fat cat; I'm big boned.
Funny Quotes About Fat Cats

50+ Funny Cat Quote to Amuse Feline Fans

Over 50 funny cat quotes will amuse most feline fans. Funny quotes about feline pals are a cute way to show appreciation.

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50+ Funny Cat Quotes for Fans of Clever Felines