10 Naughty Cat Memes: Hilarious Purr-petrators Caught

We’re all about decoding the behaviors behind these naughty and mischievous cats so you can enjoy the disasters as memes and not in your home.

Published November 28, 2023

As much as we adore cats, they can do some pretty naughty things. But as it turns out, these mischievous behaviors often stem from one thing: boredom. From shredding toilet paper to climbing the screen door and even racing around the bedroom at 3 am, there’s a method to your cat’s madness. These naughty cat memes poke fun at their rascally antics, then we dig up the dirt (or the flour, in the case of one frisky kitten) on why exactly they resort to misbehaving.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down


It’s no secret that cats love climbing, but there’s actually a reason for it. Being up high gives them a good vantage point to stalk prey and keep an eye out for predators. That’s why cats will climb just about anything: bookcases, curtains, and, yes, your screen door.

Quick Tip

Give your kitty plenty of cat perches and trees where they can unleash their natural climbing behaviors in a healthy and safe way.

I Just Wanted a Taste…


We sure hope that’s a pet-friendly plant! Even so, munching on any houseplants can upset your cat’s stomach, so take action to keep them out of your foliage and try catgrass to fulfill their need to munch on green.

In the Flour of Their Youth


This naughty kitty definitely has the “What do you mean? I’m innocent!” look down, but we’re not buying it. You were caught flour-handed, little one. 

Let the Late-Night Zoomies Begin


If this happens at your house, you’re not alone. Cats are crepuscular, which means they’re most active during dusk and dawn. Thus why cats get the zoomies in the wee hours of the morning. But you can help remedy this by keeping your cat engaged and active during the day so they don’t feel the need to rip through the house when you’re sleeping.   

One Cat’s Art Is Another’s TP


A bored cat is a destructive cat, which is why enrichment activities are so darn important. Encourage your cat to play, climb, hunt (toys!), and scratch in appropriate ways so they don’t take out their excess energy on your toilet paper roll or worse...

What a Cat-astrophe


This kitty doesn’t know they’ve done anything wrong! Fun fact: cats have glands in their paws, so they use scratching as a way to spread their scent and mark their territory. Yes, it can be frustrating if they decide to do it on your new bed, but fear not because there are plenty of safe and ethical ways to stop inappropriate scratching.

Quick Tip

Synthetic pheromones are most often used to calm cats, but they can help with scratching, too!

Definitely Going on the Naughty List


Ah, the age-old question: how do you keep a cat out of the Christmas tree? Actually, there are tons of ways you can cat-proof your tree if your feline friend can't keep their paws off it. Just keep in mind that your cat may still find it a fun challenge. #catgonnacat

I Eat Soles, Not Souls


Uh oh, this little one is up to no good! Because they’re so young, we’re guessing this kitten is teething and it feels good to sink their teeth into those shoes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Keep household objects out of a kitty’s mouth and give them a teething toy instead.

Don’t Even Think About Touching the Belly


Some cats have a bit of a short fuse and get overstimulated if too much is going on. Look out for warning signs that your cat has had enough, then stop before they get to that point. And if you learn that they’ll become ticked off right at 20 seconds, don’t push it!

Naughty Cats Doing Mischievous Things


No matter how naughty your cat gets, they never do it to be malicious or spiteful. Cats are just curious little creatures who love getting into everything, and we mean everything. Give your cat healthy and constructive outlets for their natural behaviors, and use positive reinforcement to train them out of any bad habits. You’ll both enjoy more time playing together, and you’ll notice the naughtiness diminish with time.

10 Naughty Cat Memes: Hilarious Purr-petrators Caught