50 Howl-arious Dog Dad Jokes & Puns That Are Fur Real, Funny

If you're having a ruff day, these dog dad jokes are a bone-afied cure to your stress!

Published January 12, 2024
Beagle licking its owner

Are you looking for the ulti-mutt dog jokes? Then get ready to howl with laughter! Dads are a very paw-ssionate breed, which makes dog dad jokes a doggone good choice to retreive some giggles. Fur-tunately, we have rounded up some su-paw dog jokes so enjoy the silliness! 

Mutt-nificent Classically Corny Dog Dad Jokes

Is there anything better than a corny dad joke? Maybe a corny DOG dad joke! Please fur-give us, but we think these punny dog jokes are pretty paw-some

Did you hear that Loki got a dog? He couldn’t resist the Labra-Thor he saw in the window!

If Joey Tribiani was a dog, what would he say to greet everyone when he walked into the room? 

Howl you doin?

Why do dogs love summer parties?

Because they can never resist a good Bark-B-Q!

Why does Scooby Doo prefer to solve crimes at night?

Because all the pup-arazzi follow him around during the day!

Why should you always be careful when it starts raining cats and dogs?

You might step in a poodle!

What does a retriever magician say before making a rabbit appear out of thin air?


What do a golden retriever and a cell phone have in common?

They both have collar ID!

Did you hear that Loki got a dog?

He couldn’t resist the Labra-Thor he saw in the window!

Where does a doberman go when he loses his tail?

The re-tail store!

Why do dalmatians make the worst criminals?

Because they always get spotted by the police!

What do you call a vampire dog? 

A bloodhound!

Did you hear about the sheltie who ran out of cantaloupe?

He was quite melon-collie!

Why was the stray dog chasing his tail?

He was trying to make ends meet!

Why are dogs the worst dance partners?

Because they have two left feet!

What do you call a dog who gets his head stuck in dough?

In bread!

Why did the police dog get in trouble?

He kept barking up the wrong tree!

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Dog Dad Jokes That Are Great for Kids

Everyone has their favorite dog breed. These dog jokes highlight some of the top dogs in this world and bring some laughs about the qualities and quirks that we love most about them.

What condiment is every Border Collie addicted to? Must-herd!

What do you call a Jack o’ Lantern loving dachshund? 

A Hallo-weenie!

Did you know why golden retrievers are the smartest dogs?

They always seem to get things!

Why are french bulldogs so hard to train?

Because they are always going 'oui oui’!

What did the yorkie say when he saw a monster under his bed?

Help! I'm terrier-fied!

How do chihuahuas say hello in Japan?


Why does every firehouse have a dalmatian?

They help the fire crew spot the hydrants!

Why wouldn’t the man adopt the miniature poodle?

He had standards!

What does a newfie and Christopher Columbus have in common?

They both love new found lands!

What kind of story does a doberman write?

A short tail!

What condiment is every border collie addicted to?


Why was the dancing at Queen Elizabeth’s balls so magical?

She had a team of corgi-ographers!

What is a whippet’s favorite drink?

An Earl Greyhound tea!

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Funny Jokes About Being a Dog Dad

They call him MAN's best friend for a reason! These dog dad jokes are the perfect reminder of why these furballs are loved by their dear old dads.

Why does every dog dad think that sled dogs are the best dogs? Because they can come with a Mala-mute function!

How do you know if you can trust your hound to keep your secret?

When he identifies as a hushpuppy!

What does a good boy say to his dog dad every night?

I woof you!

Why did the dog start chasing squirrels after his dad took him to get neutered?

He was trying to get his nuts back!

What do you call a dog dad who finds out that his dog is expecting puppies?

A grandpaw!

What does a good dog dad serve his pup for breakfast?

Pooch-ed eggs and woof-les!

Why did the dog dad call the police on his pup?

Because he was barking without any paws!

What do you call a daddy-dog playdate that goes awry?

A shihtzu!

What happens to a dog dad whose pup barks every day?

He gets rin tin tinnitus!

Why does every dog dad think that sled dogs are the best dogs?

Because they can come with a mala-mute function!

What does a dalmation say to his dad after counter surfing and stealing his lunch?

That was a doggone good meal! It knocked my spots off!

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Doggy Dad Puns for Paw-some Social Posts

Everyone believes that their dog is the very best, and why wouldn't we?! Pooches are the perfect pals! These dog puns for dads are a polished way to post about your doggone delightful buddy.

He's nothing but a pound dog, who's adopted for the last time!
  • My love for this dog is fur real!
  • Have you ever seen anyone so fetching?
  • Howl I ever live without you?
  • I newfie were meant to be!
  • This guy/gal is a diamond in the ruff.
  • Fur-give me... I needed to share this good boy with the world!
  • This guy/gal has the corg-key to my heart!
  • Paw-sibly the ulti-mutt dog around!
  • Yes. I am his paw-ther!
  • shih-tzu not, this is the best boy a guy could ever have.
  • He/she mastiff fallen from heaven, because I'm so blessed to have this big drooly mess!
  • I’ll collie you later. I'm going to spend some quality time with my best friend.
  • He's nothing but a pound dog, who's adopted for the last time!
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Adopting a dog is a wonderful way to add to your family! Before you jump into this big decision, make sure to know all the facts about adopting. This can ensure that you find your fur-ever best friend.

Dog Dad Jokes Bring Doodles of Fun

They are the bestest of friends and they love you through thick and thin. Best of all, they will always wag their tails at a good, or bad, dog joke. If you need more tale-wagging wisecracks, make sure to check out more of our dog jokes. We think that they are howl-arious!

50 Howl-arious Dog Dad Jokes & Puns That Are Fur Real, Funny