77 of the Best Dog Pun Captions to Get You Giggling

Choose one of these pawsome dog pun captions to use on Instagram.

Published January 28, 2023
Woman bonding with her pet french bulldog on sofa

If you're a dog pawrent who is also a fan of puns, you're probably looking for a play on words to use as an Instagram caption. Furtunately, we've achieved the impawssible and compiled a list of the furry best dog pun captions. Fur real, these puns are doggone howlarious and the ultimutt choice to fetch you doodles of likes. So, dig in!

Cute and Sweet Dog Pun Captions

Dog pun captions aren't always cheesy. They can still express the special love you share with your dog. Use one of these short and sweet puns if you're looking for something a bit more heartfelt.

Young woman taking selfie with her dog
  • Don't worry, be yappy.
  • I love being a pet pawrent.
  • Check out this puptown girl.
  • Today is our annifursary!
  • I'm pawsitively mutts about this dog.
  • Friends furever.
  • Life would be ruff without my best friend.
  • Stay pawsitive.
  • It's a wunderfur life.
  • This dog is truly rebarkable!
  • Everything is pawsome.
  • Got a new leash on life.
  • Well, here's a furmiliar face!
  • I woof you.
  • Yappy Barkday to my special pup.
  • We have the ultimutt friendship.
  • Thanks fur all the wonderful memories.
  • I love you furry much!
  • This sweet pup is so pawlite.
  • Pawsitive vibes only.

Pawsitively Howlarious Dog Puns

Dog antics are sure to bring a smile to your face, so it's understandable you'd want a rebarkable caption to go with their pawsome pic. We think you'll go mutts for these puns!

Dog sitting on a chair at a table with laptop in home office
  • I have to stay in bed, dogtor's orders.
  • Beware the power of the bark side.
  • No pawparazzi, please.
  • Don't you furget about me.
  • Just another day at the pawffice.
  • Live long and pawsper.
  • It's pawty time!
  • Bone appetite.
  • Like mother, like dogter.
  • I'm not everyone's pup of tea.
  • I fought the paw and the paw won.
  • Should we have pancakes or woofles?
  • I'm going mutts over here!
  • We look quite fetching.
  • Are you fur real?
  • Paw yeah!
  • I found my dog's doggleganger!
  • Mondays are ruff.
  • Howl you doin'?
  • It's been a ruff day.
  • Yappy Howlidays!
  • Pawdon the interrufftion!
  • Raise the ruff; it's party time!
  • Come over to the bark side.
  • We doggone did it!
  • May the fur be with you.
  • We're going through a bit of a ruff patch.
  • The dogtor is in.

Dog Breed Puns for Captions

It can be fun to use a pawsome dog pun to celebrate your dog's breed. These phrases use dog breed names as wordplay to create some pretty adogable captions.

Happy pregnant woman with big mastiff dog
  • Pugs and kisses!
  • Don't stop Retrievin'.
  • Uh oh, I think I have bed Pugs.
  • You hold the Corgkey to my heart.
  • I Shih-Tzunot, this is the best dog ever.
  • I didn't choose the Pug life, the Pug life chose me.
  • You Mastiff fallen from heaven because you're an angel.
  • Whippet real good.
  • The more the Terrier.
  • This pup is Poodles of fun!
  • Here's my number, so Collie, maybe.
  • Holy Pugamole!
  • Feeling a bit melancollie.
  • If Chihuahua be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.
  • Stop Puggin me.
  • I Labradoreyou.
  • The puggle is real.
  • Life happens. Don't Terrier yourself up about it.
  • Why, of course he's a purebread.
  • I'm not a Corgi, I'm incorgnito.
  • My favorite flower is a Collieflower.
  • "Yes, I herd you."
  • Pardon my Frenchie.
  • I'm throwing myself a Pittyparty.
  • I Puggin' love you!
  • Reign of Terrier.
  • This Labracadabrador is pure magic.
  • Stop Hounding me!
  • This is one cool doodle.

Funny Dog Pun Captions for Every Post

We get it; the puggle is real. Taking a pawsome pic of your dog is the easy part, but finding the right caption to pair it with can be a challenge. You can't go wrong with a silly pun that'll have your followers howling with laughter.

77 of the Best Dog Pun Captions to Get You Giggling