39 Dog Trivia Questions & Answers To Win Next Game Night

You couldn't paws-ibly get all of these dog trivia questions correct! Go ahead, give it you furry best shot!

Published November 28, 2023
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Do you consider yourself a doyen of dogs or a connoisseur of canines? If you want to prove that you are the ulti-mutt dog fan, then dog breed trivia is the perfect way to sniff out the Weiner in your group! Best of all, there is no need to fetch fun facts because we have already retrieved some paw-some dog trivia questions, answers, and printable trivia sheets with both that everyone is guaranteed to go mutts over!

Doggone Good Dog Trivia Questions to Start Your Trivia Pawty

Some of these trivia questions about dogs are simple, and others may require Sherlock Bones to deduce the answers. Do you have what it takes? 

Corgis were a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, but folks didn't always use this breed for companionship. What were these dogs originally bred to do?

To herd cattle

What is the dog equivalent to a human fingerprint?

Nose print

When a dog is overheated, what reduces by up to 40%?

Their sense of smell

How many U.S. states have official state dogs?


Where can you find potcake dogs?

The Caribbean

Akita inus and shiba inus are both Japanese dog breeds. What does the shared part of their name mean?


Some dog breed plurals are obvious, and others are not. Let's take the Komondor. What do you call a group of these animals?


What does the name Dachshund mean?

Badger dog

If your dog has this color in its coat, it is more likely to be deaf.


George Lucas' dog inspired the character of Chewbacca in the famous Star Wars movies. What breed was this dog?

Alaskan malamute

The Rhodesian ridgeback originated from an African country called Rhodesia. What is the country called now?


Fur-tastic World Record Dog Trivia Questions

Now that you have passed the first round, are you ready fur some more questions? There are some pretty impressive pooches in this world, and we want to see if you know these su-paw-star's stats!

Saluki dog sitting down on field

What is the world's oldest domesticated dog breed?


What is the longest recorded lifespan of a dog to date?

31 years

What breed of dog holds the Guinness World Record for the longest ears?


What is the length of the longest dog tongue?

7.3 inches

What is the length of the longest dog's tail?

30.24 inches

Dogs can catch balls with more than just their mouths! They can also use their paws. What is the highest number of balls that have been caught by a single dog in one minute?


Speaking of balls, what is the greatest number of regulation-sized tennis balls that a dog has fit in its mouth at once?


It doesn't take a genius to know that a chihuahua holds the record for being the smallest dog on Earth, but do you know what breed the smallest service dog is?


Paw-some Dog Breed Trivia Questions to Test Your Purebred Proficiency

Don't flea just yet! We have more tricky trivia questions about dogs to determine the bone-ified best in show of your trivia contenders!

English Setter dog with tennis ball

What was the first breed registered with the AKC?

English setter

What breed is deemed the ‘King of Terriers’?

Airedale terrier

The Sami people use Finnish lapphunds to herd what animal?


Only a few dog breeds can climb. Which one of these breeds can you find in a tree?

  1. Catahoula leopard dog
  2. Jack russell terrier
  3. Belgian malinois
  4. All of the above

All of the Above

Which breed is known as the “Dog of the Vikings?”

Norwegian buhund

Which dog breed was once known as "the English coach dog?"


Which of these dog breeds has natural dreadlocks?

  1. Bergamasco shepherd
  2. Irish water spaniel
  3. Lagotto romagnolo
  4. All of the above

Bergamasco shepherd

Shar-peis are known for their wrinkles. Why do they have them?

They are for protection.

What breed of dog was Nana in the Disney classic Peter Pan?


Fast Fact

While the Disney movie version of Nana looks like a St. Bernard, "In the script for the play, Barrie specifies that Nana is a Newfoundland." Barrie is the author of the book Peter and Wendy that Peter Pan is based on.

What was the most popular dog breed of 2022?

French bulldog

More Mind-Beagle-ing Trivia Questions About Dogs

We kid you not; we have more dog breed trivia that will bring doodles of fun! This is the final round, so let's see if you know these far-fetched facts!

Happy Alaskan Klee Kai at a dog park

What is the name of the dog breed with a split nose?

  1. Pachon navarro
  2. Andean tiger hound
  3. Catalburun
  4. All of the above

All of the above

I look like a husky, but my height measures less than 18 inches. What breed am I?

Alaskan klee kai

What is 2023's ugliest dog breed?

Chinese crested dog

What is the only dog breed that cannot bark?


What does this breed do instead?


Which of the following breeds do not have six toes?

  1. Great pyrenees
  2. Newfoundlands
  3. Norwegian lundehund 


Fast Fact

Newfoundlands may have a normal number of toes, but their feet are webbed! This is one of the many reasons that they are such great rescue dogs.

What does the name collie mean?


Where is the Australian shepherd originally from?


Where are labradors from?


We all know that Goldens are a fan favorite in the States, but where do they actually originate from?


Dog Breed Trivia Can Help You Find Your Next Fur-ever Friend

Dog trivia questions can be paws-itively entertaining, but they can also create a great opportunity to learn about fun and unique dog breeds that you never knew existed. Don't be afraid to branch out in your search for your newest family members. You may find that an odd breed is the one that is best suited for your brood!

39 Dog Trivia Questions & Answers To Win Next Game Night