Chinese Crested Puppies

Facts About Chinese Crested Puppies

Chinese Crested puppies are perhaps some of the most unusual-looking puppies you'll ever see, but there is something oddly adorable about them. Learn a few facts about this fairly rare breed that is slowly gaining popularity.

The six-week-old pup pictured here represents the hairless variety of Crested.

Hairless Crested Pup

This little pup is just four weeks old and shows just how unusual hairless Crested pups are compared to other breeds.

Special care must be taken to keep hairless pups from becoming chilled or suffering skin injuries.

Not Completely Hairless...

Although mostly hairless, this variety of Crested does have hair on the top of its head, the tail and all four feet.

Since the skin is so exposed, special care must be taken to keep it moisturized and protected from the sun with sunblock.

The Powder Puff

Not all Chinese Crested puppies are hairless. This puppy represents the Powder Puff variety. It may interest you to know that the gene that produces hairless Cresteds is also linked to teeth problems. So, Powder Puffs typically have nicely aligned teeth with no missing dentition, unlike some of their hairless counterparts.

As you might suspect, Powder Puffs require regular grooming to keep them in shape.

Spotted or Colored

Spotted Crested pups seem to draw the most attention, but this little blue pup will be quite attractive once he's fully grown.

Chinese Crested Pups at Play

It's simply enchanting to see Crested littermates at play. These high-spirited young pups are enjoying their frolick in the grass.

Adult Chinese Crested

Crested puppies may seem like ugly ducklings at certain points in their development, but many grow into beautiful swans like this lovely adult Chinese Crested.

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Chinese Crested Puppies