Pit Bull Puppy Pictures: Enjoy These Pups' Irresistible Charm

Pitbulls are adorable regardless of their age, but the puppies are particularly precious.

Updated May 19, 2023

Pit bulls are often at the center of a lot of controversy, but these pit bull puppy pictures can remind everyone that these dogs start out life much like any other puppy. If they are raised properly and receive early socialization and training, they have the potential to be wonderful family companions, just like any other breed. Enjoy this gallery featuring several pictures of young pits!

Adventuresome and Outgoing


Like nearly any other pup, this blue pit bull puppy has an adventuresome nature and loves to explore their surroundings. They're great travel buddies, whether you're hiking a trail or exploring the city. They'll gladly join you on an adventure just to see what's around the next bend in the road or if there are any puddles to jump into.

Quick Tip

Focus on socialization, leash-train early since your pup will get stronger and harder to control on-leash as they get older.

Time for a Nap


Of course, life is not all play for a pit bull pup. Once they have burned out all their energy, it's time to slow down. This little fellow has burrowed under the blankets for their afternoon nap.

Quick Tip

Give your pit bull pup lots of love and a ton of enrichment, because these dogs need regular exercise and engagement to stay happy and healthy.

Inquisitive by Nature


Pit bull puppies are also naturally inquisitive, and they want to check out everything within their reach. They're equally comfortable exploring outside and chilling out with you at home.

Life's More Fun with Friends


Everything is more fun when you have a companion to share it with. These two little pit bulls are enjoying some time outdoors together. Who knows what fun they will find next!

Quick Tip

Before you adopt two puppies, be sure you're prepared for the work. Dogs are a serious commitment.

Playtime Is Important


Pit bull pups also like to play with their human companions. This cute pittie puppy is taking a break after playing ball. But don't worry, this pup will be ready to go after a few minutes of rest time.

Quick Tip

If you play with your pup indoors, don't forget to take them potty after each play session to avoid accidents in the house.

Pit Bull Puppies with Blue Eyes


It's not unusual to have a pit bull puppy with blue eyes. With most breeds of dogs, the eyes can be light to deep blue when they're born. With most dogs, the eyes will darken and change color as they become adults. However, some pit bulls keep their blue eyes into adulthood.

Pits Love Family Time


Those who know pit bull breeds know they're huge on family time. They want to be around everyone when they're well-raised, especially children. And children love making them the center of attention.

Quick Tip

Begin socializing your puppy the moment they come home for them to become a well-rounded adult.

On the Lap


Pits are lap dogs. Or at least they think they are. They love to lie down and fall asleep in your lap. Or cuddle on the couch watching TV while you're resting. And they will still be a lap dog when they're adults. But they will be much bigger lap dogs.

Future Potential


What does the future hold in store for this little red nose pit bull? Will he live out his life in the company of a loving family who will provide him with the necessary tools to help him be the best companion he can be? Or will he fall into the hands of some unscrupulous person who will train him to fight for his life and his owner's financial gain? This is the situation all too many young pit bulls face. Hopefully, this little guy will be one of the lucky pups.

Quick Tip

Carefully evaluate the breeder to make sure you aren't purchasing a puppy-mill pup.

Cute Pit Bull Puppy Names


Anyone who's had a pit bull puppy can attest to how silly and adorable they are. They definitely deserve a cute pit bull puppy name to match their personality. A cute name for this puppy could be Bacon, Diesel, or Sparty (short for Spartacus!).

The American Pit Bull Terrier


All American Pit Bull Terriers are pit bulls, but not all pit bulls are American Pit Bull Terriers! "Pit bull" refers to a group of breeds with similar origins and characteristics. American Pit Bull Terrier puppies and American Staffordshire Terrier puppies can look very similar, and the differences will start to show as they mature and get bigger.

Pit Bull Puppies Before and After


It's hard to picture pit bull puppies once they grow up. As puppies, they're small and don't look like they will ever get bigger. Pit bull puppies can be extremely cuddly and adorable compared to their muscular, although often still cuddly, adult versions!

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Pit Bull Puppy Pictures: Enjoy These Pups' Irresistible Charm