13 French Bulldog Pics and Fun Facts You Probably Don't Know

This breakout breed is super popular, and it's easy to see why when you check out these hilarious pictures and fascinating trivia.

Updated August 11, 2023

French bulldogs are the "In" breed right now, and the American Kennel Club listed them No. 1 in its most recent rankings. Frenchies are a combination of English bulldogs and certain French terriers, and they come with an adorable bundle of personality and affection. Learn a little more about the breed in this engaging slideshow.

These Pups Are Irresistible


All puppies are inherently cute, but a Frenchie pup is beyond adorable. Just look at those big eyes and stout legs. Who wouldn't want to give this little fellow a snuggle?

French Bulldogs Make Wonderful Family Companions


The Frenchie's endearing personality makes them suitable companions for both children and adults. They're gentle, loving, and loyal. You couldn't ask for anything more from your pup.

Small Is a Relative Term


Frenchies may be small dogs, but try telling them that. These dogs think they're three times bigger than they are! The average adult Frenchie weighs about 20 to 25 pounds and is solidly packed with muscle. 

Sinkers, Not Swimmers


It's a fact that Frenchies are not great swimmers. Their stout bodies and muscular build mean that they tend to sink no matter how hard they paddle. Also, their short snouts make it hard to breathe in the water. If your dog will near water, be sure they have a life vest on for protection.

They're Prone to Obesity


Although more energetic than their English cousins, French bulldogs are still prone to gaining weight. This can lead to other health problems, so caretakers need to monitor their pet's weight throughout their lifetime.

Quick Tip

Give your dog an appropriate portion of food each day and split it into three meals to control how much they eat. 

Frenchies Are The Life of the Party


French bulldogs are exuberant companions, but they are known to celebrate life a bit too much sometimes! This little fellow is enjoying a well-earned nap.

Watch Out When It's Hot


Frenchies are brachycephalic, which means they have short snouts. This trait makes them susceptible to heat stroke. You have to make sure they stay cool in hot weather

Quick Tip

When it's really hot out, limit walks with your Frenchie to sunrise and sunset and make sure they always have access to water.

No Airlines For the Frenchie


Many commercial airlines don't allow French bulldogs to fly, at least as cargo. The low temperatures in the area beneath the plane cabin can be detrimental to their health, and the air quality up high can make it difficult for Frenchies to breathe.

They're Very Vocal


Whether they're giving a yip or a grumble, French bulldogs enjoy talking to you. That's just how they like to communicate. However, despite being vocal, they aren't big barkers. 

They Need Help Breeding


Due to their unique body structure, it's hard for Frenchies to breed naturally. Most are bred via artificial insemination for this reason. 

Need to Know

Frenchies also have a hard time during birth, so vets schedule C-sections for the majority of dogs. 

Sensitive Little Pups


Frenchies have sensitive feelings. If you scold them even the least bit, they will mope around the house for hours. Even telling them "No" could hurt their doggy feelings, so watch out and keep training positive.

Do You Smell That?


French bulldogs can be a tad bit stinky with their excessive farting. These little guys are gassy regardless of what their diet is, but if they eat table scraps, watch out!

They're Weird Sleepers


Frenchies are odd sleepers and tend to lie on their stomachs with their legs sprawled out behind them. It's very cute, but it can look a little strange sometimes. Don't worry, though, because this is normal behavior for the breed.

Enjoy Your French Bulldog's Quirks


These dogs pack a lot of personality into their short, square frames. They love life and live for their people, and you'll never have to wonder how your Frenchie is feeling. They're sure to make you smile and keep you entertained.

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13 French Bulldog Pics and Fun Facts You Probably Don't Know