Unique Spanish Horse Names and Their Meanings

Updated March 16, 2022
Portrait of a foal

When you're looking for a stable name or show name for your horse or foal, sometimes it's best to travel outside the English language. Spanish has some of the most interesting, musical-sounding names ever spoken, and many of them are perfect for capturing the charm, beauty, or even the comical personality of your horse.

Musical Names

If the Spanish language is musical, its words for the craft of music itself are especially lovely and useful for naming a horse.

  • Armonía (ahr-mo-NEE-ah), or Harmony, is a pretty-sounding name for a pleasant horse.
  • Canción (cahn-see-OHN) rolls off the tongue and means, 'song.'
  • Acorde (ah-cor-day) is the Spanish word for 'chord.'
  • Balada (bah-lah-dah) is perfect for a particularly graceful horse, as it means, 'ballad.'
  • Cantante (cahn-tahn-tay) has a great ring to it, and it means, 'singer.'
  • Arpegiar (ahr-pay-hee-ar), which is Spanish for the musical term, 'arpeggio,' just rolls off the tongue.
  • Octava (ohk-tah-vah), means exactly what it means in English - Octave. This is a fun name for your horse if you love music.
  • Sinfonía (seen-fohn-EE-ah) is perfect if your horse is so beautiful, they remind you of a great symphony, which is what this Spanish word means.

Astronomy Monikers

Spanish words for the marvels of the cosmos are some of the most beautiful words in the language.

  • Noche Estrellada (no-chay es-stray-ah-dah), which means, 'starry night,' is perfect for a very beautiful horse. Call them Ester or Estrellada for short.
  • Saturno (sah-toor-no) means 'Saturn' in Spanish and is the perfect moniker for a horse with a strong personality.
  • Constelación (cone-stell-ah-see-ohn) means 'constellation,' and could be the perfect name for a horse with particular markings.
  • Nebulosa (nay-boo-loh-sah) is a great name for a gray horse or one whose color reminds you of a cloudy day, as this word means 'Cloudy,' in English.
  • Marte (mahrt-ay), means 'Mars' in English, and is a perfect name for a large and imposing horse.
  • La galaxia esprintando (la gah-lah-ksee-a es-print-ahn-do) means 'sprinting galaxy,' and is great for your super fast horse. Call them Galaxia for short.
  • El calabozo (el cah-lah-bo-so), or Calabozo for short, means 'black hole.'
  • Sol espumoso (sohl es-poo-moh-so) has a kind of ring to it, and it means, loosely translated, 'sparkling sun.' Say it quickly like it's one word.
View of Trakehner mare bucking in meadow

Naming Your Horse After a Flower

If you're partial to flower names in English and think that kind of name might fit your horse, the Spanish language's names for flowers won't disappoint you.

  • Girasol - (hee rah sol), means 'sunflower,' the perfect name for a horse with a particularly friendly disposition.
  • Geranio (hee-rah-nee-oh) is a great name for a horse who is beautiful and calm. It is the Spanish word for Geranium.
  • Ojos Azules (oh-hoes ah-zoo-lays) means 'blue eyes,' but this dainty flower might be a great inspiration for the name of your dainty horse. You can call them 'Azul' for short.
  • Narciso (hahr-see-so) sounds great, but it's also the word for Daffodil, so it's perfect for a horse who is light on their feet.
  • Orquídea (ohr-kee-day-ah) means orchid, a perfect name for your exotic horse.
  • Peonía (pay-oh-NEE-ah) refers to a peony, which is a cute moniker for a horse.
  • Florecimiento Potrillo (floor-ay-cee-mee-en-to poh-tree-yo) sounds like a mouthful, but it works well for a smaller-than-average horse. It means, 'flowering foal.'
  • Ranúnculo (rah-NOON-cue-low) is the Spanish word for buttercup, but choose this name if you want something that is kind of fun to say.

Food Names

A top pick for horse names is a favorite treat or food.

  • Fresa Rosado (fray-sah roh-sah-do) is a fantastic name for your red horse. It means pink strawberry, so not only is it cute and catchy in English, but it sounds lovely in Spanish. Call your horse 'Fresa' for short.
  • Helado (ay-lah-do) means ice cream; a sweet name for a sweet horse.
  • Limón (lee-mohn) means lemon, so it might be appropriate for a golden horse.
  • Bizcocho (beez-co-cho) is the Spanish word for 'brownie,' which is perfect for your brown horse if you're wanting something fairly literal.
  • Miel (mee-el) can be a sweet name for your horse; it means honey.
  • Mantequilla (mahn-tay-kee-yah) is just right for a golden horse. It means butter.
  • Cacahuate (cah-cah-hwah-tay) means peanut. Choose this name as a clever play on words for a small horse, or simply because it's fun to say.
  • Enchilada Picante (en-chee-lah-dah pee-kahn-tay) is a funny name for a horse with a bit of a personality. It literally means, 'spicy enchilada.'
Horse in field

Names Based on Size

The Spanish words describing size can be comical and fun for your horse. You can also use the names ironically if your horse is especially large or small, or name them something to fit their big-sized personality.

  • Pequeño Diamante (pay-kay-nyo dee-ah-mahn-tay) or Diamante for short, means 'Little Diamond.'
  • Miniatura (mee-nee-ah-too-rah) is great for a miniature breed. It literally means 'miniature.'
  • Pequeño Luchador (pay-kay-nyo loo-chah-door), or Lucha for short, is great for a spunky, small horse. It means 'little fighter.'
  • Poco Blanco (po-ko blahn-ko), or 'Little White' works for your small, white horse. Call them Blanco for short.
  • Poco a Poco (po-ko-ah-po-ko), or just Poco, is the name you need for a stubborn horse. It literally means 'little by little.'
  • Poco de Suerte (po-ko-day-swair-tay), which means 'a little bit of luck,' is for a special horse. Call them 'Suerte' for short, which means lucky.
  • Gordo y Feliz (gor-do-ee-feh-leez) is a good name for a large horse with a bit of a lazy personality. It means 'Fat and Happy.' You can call them 'Gordo' for short.
  • Dientes Grandes (dee-entes grahn-des) works for a horse with a Mr. Ed-like smile. It means 'Big Teeth,' and you can call them 'Dientes' or even 'Dee' for short.
  • Pasos Gigantes (pah-soes hee-gahn-tes) means 'Giant Steps.' You can call them 'Pasos' for short.
  • Gran Día (grahn dee-ah) exudes a lot of confidence in your competition horse. It means 'Big Day,' and you can call them 'Dia' for short.
  • Gigantesco (hee-gahn-tes-ko), is perfect for your large breed horse. It literally means 'Gigantic.'
  • Sabado Gigante (sah-bah-do hee-gahn-tay) is a bit of a play on words as there is a Spanish television show with the same name. Call them 'Sabado' for short, which means, 'Saturday.'

Tips for Spanish Horse Names

As you zero in on a Spanish name for your horse, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Say the word out loud repeatedly. This is an old trick that writers use to test their word choices. For some reason, words tend to sound better in thought than they do when spoken. If you can repeatedly speak the Spanish word you've selected without getting tired of it, that's a good sign.
  • Use a Spanish thesaurus. In Spanish, vowels, diphthongs, and triphthongs often flow together in a rapid, condensed series of sounds. It makes Spanish a musical, rhythmic language, but it also makes some words hard to say. If your non-Spanish-speaking friends stumble over your horse's name, you might want to find an easier alternative for the meaning you want to convey. Try a Spanish thesaurus to help you come up with ideas.
  • Experiment with Google Translate. If you don't speak Spanish, or your vocabulary is limited, but you'd like to search the language for interesting names, you can use Google Translate. Type in the word you want to translate in the box on the left, and set the box on the right to "Spanish." The site will translate your word or phrase in the box on the right. You can click on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. One word of warning, however; check to make sure the word you get is the word you want by Googling an image of the word. Better yet, have someone fluent in Spanish double-check your name selection and give you some additional ideas if it's not working.

The Music and Rhythm of Language

The Spanish language has been popular for horse names because of its inherent musicality. This quality is fitting for horses because they have a rhythm and flow to everything they do that could also be described as musical. Once you find a name that fits with your horse's "music," it will be a delight every time you say it.

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Unique Spanish Horse Names and Their Meanings