Brown Horse Names: Ideas to Get Creative

Updated April 7, 2022
Brown Horse Standing In Ranch

There are many things to consider when naming your brown horse. Whether you pay homage to their color, their personality, or just get really creative, make sure you love what you pick. The name you pick will be with your horse for their whole life, so choose it carefully.

Names Based on Shades of Brown

It makes sense to want to name your horse based on their color. There are many shades of brown and many names to give each shade. Decide which one suits your horse best based on their shade of brown.

  1. Clay or Clayton
  2. Carob - A tree that produces beans resembling brown snap peas
  3. Brunneous - Shade of dark brown
  4. Fuscous - A literary term for brownish-gray
  5. Bister - Brownish pigment with yellow undertones made from the soot of burned wood

Brown in Another Language

thoroughbred horse standing on grassy field

Sometimes something foreign sounds exotic. Perhaps one of these unique names is just perfect for your horse.

  1. Marron - French word for brown (pronounced mah-rhone)
  2. Bronceado - Spanish word for tanned (pronounced bron-say-ah-doe)
  3. Korichnevyy - Russian word for brown (pronounced kah-reesh-neh-vay)
  4. Cser - Hungarian for brown (pronounced sair)
  5. Castanho - Portuguese for brown (pronounced cah-stah-nyo)

Drink-Based Names

If you want something unique, stay away from the tried-and-true names like "Café au lait," and instead draw inspiration from brands and other unique drinks.

  1. Pilsner - A lighter colored beer
  2. Tazo - A brand of tea
  3. Illy - An Italian coffee brand
  4. Banania - A chocolate drink distributed widely in France
  5. Antoccino - A coffee beverage of one-shot espresso and an equal amount of steamed milk

Seasonings and Condiments

Thoroughbred Stallion Horse

Have a horse with a little personality? Try one of these names to spice up your life.

  1. Miso - Popular Japanese seasoning, mostly known to be found in soup
  2. Allspice
  3. Salisbury
  4. Clove
  5. Worcestershire

Culinary Delights

If you love food, (and who doesn't?) there are many inspirations to be found among brown-colored food and beverages. Here are some playful names:

  1. Raisinette
  2. Sourdough
  3. Brioche
  4. Crostini
  5. Bruschetta

Other Brown Inspired Names

Brown Horse

There are other unique names you can give to your brown horse. Whether it be your favorite cartoon character or an otherwise ordinary object, these cute names should definitely be on your radar:

  1. Pinecone
  2. Chipmunk
  3. Penny Loafer
  4. Sandcastle
  5. Dirty Peach
  6. Monkey
  7. Churro
  8. Tostada
  9. Naseberry (pronounced Neezeberry) - A brown fruit, inside and out
  10. Sapote - a brown fruit that tastes like chocolate

Tips For Choosing A Name

Although there are many options to name your beautiful brown horse, it may be difficult to narrow down your favorites. Here are some tips to help you choose your perfect name:

  • Choose a name that has something to do with the same color shade as your horse. For example, Bamboo is best for a lighter-colored horse, and Fudge is better suited for a darker-colored horse.
  • Choose a name based on appearance. If your horse reminds you of a milkshake, go for it!
  • Will you like this name five years from now? Choose a name you really like. If you are even questioning it, then that is probably your hint that it's back to the drawing board.

Just Horsing Around

Make sure not to take yourself too seriously when naming your horse. If it feels right to you, then it is probably going to be a great name! There are so many types of ways to emphasize and say the color brown; there is literally a shade out there for every horse. Now it's just up to you to choose your perfect name.

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Brown Horse Names: Ideas to Get Creative