Red Horse Names to Inspire Your Choice

Updated March 16, 2022
Red horse in motion

Red horses are often covered in different variations of reddish-brown colorings and markings. However, that does not mean you can't have fun with naming your new red horse based on different types of reds. Below are some interesting names, broken down into categories, to help get your creative juices flowing.

Yummy Names

Associating your horse's name with red-colored food is a great idea. Their nicknames are after the slashes. Here are some appetizing choices:

  1. Red Snapper - Snaps
  2. Strawberry Puff - Puffy
  3. Cherry Garcia - Cherry
  4. Sriracha
  5. Marinara

Apple Names

Horses love apples, so why not name your best friend after one of these red and delicious types?

  1. Honeycrisp
  2. Gala
  3. Empire
  4. McIntosh
  5. Cortland
A ginger horse with its front legs tied with ropes grazes on a green lawn in the wild in summer.

Drink-based Names

Try these super cute names for your horse, based on both alcoholic and au naturel beverages.

  1. Kool-Aid - Kooly
  2. Hawaiian Punch - Punchie; for a horse with a sweet personality
  3. Pomtini / Tini - This cute name is short for a pomegranate martini
  4. Shirley Temple - Shirley
  5. Grenadine

Plant-based Names

Take your cue from botany and try some of these red-themed plant names for your new horse.

  1. Boysenberry
  2. Poinsettia
  3. Azalea
  4. Sumac
  5. Celosia

Unique Names

These names are out of the ordinary for a horse, but they stand out in a good way.

  1. Kellogg - As in the famous cereal maker's red logo
  2. Red Lobster
  3. Bandana
  4. Stimpy - Ren's counterpart in the hit TV show Ren and Stimpy. He was a fat red cat.
  5. Yosemite Sam

Red Synonyms

Maybe you don't want to name your horse something as simple as "Red." These unique monikers are synonyms for the bright color.

  1. Salmon
  2. Blushing Vermillion - Verma or Blush for short
  3. Roseate
  4. Titian the Titan - Titian for short
  5. Ruby Cerise - Ruby or Cerise for short
chestnut arab horse portrait in action runs free in summer

Seeing Red

The item might be ordinary, but these red things all make for great horse names.

  1. Goji
  2. Aguaje - Signifying a fruit covered in red scales, this name is great for a tough and spunky horse
  3. Hulthemia - A type of rose
  4. Umlilo - Zulu word for fire
  5. Montoya Cabernet - A well-known brand of red wine; you can call your horse "Montie" or "Montoya" for short

Play on Words

Cute, punny, or foreign, these names play on words to evoke the idea of red for your horse.

  1. Pommagranita - Rearrangement of the word "pomegranate," which is naturally red
  2. Missus Hibiscus - Missy for short
  3. Bada Bing Cerise - Bing or Cerise for short, playing on the type of cherry (Bing) and the French word for cherry (Cerise)
  4. Seeing Red - Great name for a spunky horse, you can simply call them "Red" for short
  5. Red Herring - Punny name for a distractible horse; you can call them "Herring" for short

Naming Tips

If you're trying to come up with the perfect name for your red horse, here are some tips on how to make the best name choice:

  • Do make it personal. For example, don't name your horse after food that you are not fond of.
  • The name you choose should make sense. If you want to stay within the red-colored family, it wouldn't make total sense to name your horse Onyx or Daisy, would it?
  • Have fun with it! Your horse's name doesn't have to be so serious. Who cares if you want to call them Cherry Cherry Boom Boom?

The Name Game

At the end of the day, what's in a name, really? Names are such a personal thing that you almost can't go wrong. Just make sure it rolls off the tongue nicely and you enjoy saying it out loud. After all, you'll be using your horse's name for years to come.

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Red Horse Names to Inspire Your Choice