150+ Unforgettable Horse Show Names to Inspire You

Published March 19, 2021
150+ horse show names

Horse show names tend to be longer than barn names and may range from unique, to cute, to elegant. While in some competitions, you must use your horse's registered name, in open horse shows, in most cases, you can select your horse's show name. Finding the perfect horse show name can take some time. Consider your horse's personality and show event when selecting a name.

What Are Good Horse Show Names?

Good show name options for horses:

  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Ray of Sunshine
  • A Walk With Grace
  • Lucky Lady
  • Beyond the Stars
  • Effortless Grace
  • An Elegant Dance
  • Shooting Star
  • Ethereal Cloud
  • A Cool Breeze
  • Babbling Brook
  • Summertime Warmth
  • Sparkling Glow
  • A Crisp Breeze
  • A Sweet Delight
150+ horse show names

Show Horse Names With Blue

Horse names that include the word blue:

  • Blue Moon
  • Baby Blue
  • Blue Skies Ahead
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Big Blue Eyes
  • Blue Velvet
  • Clear Blue Water
  • Wild Blue Yonder
  • Little Boy Blue
  • Out of the Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Blue Sky
  • Blue Heaven
  • Blue Violet
  • Oxford Blue

Brown Horse Show Names

Brown horse show name options:

  • Leaves of Autumn
  • Spicy Cinnamon
  • Sweet Brown Sugar
  • Cup of Joe
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Cafe au Lait
  • Root-beer Float
  • Dark and Stormy
  • A Fall Evening

Horse Show Names for Jumpers

Horse show name for jumpers:

  • Up in the Air
  • Flying High
  • Defying Gravity
  • Starry Night
  • Light Up the Sky
  • Hot-Air Balloon
  • Above the Clouds
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Soaring Into the Sky
  • Landing Amongst the Stars
  • Ready for Liftoff
  • Taking Off
  • Leap Frog
  • Jump for Joy
  • Jumping Through Hoops
  • Jump Start
  • Angel Wings

Show Horse Names for Geldings and Stallions

Horse show names for geldings and stallions:

  • Running Through the Rain
  • A Tumultuous Tornado
  • Rise and Shine
  • A Calm Storm
  • Try to Catch Me
  • Glowing Moonlight
  • Coming Home
  • Riding Free
  • Journey With Me
  • Making Magic

Horse Show Names for Mares

Horse show name options for mares:

  • Breathtaking Beauty
  • Forever Dreamer
  • A Picture of Grace
  • Sweet Lavender
  • Stolen Wishes
  • Glistening Gold
  • New Dawn
  • A Fresh Start
  • Rising Sun
  • Running With Ruby
  • Ice Queen
  • The Fragrant Rose
  • Sparkling Lake
  • Candlelit Glow

Horse Show Names for Greys

Show name choices for greys:

  • Storm Cloud
  • Cold Steel
  • Shining Silver
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Grey Wolf
  • Suit of Armor
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Buckle Up
  • Winding Cobblestone Road
  • Granite Bluffs
  • Jagged Rock Quarry

Cute Horse Show Names

Cute show name options:

  • Waffles and Syrup
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • White Fluffy Clouds
  • Houston Train
  • Cuddle Bug
  • Bouncing with Joy
  • Sparkle and Shine
  • Pink Bubble Bath
  • Fragrant Rosemary
  • A Touch of Sunshine
  • A Breezy Day
  • Sleepy Time
Horse show names

Classy Horse Show Names

Classy horse show name options:

  • Drifting Ivy
  • Walking With Poise
  • Walk Across the Water
  • Shine a Light
  • A Peaceful Morning
  • The Break of Dawn
  • Breaking Shoreline
  • Unconditional Love
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Standing Tall
  • Soulful Stride
  • Take the High Road
  • Flying Away
  • Sandy Beaches

Creative Horse Show Names

Creative horse show names:

  • Cold as Ice
  • Keeping My Balance
  • Burning Comet
  • Running Wild
  • Roaming Free
  • Big Exit
  • Flash in the Dark
  • A Charming Exploration
  • Moon Spell
  • A Classic Look
  • A Flash of Light
  • Peaceful Canyon
  • Radio Static
  • Peace Sign
  • Starting a Wildfire
  • Take a Picture
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Arctic Sea Ice
  • Leap of Faith

What Are Some Unique Horse Show Names?

Unique horse show names:

  • English Countryside
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Fiery Mountainside
  • Blazing Fire
  • Swept Away
  • Falling for You
  • All I Need
  • Soaring Comet
  • Running Through Red Lights
  • Sunset Over the Canyon
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Dressed in Dreams
  • Chasing the Storm
  • Riding the Waves

Why Do Horses Have Show Names?

Horses have show names to ensure that no two horses have a similar name during the competition. Show names also offer horse owners an opportunity to be creative.

Finding Names for Your Show Horse

Finding the perfect show name for your horse can take some time. Be patient with yourself and use your horse's personality and/or event to help spark your creativity.

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150+ Unforgettable Horse Show Names to Inspire You